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RHETT FORRESTER – Sessions [Previously Unreleased] (2024) *0dayrox Exclusive*

When the late, great metal / hard rock vocalist RHETT FORRESTER left RIOT after their well received 1983 »Born In America« album, it did not take too long for him to start work on solo career. Rhett recorded 2 solo albums during the ’80s, and while he didn’t released a third, the singer did not stop recording new music collaborating with various musicians in different bands and projects over a period of six years until his untimely death in 1994, when he was shot and killed in Atlanta, Georgia, at the age of 37.
Compiled by High Roller Records under the title “Sessions“, this CD includes some awesome recordings professionally done with RHETT FORRESTER as frontman of various bands such as Dr. DIRTY, DOGBONE (with former KEEL members), a project with guitarist Jonathan Grell (ex WINTERKAT) and other with legendary Carl Canedy (THE RODS).
Honestly, the material included here is some of the best we heard from Forrester, killer bluesy hard rock with strong songwriting and solid production. Sound quality is very good, all the material remastered & restored by recording engineer and metal musician from Germany Patrick W. Engel…

MAXX EXPLOSION (House Of Lords members) – Dirty Angels (2015) *HQ*

After a very well received debut album, American Melodic Rockers MAXX EXPLOSION consisting of House Of Lords members recorded their second, titled “Dirty Angels“, again released via Kivel Records on physical CD only. Maxx Explosion is, if you are new to them, the band put together by House Of Lords musicians Chris McCarvill (bassist who also handles lead vocals here), guitarist Jimi Bell and kick-ass drummer BJ Zampa, under the guidance of Don Dokken.
They made a splash with their 2013 celebrated debut, and the chemistry these three talented musicians showcased on that album is undeniable on “Dirty Angels”, perfected and augmented.
Maxx Explosion’s overall sound hasn’t changed much since the debut; they’re firmly planted in the classic, harder Melodic Rock territory of bands like Dokken, Harem Scarem, AdrianGale, Firehouse and of course House Of Lords. There are some more AOR moments, and some nods to glam / hair metal, but for the most part this is a very straightforward guitar-driven Melodic Hard Rock album.
On “Dirty Angels”, the band feels tighter and more polished than ever. The huge vocal harmonies, especially during the choruses, are the band’s ‘secret weapon’…

MAXX EXPLOSION (House Of Lords members) – Forever (2013) *HQ*

Released by Kivel Records only on physical CD (and now out of print) “Forever” is the debut album from MAXX EXPLOSION, a Melodic Hard Rock band founded by Chris McCarvill.
And who is McCarvill? He was the bass player in House Of Lords for many years and recorded 5 albums with James Christian & Co., having previously recorded various albums with Michael Vescera’s bands MVP & Obsession, Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister) and toured as live member in Dokken, Jeff Scott Soto Band and more.
Apart from his energetic and technical virtuosity on the bass, occurs that Chris McCarvill is also an accomplished songwriter and a heartfelt vocalist. He recorded several demos of his original music, and it was Don Dokken who encouraged him to give shape to a new, own band.
And who McCarvill convened for that matter? No other than at the time his House Of Lords band mates, six-string wizard Jimi Bell and monster drummer BJ Zampa.
So basically, MAXX EXPLOSION is House Of Lords minus lead singer and mastermind James Christian. Vocally, McCarvill is not Christian (who can match the man’s pipes?) but certainly he is a well trained singer with a quite melodic register, and the man wisely arranges the harmony vocals here – there’s lots of melodic background vocals in “Forever”, co-produced by Dokken – served with class and effectiveness…

HUGHES / THRALL – Highway Star [Unreleased 2nd album + Live]

After Deep Purple disbanded bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes was part of many bands such as Trapeze, Pat Travers Band, Climax Blues Band, etc, but it wasn’t until 1981 that he formed his own project. Teaming up with highly respected guitar maestro Pat Thrall (Automatic Man, Pat Travers Band, Asia) the duo formed HUGHES / THRALL, a collaboration that not only promised much on paper but would eventually deliver one of the best post-Purple records in that particular cannon of excellence.
The album sold well and the band performed live, meanwhile both musicians continued with other projects at the same time. Songs for a second album were written and demoed, however the second HUGHES / THRALL never was.
As requested, here’s the bootleg CD titled “Highway Star“, including a live HUGHES / THRALL show captured in Texas 1982, plus the six new songs / demos they did and remain unreleased. One of these songs was used by Tom Galley for the first Phenomena album, and later recorded by John Norum on his second solo CD…

THE REAL HEAVY BONES – Rare & Unreleased Archives Vol. One (2024) *0dayrox Exclusive*

HEAVY BONES were a terrific hard rock super-group put together by ex-CATS IN BOOTS vocalist Joel Ellis and involving awesome guitarist Gary Hoey (ex-ALLEGIANCE), bassist Rex Tennyson (ex-HELLION), and unique drummer Frankie Banali (QUIET RIOT and just about everyone in the ’80s), releasing a killer self-titled album in 1992.
Now 2024 Heavy Bones fans are in for a treat as Ellis has finally finished the process of bringing various rare and unreleased archived recordings to life. THE REAL HEAVY BONES album “Rare & Unreleased Archives Vol. One” is now available via Joel Ellis Music website only.
Ellis said: “These are the only produced recordings of all original members playing live, recorded live in one take pre-production sessions and home demo recordings as we the band created during the period of 1990-1991 in Los Angeles California.” No auto-tune or digital corrections were used to change the band’s natural performances captured on tape.
The sound quality is excellent and there’s many songs previously unreleased…

KJETIL BY (feat. Robin Beck) – Better Days [reissue +1] (2024) HQ *Exclusive*

Were you expecting a new Robin Beck album early in the year? You got it. Actually, this is Norwegian musician KJETIL BY solo album “Better Days” originally release a decade ago. When he started to write the songs for the this CD, the intention was to record a pop/rock album with melodic songs.
Kjetil wanted the best musicians for the sessions and we have TNT / Stage Dolls / Da Vinci members playing the parts, but the big surprise come when Robin Beck also said yes to join the project.
Not only Robin Beck sings on all songs, husband and House Of Lords mastermind James Christian agreed to produce the album and also provide backing / harmony vocals. Robin become so much involved that Kjetil decided to release the album as “Kjetil By feat. Robin Beck“.
As such, this really solid collection of songs sounds more like a brand-new solo album from Robin Beck than a solo album from Kjetil By… but with a Scandi touch thanks to the arrangements, specially the keyboard lines.

KJETIL BY – Unrequited Love (2008)

Norwegian singer / songwriter / guitarist KJETIL BY has been in the Scandinavian rock scene for over 3 decades, and while music is his passion, it’s also his hobby, as Kjetil main profession is engineering.
As requested, here’s his third album titled “Unrequited Love” released by himself only in Norway, and pretty hard to find. But it’s well worth to track down CD as if you love classic Scandi melodic rock, this album is pure joy.
The immediate references for the music packed here are country fellow artists Stage Dolls, Return and T’Bell, but take all European + American AOR / Melodic Rock as influence. Kjetil sings good and sometimes reminds a little of Torstein Flakne from Stage Dolls.
And for the recording Kjetil got help by top class musician friends such as bassist Morty Black (TNT, Jorn), drummer Steinar Krogstad (Stoneflower), keyboardist Trond Hustad (Stage Dolls) and superb female singer Bente Smaavik (Perfect Crime) provideing backing / harmony vocals.
This is feel-good Melodic Rock rich in melody, summer-ready breezy tunes that put a big smile on you face, very well recorded, mixed & produced.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Best Of [Deluxe Expanded Edition / real one 31 tracks] (2024) *Exclusive*

Sony Music will release a BRUCE SPRINGSTEENBest Of‘ with a collection of songs that span his 50-year recording career. The selection starts at 1973’s album Greeting from Asbury Park, NJ and ends with 2020’s Letter To You.
The collection span early-career favorites like “Growin’ Up” and “Rosalita (Come Out Tonight),” staples of Springsteen’s live shows from “Dancing In The Dark” to “The Rising,” best-selling breakouts like “Born To Run” and “Hungry Heart,” as well as recent releases “Hello Sunshine” and “Letter To You.”
Here, these career-spanning works appear together in one set for the first time. There will be a 2LP set and a single CD, both versions featuring 18 tracks.
However, this “Expanded Edition” digital release does a 31-track song offering.
”Best Of Bruce Springsteen” arrives with an album cover shot by Eric Meola during the Born To Run sessions in 1975…

RYDHOLM / SÄFSUND – Kaleidoscope (2024) *HQ*

RYDHOLM / SÄFSUND is the brainchild of the two Swedish musicians Anders Rydholm (Art Of Illusion, Grand Illusion) and Lars Säfsund (Work Of Art, Art Of Illusion). Rydholm (songwriting, keyboards, bass, rhythm guitars) and Säfsund (vocals) both have a renownded pedigree in the Scandinavian AOR / Westcoast scene.
The duo is releasing today their full-length debut album “Kaleidoscope“, featuring numerous high profile guests like legendary Tim Pierce (guitar solos), Work Of Art’s guitarist Robert Säll (guitar solos), Jay Graydon (Airplay, Planet 3) on guitar & songwriting, bassist Matt Bissonette (Stan Bush, David Lee Roth), Stefan Olofsson (State Cows) on keyboards – amongst others, this release brilliantly showcases Rydholm / Säfsund classic AOR sound which includes some new elements as well.
In fact, many of the songs on “Kaleidoscope” were written some time ago, previous to the last Art Of Illusion album.
A few years ago Anders Rydholm spent some time in America writing songs with legendary Westcoast musicians such as Jay Graydon, and one of them, ‘What’s Not to Love’, is featured here. Lars Säfsund wrote the lyric and is also the singer on this track. Stefan Olofsson (State Cows) play piano.
This is a pure joy not only for AOR / Westcoast fans, also aficionados of timeless melodic music performed, recorded & produced with a terrific crystal…

BLACKRAIN – Hot Rock Time Machine (2024) *HQ*

Screaming fiercely at you in bright and vibrant colors, the artwork of their new album ‘Hot Rock Time Machine’ released today, joins BLACKRAIN’s past and present. Due to their first records ‘Lethal Dose’ (2011) and ‘It Begins’ (2013) are still unavailable on all major streaming platforms, nor as physical product, hard rock sleazy rockers BlackRain decided to re-record 5 tracks each of these albums making these crackers available by popular demand.
Add their musical maturation and the production guidance of Kissin’ Dynamite’s Hannes Braun, and you get presented 10 anthemic rock anthems boosting the band’s confidence. And indeed Confidence emits from these new recordings.
The band’s towering sleaze hard rock burgeoning with pride and force is handled very well on the newly recorded versions…

EMERSON, LAKE & POWELL – Complete Collection [Cherry Red Records 3xCD Box Set] (2024) *HQ*

Musical visionaries Keith Emerson and Greg Lake planned to re-form ELP in 1984, however drummer Carl Palmer was unavailable. Into the frame stepped the legendary Cozy Powell, best known for his work with Rainbow and Whitesnake. EMERSON, LAKE & POWELL was born, and recorded some awesome music.
Now Spirit of Unicorn Music | Cherry Red Records are releasing “EMERSON, LAKE & POWELL – Complete Collection“, a wonderful 3xCD box set.
Included here is the band’s one and only studio release 1986’s ‘Emerson Lake & Powell’ featuring three bonus tracks, their live album ‘Live in Concert’, and a CD of demos and rehearsals, ‘The Sprocket Sessions’, only previously released in the 90s as a bootleg.
The band’s self-titled studio album delivers material familiar in style to ELP with long progressive rock tracks, but also commercial lite AOR melodic songs, and a classical theme (‘Mars, the Bringer of War’ by Gustav Holst, a piece previously performed by Lake during his tenure in King Crimson).
All recordings have been re-mastered by renowned engineer Andy Pearce (Rock Candy). If you are a fan of ELP, lite Prog AOR, or any of the 3 musicians involved, you cannot afford to have this part of the Emerson and Lake history missing from your collection…

THE DEAD DAISIES – Resurrected Vol.1 (2024) *HQ*

Over the last decade melodic hard classic rockers super-group THE DEAD DAISIES released a whopping 130 songs and all are really enjoyable. According to the band, some of these have been overshadowed by their single releases.
So, today THE DEAD DAISIES are releasing “RESURRECTED VOL. 1”, a compilation selected by band members including some hidden gems for fans to rediscover from their first three albums & EP.
Currently consisting of guitarists Doug Aldrich & David Lowy, vocalist John Corabi, bass player Michael Devin, and drummer Tommy Clufetos, THE DEAD DAISIES are ready to hit the stages next Summer with a monster tour all over North America, including USA and Canada.
The song selection for “RESURRECTED VOL. 1” is great, this band simply rocks your socks off…

BLUE OYSTER CULT – Ghost Stories (2024) *HQ*

On April 12, Frontiers Music will release “Ghost Stories“, a collection of BLUE OYSTER CULT recorded music that span from 1978 through 1983, with one exception being a tune previously recorded in 2016 (“If I Fell”). Most of these songs were professionally recorded at official album sessions but never used due to the era LP physical space limitation. This package of 12 tracks feature the original BOC members.
These musical treasures, long considered ‘lost gems’ by BLUE OYSTER CULT enthusiasts, were originally recorded between 1978 and 1983. Also included is the only known studio recording of their concert classic “Kick Out the Jams” (MC5 cover). Some of the material is from sessions workshopping material for an album, some is from performance rehearsals. All were recorded once in the hopes that someday they’d see the light of day.
George Geranios, the band’s original audio engineer and an integral part of the band’s golden years, co-produced the original 1978-83 recordings along with BÖC. All were originally recorded on reel-to-reel analog tape. They were later transferred to digital audio, which is when modern AI and magical musical talents met and the collection of vintage multi-track recordings was de-mixed, re-mixed, and produced by Steve Schenck and current BOC guitarist Richie Castellano to become ”Ghost Stories”…

JUNKYARD DRIVE – Look At Me Now (2024) *HQ*

Since 2014, JUNKYARD DRIVE has been determined to be the band that provides the soundtrack to life in the fast lane with the audience as passengers. With three critically acclaimed albums, lots of concerts and tours in most of the world, they have tried more than most Danish rock bands.
Now their fourth album is on the way, and the goal has changed. On “Look At Me Now”, Junkyard Drive rolls out ten high-octane hard rock tracks, delivered with flair, groove, precision and lots of energy. One is tempted to say renewed energy, because even though Junkyard Drive are largely recognizable on the new ten tracks, it is in many ways a changed band that delivers them.
A few changes in the line-up and a much-needed look inside the internal relationships have restored focus and renewed the joy of playing. “Look At Me Now” welcomes two new guitarists: talented Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia) and Kristoffer Kristensen. Both come with experience from genres other than rock, and that brings new ideas to the table during the songwriting process.
A killer album folks…

MARK KNOPFLER – One Deep River (2xCD Deluxe Edition) (2024) *HQ*

MARK KNOPFLER‘s upcoming tenth solo studio album, ”One Deep River”, features 12 unhurriedly elegant new songs, with his warm Geordie vocal tone, poetic storytelling lyrics and deft, richly melodic guitar playing all present and dazzling as ever.
”One Deep River” offers an unstoppable flow of future Knopfler classics, with their customarily learned lyrics and refined guitar textures. They draw on a lifetime of genre-crossing ingredients and influences in blues, folk, rock and beyond, and as usual, reveal their charms with unhurried grace and depth.
This Deluxe Edition includes a bonus disc with no less than 5 bonus tracks