FERREIRA – Baby 7 (2023)

FERREIRA - Baby 7 (2023) - full

Properly titled “Baby 7“, this is the seventh solo album by New York based melodic rocker Marco Ferreira and his project FERREIRA. Marco is a master of many instruments as he plays almost everything heard on the album and does lead vocals – his brother Alex takes on drum duties, while Gus Monsanto (Adagio, Revolution Renaissance) provide some guest vocals.
“Baby 7” shows Marco Ferreira’s considerable talents as songwriter and performer. Over the course of the album you can really hear Marco’s influences, particularly Mr. Big and Extreme, but it steers clear of becoming derivative. The result is a tight, and well-conceived record that belongs in the collection of any fan of genre.

After the intro ‘It’s Alive!’, the melodic ‘Sand Castles’ is classic Ferreira with warm vocals, great bass line and snappy riffs. ‘Can’t Find The Words’ is pure AOR through and through and features more memorable melodies and understated guitars with a clean but passionate vocal laid over the top, and it bears the hallmarks of a very commercial number.

‘Bumpy’, with with guest vocals by Gus Monsanto, is a driving, heavier rocking number full of tasty harmonies, where catchy hooks and sweet riffs abound make it a strong single contender.

‘Flame Still Burns’ is a midpaced ballad with a acoustics into the mix however not in the ‘power ballad’ format, followed by the instrumental ‘Seven’ which is a bit redundant, then ‘Second Row’ is a much better, a cool modern melodic rocker with some bite.
‘All Comes Back’ takes on a harder edge with its urgent, thunderous guitar lines, but things are still sweetened by Ferreira’s honey-coated vocal and some synths. For the end we find an acoustic version of ‘Can’t Find The Words (Acoustic)’, completely stripped with an unplugged sound and lots of percussion.

Ferreira may not be a household name, but he has appeared on many stages around the world and has supported the likes of Dokken over the years. On ‘Baby 7’ production could be better, anyway his music is passionate and well-rounded – textbook melodic rock / AOR in fact. So well worth your time and a decent listen.
Give this new Ferreira album a try, I am pretty confident you’ll like what you hear.


01 – It’s Alive!
02 – Sand Castles
03 – Can’t Find The Words
04 – Bumpy
05 – On The Other Side
06 – Flame Still Burns
07 – Seven
08 – Second Row
09 – All Comes Back
10 – Can’t Find The Words (Acoustic)

Marco Ferreira – vocals, guitars, bass, keys
Alex Ferreira – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Gus Monsanto – vocals


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