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RICK SPRINGFIELD – shock/denial/anger/acceptance (Expanded 20th Anniversary 2024 Remaster)

RICK SPRINGFIELD is releasing an updated version of his album “shock/denial/anger/acceptance“, an expanded edition celebrating the record 20th Anniversary with a 2024 Remaster. This reissue comes with no less of 16 bonus tracks.
It’s hard to imagine that this edgy, dark album with a contemporary production aura is from a musician who scored his first American chart hit in 1972, then was written off again a decade later after a string of MTV-fueled hits–including the classic “Jessie’s Girl.” But this is indeed the same Rick Springfield.
The music scene wasn’t expecting an album like “shock/denial/anger/acceptance” from Rick. It was such a high energy, rocking album that many could not believe it was Rick Springfield. He was a pop star – not a rock star.
Also known as ‘SDAA’, the album scream along at a fast pace and it will take you through every emotion mentioned in the title…

NORTH SEA ECHOES (Ray Alder of Fates Warning) – Really Good Terrible Things (2024)

Ray Alder and Jim Matheos’ musical legacy is vast and lauded, both as collaborators and individuals. Alder has been the vocalist and main co-writer for prog metal heroes Fates Warning for the past 35 years. With them he has recorded 10 albums between 1988 (No Exit) and 2020 (Long Day Good Night). Further rounding out his discography are seven albums with Redemption, two solo albums, and the band A-Z with Mark Zonder, which debuted in 2022.
Prolific and pioneering guitarist/producer Matheos is a co-founder of Fates Warning, the lineup debuting with 1984’s Night on Bröcken on Metal Blade. In addition to 13 albums with Fates, Matheos’ myriad other work includes several solo albums, four albums alongside former Dream Theater keyboardist Kevin Moore, under the name OSI, and new band, Kings of Mercia, a lineup that’s been termed “a hybrid; it’s heavy, but not metal.”
Alder and Matheos now join forces for something different; their side band NORTH SEA ECHOES, presenting debut album “Really Good Terrible Things” released by Metal blade Records.
Here the duo embarks upon a fresh musical journey, a new chapter of intimate, moody, and evocative songs highlighted by songs such as “Open Book,” “Empty,” “Throwing Stones.”

SONS OF LIBERTY – The Detail Is In The Devil (2024) *HQ*

From a raucous opening right the way through to an overly satisfying ending, UK rockers SONS OF LIBERTY are releasing a belter of an album made up of eleven tracks of pure rocking delight. “The Detail Is In The Devil” is an album fueled by the power of everything you would want to remember about ’80s Rock n Roll, from Southern Blues Rock to Hard Rock.
Last year it was announced that the boys had recruited Russ Grimmett (son of the legendary, late Grim Reaper / Onslaught vocalist Steve) as the new singer for the Sons. Russ comes from a metal background, but his powerful voice lifts the band to the next level.
The next thing you cannot help but notice is the production. This time, by Josiah J Manning (guitarist for the Kris Barras Band). The album simply sounds HUGE, as in MASSIVE, the band under Russ and Josiah has somehow found a second wind, and are on the fast-track to much bigger and better places.
Guitarists Fred Hale and Andy Muse are sounding every bit as authentic as Blackfoot’s Rick Medlocke/Charlie Hargrett, or Molly Hatchet’s Dave Hlubeck / Duane Roland, and I mean that as a colossal compliment…

ASIA – Live at The Cambridge Rock Festival 2009 [Official Live] (2024)

Today is being released ”Live at The Cambridge Rock Festival 2009” as part of the ASIAOfficial Live series‘, a show captured Cambridge, UK, 9 August 2009, following ‘Phoenix’, the first studio album since their 2000’s reunion.
The sound quality is excellent, not surprisingly as this recording was professionally recorded and previously released by Frontiers Music years ago, now out of print. However this 2024 release is the concert without ‘post-processing / mastering’ – just like it was captured, the real stage sound.
Opening with a couple from their debut, “Only Time Will Tell” and “Time Again,” it’s evident that these guys are still pretty much on top of their playing that night. Wetton sounds more or less as he did in the early days. “An Extraordinary Life,” from the Phoenix album, with a spiky verse and an over-the-top pop-like chorus, sounding like two different songs smashed together.
Elsewhere, Downes’ piano leads “My Own Time (I’ll Do What I Want),” a rather sweet love song showcasing Wetton’s softer vocals from the Alpha album. As a unit, the band kicks it into a high gear on “The Heat Goes On” and the snapping “Soul Survivor.” Of course, they end with “Heat of the Moment”…

THE CULT – Dreamtime (2024 Remaster) *HQ*

THE CULT released their debut album ‘Dreamtime‘ in 1984. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Beggars Banquet Records is reissuing the album Remastered 2024.
While the origins of The Cult began a few years earlier, ‘Dreamtime’ was an epic start to The Cult’s long and amazing career. The album has become legendary amongst fans, and marks the beginning of their definitive sound. Goth and psychedelic leaning, ‘Dreamtime’ was included by Kerrang! in a list of essential goth albums you need to know and “Spiritwalker” is a radio staple until this day.
Following the band’s evolution from the Southern Death Cult, to Death Cult, and then simply The Cult, ‘Dreamtime’ finds the outfit featuring Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, pivoting from their goth and punk roots into something eclectic, aspirational, and adventurous.
Rife with lyrical references to the indigenous cultures of the Americas and Australia, and set against a more bombastic and muscular musical backdrop, ‘Dreamtime’ hints at what would envelop the band over the next four decades, a dedication to their wholly unique songwriting, both musically and thematically, and the frenzy that was soon to come with the release of Love only a year later…

SAFFIRE – For The Greater Good [Redux] (2024) *HQ*

Back in 2015, Swedish Hard Rockers SAFFIRE released their awesome album For The Greater Good via AOR Heaven Records. Now 2024, with AOR Heaven defunct, they are reissuing the CD as ”For The Greater Good [Redux]”, where they did a remix of the entire recording.
Not that the original mix was bad, but rather due to the fact that the original release felt sonically different than desired. With this remix, the band was able to add new production ingredients that elevates the already stupendous album to new heights. Melodic “Old-School” Hard Rock & Metal, with today’s sound.
Highly praised worldwide, the first album from Swedes combined melodic hard rock with AOR in equal parts. But for their second effort “For The Greater Good” the guys have gone even further; this is a fascinating melodic hard rock album exploring many territories and melodies through inventive arrangements and sounds. This fresh remix envigorates even more the whole thing…

D’LUNA (Lead Vocals Jeff Scott Soto) – Monster (2024) *HQ*

Escape Music is about to release the much-anticipated D’LUNA album titled “Monster”, featuring on lead vocals Jeff Scott Soto (W.E.T / Yngwie Malmsteen, Sons Of Apollo) and with special guest dUg Pinnick (King’s X / The Mob).
D’luna is an entity instituting the music and songwriting of its founder, namely guitarist David De luna. David and his songs are a very personal individual journey that represents strong guitar riffs, a true Texas groove and a high level of energy.
The opening track ‘Monster’ lives up to its name and has a very strong King’s X influence which is hardly a surprise as it features dUg Pinnick of that very band. An explosive start to the album. ’Monster’ as an album is a superb slice of rock / metal and with David’s guidance and themes the whole thing has developed into a great working relationship between himself and vocalist Jeff Scott Soto.
Jeff, of course, has worked with so many big names in the past, such as Malmsteen, Journey, Talisman and Sons of Apollo, he is a much-loved vocalist in the world of rock music. Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai) is on bass along with Dan Meyers on keyboards and Oren Halmut on drums, and with engineer Rich Mouser (Spock’s Beard / Roxanne) at the helm the mixes are brought to perfection.
D’Luna’s Monster greets the listener with a gravity strong enough that even light cannot escape it. The audience will be drawn into the unique sound, heaviness and level of virtuosity with undeniable hooks and melodies…

LIONHEART – The Grace of a Dragonfly (2024) *HQ*

February 23rd, 2024 is the international release date for LIONHEART‘s highly anticipated fourth album, “The Grace of a Dragonfly“. As soon as the previous album The Reality of Miracles hit the shelves in 2020, Lionheart knuckled down to record the next one, deciding early on that this time they would produce a concept album. The record centres around WW2, but the band very much wanted to make this an anti-war album, while at the same time remembering those who fought for our freedom.
The songs on “The Grace of a Dragonfly” are sensational melodic hard rock, with Lee Small’s emotional lyrics reflecting not only the pain and grief inflicted by war on ordinary, innocent people in every conflict zone, but also their strength, resilience, and determination.
Supported by Lionheart’s superb songwriting, soaring backing vocals, beautiful twin-guitar harmonies, and atmospheric keyboards, Lionheart’s sheer power shines brightly from every one of the eleven songs, culminating in a heartfelt prayer for peace in the world…

MOTÖRHEAD – The Löst Tapes, The Collection (Vol. 1-5) [2024]

Cassette tapes… Remember those? Those things with the dual spools and loads of wide brown plastic recording string that’d occasionally unravel and hang out of the shell, requiring a pencil and firm wrist to spin back into place?
Yeah, well, once upon a time, old-school sound systems contained cassette decks for the express purpose of recording shows, and these “cassette” things were a standard part of every tour. MOTÖRHEAD were certainly no exception, recording show after show.
They contain gold, pure aural gold, and had for many years sat hundreds of feet underground in a small cave Lemmy owned, guarded by small, hairy centurions in Roman armor with small spears and bad attitudes. Only the magic password would release them, and thankfully, Lem had scribbled it down and left it inside an old sketch book for us (no, were won’t tell you the password, although it did have the words ’nienienie’ in it).
There were loads of the dirty, dusty, greasy little buggers gathered, with the likes of Lyon, Liverpool, Hamburg and Chippenham (!) scrawled in biro on the tiny labels alongside a date… and thus we are delighted to announce that this unique collection of live recordings will now be heard by the world, via carefully digitized transfers, in the series titled “The Löst Tapes”.
Now collating all five volumes in the series in this Box Set “The Löst Tapes, The Collection (Vol. 1-5)“, you can relive Motörhead live and loud from the UK and Europe with rare, riotous sets and 100 tracks spanning the ‘1980s to 2000’s…

TOXIKULL – Under The Southern Light (2024)

Born and raised under the hot & blinding southern light of Portugal’s capital Lisbon, TOXIKULL took off in 2016 and with two full-length albums, an EP, and a collection of singles, TOXIKULL’s taunting, fearless attitude has conquered the European heavy metal underground.
They now shift gears with “Under the Southern Light“, where present a more mature, melodic, yet thankfully still-rough version of themselves. Stomping and strutting with absolutely authentic mid / late ‘80s swagger, ”Under the Southern Light” is an unabashed throwback to the era where heavy metal ruled the airwaves and arenas alike.
The ten tracks comprising the 41-minute “Under the Southern Light” are all anthems in the making: larger than life, heavy and spacious, moody and dynamic. Gleaming with their brightest chrome yet, TOXIKULL here invoke the quintessential likes of ‘80s Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Judas Priest, Accept, Black Sabbath, WASP, Ratt, Scorpions, Warlock, America’s Icon, and many more.
But, instead of pastiche or hero worship, “Under the Southern Light” is more so a tableau of TOXIKULL’s own sound – they rearrange all these classic metallic riffs with their own touch. Razor sharp heavy riffs dominate the album, still plenty of melody, and if you like crunchy bright productions, this is for you!

TODAY WAS YESTERDAY (feat. Alex Lifeson of Rush) – S/T (2024) *HQ*

TODAY WAS YESTERDAY, with its 2 core band members and multi-instrumentalists Ty Dennis and Angelo Barbera, is on a mission to create timeless rock music that transcends genres and generations. The aptly-named powerhouse rock duo’s self-titled debut is an imaginative, 10-song collection of prime classic rock, featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Alex Lifeson of Rush, and Robby Krieger of The Doors as guest guitarists.
Today Was Yesterday writes adventurous and smart rock&pop, hard rock and prog music spiritually aligned with Genesis, Tears For Fears, Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, and Rush, to name a few. Its first album features intricate but catchy compositions replete with thrilling virtuosic musical passages, art-rock soundscapes, and meticulous production.
Alex Lifeson is featured on 6 of the 10 tracks, more than a collaboration a full involvement with the band’s sound…

WHITEABBEY – The Words That Form The Key (2024)

In early 2020, the world practically stopped. Necessity being the mother of invention, musicians were forced to find new avenues of creativity and collaboration. And so WHITEABBEY was born, originally intended as a studio side-project between Steve Moore of Northern Ireland’s STORMZONE and Tamara Bouwhuis of Netherlands’s DIM CRIMSON.
The first batch of songs were released in groups of three, each one representing a chapter in the WHITEABBEY story. These chapters were then themselves grouped into threes, with each one of those representing a volume, which was then self-released as an album. Two albums were recorded and released this way.
Realizing the potential of the band and the material, Steve and Tamara decided to make WHITEABBEY their main focus, eschewing all other distractions. Graham McNulty on bass and Badger Duncan on drums were recruited to complete the line-up that will be taking the new music to the live arena in 2024 – their upcoming album entitled “The Words That Form The Key“…

ARKADO – Open Sea (2024) *HQ*

Embark on a sonic voyage with Swedish Melodic Rock group ARKADO highly anticipated second album, “Open Sea“, set to make waves worldwide on February 22nd, 2024, under the banner of Pride & Joy Music.
Building upon the infectious melodies and sing-along choruses that defined their debut Never Say Never (2020), “Open Sea” introduces a slightly, light proggy and heavier dimension to Arkado‘s signature sound.
Crafted with precision, the album was brought to life through the skilled hands of Mikael Svensson, recording and mixing at LdM Studios in Helsingborg, Sweden, and mastered by Thomas Plec Johansson at Panic Room in Gothenburg, Sweden. The captivating artwork, courtesy of Nello Dell’Omo, visually complements the musical journey that awaits.
ARKADO have grew on all aspects here, from the songcraft to the catchy melodies. “Open Sea” is an album that always keep you interested, very well produced…

BLAZE BAYLEY – Circle of Stone (2024)

Former Iron Maiden vocalist BLAZE BAYLEY returns this month with another fiery and anthemic album of heavy metal: “Circle of Stone“. Blaze has been on a roll for the best part of a decade now. Blaze and his band are exceptionally hard working – the pandemic was a cruel period as it left them kicking their heels while they couldn’t tour.
Significantly, Blaze suffered a near fatal heart attack in 2023, so the fact he is still at all here is a blessing. The fact that the quality of his records is still very high is a real gift to the fans. After coming close to death, Blaze could be forgiven for dialing things down, going acoustic, reducing touring or even just retiring.
However, a short run of UK dates last year were a triumph – the voice, the energy and the life force were still there. That life force runs right the way through this record. “Circle of Stone” is a life affirming winner, that’s for sure. Things start confidently with “Mind Reader”, “Tears of Rain” references Blade Runner and is even better. “Rage” is a darker proposition and finds Blaze delivering a superb vocal performance. It delivers a Welsh folk tale, via heavy metal.
As usual with Blaze’s recent records, the pacing and sequencing is great; each track is different from the last and has its own personality – but it doesn’t sound disjointed…

MICK MARS – The Other Side of Mars (2024) *HQ*

When MICK MARS stepped back from touring with Mötley Crüe – the band he co-founded more than 40 years ago – following their massive summer 2022 Stadium Tour, it seemed like the end of an era. Really, it was the beginning of a new one.
The legendary hard rock guitarist, whose riffs, solos and overall devastatingly heavy sound powered the L.A. icons through four decades of world-conquering, multi-platinum sonic mayhem is, as he demonstrates on his debut solo effort, still a serious force to be reckoned with. Only now, listeners are reckoning with more Mars than ever before.
“When it comes to my playing, there’s the Mötley side and the Mars side,” the guitarist says. “Either way, I always have a very clear vision of what I want to do.”
On the aptly-titled solo album “The Other Side of Mars“, fans get that vision in its full, multifarious glory. To be sure, there are plenty of characteristically riff-tastic, tough-as-nails hard-rock anthems, but much more.
The guitarist enlisted a crack team of musicians to help him along the way. A key contributor to the project was Winger and former Alice Cooper keyboardist Paul Taylor. ex Korn drummer Ray Luzier, as well as two additional in-demand musicians: bassist Chris Collier and singer Brion Gamboa.
But while Mars surrounded himself with a new cast of players for the sessions, there was one figure who represented a significant link to his storied past: Michael Wagener. The much-lauded German producer and engineer worked behind the boards on Mötley Crüe’s 1981 debut, Too Fast For Love, and his relationship with Mars stretches even further back…