THE ROTH PROJECT (David Lee Roth & John 5) – Unreleased (2007-2020) *Exclusive*


Former Van Halen front man David Lee Roth has been working on his THE ROTH PROJECT for many years. Part of the project is an interactive comic, audio novel featuring narration and Sumi-e art by Roth along with original music and story enhancing sound effects.
There’s a backstory regarding this David Lee Roth project, started with guitarist John 5 and their somewhat secret recording sessions. Since working with The DLR Band in the late ’90s, John 5 remained friends with Roth in the years that followed. In early 2007, the two joined forces to record a batch of songs for a possible album along with Roth’s former solo band-mates, Gregg Bissonette (drums) and Brett Tuggle (keyboards).
They had, indeed, recorded material for THE ROTH PROJECT. Then came the crickets… nothing new was heard of regarding that project, until a couple of tracks were released by Roth some months ago.
Here we have these two tracks plus the unreleased songs from THE ROTH PROJECT, featuring Roth on vocals, John 5 on guitar & bass, Bissonette on drums, Tuggle on keyboards, and legendary Luis Conte on percussion.
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David Lee Roth – vocals
John 5 – guitars, bass
Brett Tuggle – keyboards, backing vocals
Luis Conte – percussion
Greg Bissonette – drums


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