HEAVENS EDGE – Demos 1988-89 *Exclusive*

HEAVENS EDGE - Demos 1988-89 *Exclusive* - full

HEAVENS EDGE did a very strong comeback this 2023 with a new album in decades. The band didn’t lost any of their hooks and ability to drop killer riffs and a catchy chorus. HEAVENS EDGE got signed by major label Columbia at the end of 1989 and released their impressive self-titled debut album next year.
Some of you asked for HEAVENS EDGE early demos, the recordings that led to the recording contract. Some of these tracks were later re-recorded for the debut, others remain unreleased – one wonders why, because all are very good.
A fantastic band from the glorious melodic hard rock era, alongside Danger Danger, first Steelheart, Firehouse, etc.
The tracks compiled by 0dayrox in “Demos 1988-89are not the bootleg circulating among fans for years titled ”Missing Pieces” with demos recorded in the Nineties after the first album – here we have the very first ’80s HEAVENS EDGE tapes.


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    Great Band

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