EXXOCET – Dagger Constellations (2023)

EXXOCET - Dagger Constellations (2023) - full

If we play some tracks from “Dagger Constellations” and ask if you can bet where the band EXXOCET is from, we guess most of you would answer Sweden or Finland considering the mix of classic hard rock / modern melodic rock and the great number of bands which came up from those countries during the last 15 years. But Exxocet are not from Scandinavia. They are from Chile, South America.
Dagger Constellations” packs energy, melodies and quality songs – the production is excellent and obviously the band is seeking to achieve an international audience with hard rock fans from all over the world. We believe with this album, they can reach this goal.

Exxocet made a very well-rounded album here and have all the elements to succeed. In terms of hair metal / sleazy metal / hard rock, they have catchy songs including a lot of reverb and chorus, huge guitar riffs and a visual appeal with a “Sunset Strip inspired atmosphere” that immediately takes you back to the ’80s decade.
We would say that Exxocet are a mix of old names like Def Leppard and Tigertailz with modern ones as Swedish rockers Crazy Lixx and Finnish Reckless Love (even Chris Lion‘s vocals are very similar to Olli Herman‘s).

We suggest that you spend some time listening to Exxocet‘s “Dagger Constellations”. It’s worth it, a very interesting up-n-coming band.
Highly Recommended


01 – Constellations
02 – Sun and Sand
03 – Show Me What You Got
04 – On Your Knees
05 – Elektrocet
06 – If You Dare
07 – Lights in the Night
08 – All My Love (How Far Can We Go)
09 – Wild Lust
10 – Oasis
11 – Spyders Nest

Bengala – lead vocals
Ricci Love L. – guitar
Rob Thöne – bass
Alonso Landeros – drums



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Exxocet completely changed their lineup for this album. It is no longer Chris Lion on vocals… they now have a female lead singer, Bengala. Only Ricci Love L. remains from the original line-up:

    Bengala – lead vocals
    Ricci Love L. – guitar
    Rob Thöne – bass
    Alonso Landeros – drums

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