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ZO2 - Begin Again (2023) *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

ZO2 is a New York rock band formed in 2003 when Paul Zablidowsky (“Paulie Z”) and his brother David Zablidowsky (“David Z”) – known as the “Z brothers” – approached drummer Joey Cassata to join their band. The trio is known for making throwback rock with Paulie Z on lead vocals and guitar, David Z on lead vocals and bass, and Joey Cassata on drums, percussion, and vocals.
ZO2 landed its first national tour in 2004, playing 40 dates on the VH1 Rock the Nation tour as the opening act for KISS and Poison. The band has also performed with Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Scorpions, Sammy Hagar, Dream Theater, King’s X and more.
ZO2 released two albums, but their got National popularity in 2008 with ‘Z Rock’, a comedy television series, which aired on IFC in the United States, portraying fictionalized versions of themselves. The show is a semi-scripted comedy and is based on the double life of a Brooklyn band, ZO2. By night, they are a hard rock band but, to pay the bills, they are the “Z Brothers” by day, playing at children’s birthday parties.

The band recorded a third album then members pursued other interests, with David Z being part of Adrenaline Mob, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and S.O.T.O., while while Paulie and Joe are members of the popular KISSNATION tribute.
Now ZO2 are back with a new record contract on Kivel Records and released on December 5th, 2023 the 2-disc album “Begin Again“. Sadly, David Zablidowsky got killed in a car accident in 2017, now being replaced by Sean McNabb (ex Quiet Riot, House Of Lords, et all).

“Begin Again” is more than just an album title; it’s a declaration of a new era for ZO2. This album not only introduces the music from the trio to new audiences but also unveils previously unreleased tracks that provide a nostalgic glimpse into their musical journey. This is the perfect package to satisfy the band’s loyal fan base, while being a perfect introductory for new ones as well.
The album’s title is a testament to ZO2’s commitment to closing the chapter on the past while paying homage to the legacy that has defined them. It’s not only the beginning of a new chapter for ZO2 but a heartfelt tribute to their late brother and bandmate, David Z.

ZO2 music is classic hard rock, with a modern edge and uncomplicated arrangements, adding rock&pop and some rocking funky. There’s influences from KISS, Poison, G N’ R, Stone Temple Pilots, as well as current American rock. Paulie Z is at charge of the clean and powerful lead vocals, but brother David Z used to sung leads too, and here he’s featured on a couple of tracks here too.
With all members contributing vocals there’s great harmonies through the whole songs. We are always a fan of this full sound and think these guys do it quite well.
Highly Recommended

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CD 1
01 – Begin Again
02 – Temptation
03 – Living Now
04 – Dirty Water
05 – Radio
06 – Fly On Your Wings
07 – Isolate
08 – She Believes
09 – If You See Kay
10 – Ain’t It Beautiful
11 – Comin’ Home
12 – Everywhere
13 – Get Up Now
14 – Painted Lady
15 – Show Me
16 – No Way Out
17 – Infinity Rising

CD 2 (Rarities)
01 – Z Rock Theme
02 – A Million Pieces
03 – I WIll Be Alright
04 – Heart Of Confusion
05 – That’s What’s Up
06 – All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose (KISS cover)
07 – Complicated
08 – One Love
09 – Live Today
10 – Waitin’ for the Bus_Jesus Just Left Chicago

Paulie Z – lead vocals, guitar
Joey Cassata – drums vocals
David Z – lead vocals, bass
Sean McNabb – bass



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