WINGER – The Non Album Tracks & Unreleased (0dayrox compilation)

WINGER - The Non Album Tracks & Unreleased (0dayrox compilation) full

There’s not much WINGER unreleased material, as the band released some time ago the excellent double album Demo Collection. But these were mostly pre-production demos, high quality professional demos prior to their first album.
As requested, here’s the 0dayrox compilation of rare WINGER – “The Non Album Tracks & Unreleased” – including they well known film soundtrack contributions, but also unpublished, rare songs.
While sound quality isn’t as great on the Demo Collection, it’s pretty good overall. What we find here are the very early demos by the band, and some tracks never released, a couple of acoustic takes. All songs here are WINGER the band, not Kip Winger solo.
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01 – Out For The Count – (Karate Kid III OST)
02 – Battle Stations (Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey OST)
03 – Hell To Pay (Japan Bonus from Pull)
04 – Hour Of Need
05 – Headed For A Heartbreak (demo Extended guitar work)
06 – Blue Murder
07 – I Can’t Get Enuff (unplugged)
08 – Written in the Wind
09 – Just Another Face
10 – Never (early demo)
11 – In The Heart Of The Young (early demo)
12 – Silent Night

Kip Winger – vocals, bass, keyboards
Reb Beach – guitars, vocals
Paul Taylor – keyboards, vocals
Rod Morgenstein – drums, vocals


Only at 0dayrox

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