RICK SPRINGFIELD – Success Hasn’t Spoiled… These Unreleased Tunes (0dayrox Exclusive)

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Success Hasn't Spoiled... These Unreleased Tunes (0dayrox Exclusive) - full

Now we have here a 0dayrox exclusive compilation of RICK SPRINGFIELD ’80s & ’90s tracks, most of them unreleased or very rare plus a couple of rare remixes. 23 tracks in total covering from 1981 Working Class Dog and 1982 Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet outtakes to 90’s demos.
Despite also working as actor at the time, SPRINGFIELD proved to be a prolific songwriter and recorded many songs – some in demo form, some pretty professionally – that never seen the light of day. We are presenting many of these here.
We titled this “Success Hasn’t Spoiled… These Unreleased Tunes“, all really good stuff for fans & collectors.

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