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TRISHULA – We All Fall Down (2022)

What three years ago started as a super-group project which a first glance looked as one-off recording, TRISHULA has become a very strong band and now with the same line-up of the last album they are releasing their third effort titled “We All Fall Down“, easily their best.
Brainchild of UK Guitarist Neil Fraser who has played and/or recorded with bands such as RAGE OF ANGELS, TEN, Tony Mills (SHY, TNT), and including vocalist Jason Morgan (he has recently recorded backing vocals for MAGNUM), drummer Neil Ogden (DEMON), bassist Dan Clark (Rebecca DOWNES) and keyboardist Rick Benton (MAGNUM), TRISHULA’s music is from the best British melodic hard rock breed.
With a refined songwriting, catchy arrangements and the band feeling like an oiled machine, we have here 12 tracks of primo UK melodic hard in the style of recent LIONHEART, MAGNUM, PERFECT PLAN, etc.
If you had any dud with TRISHULA’s first two albums, please do it yourself a favor and listen to “We All Fall Down” — it’s a blinder…

LO ‘GARP’ VAN GORP – True Friends [Japan Edition +2] (2021) *HQ*

Dutch singer / songwriter LO ‘GARP’ VAN GORP (also being a skilled saxophone player) has been involved into many musical projects / bands for the last thirty years, like the duo ‘Martin & Garp’ with Phil Martin, which debut album was featured at 0dayrox past year. But Lo ‘Garp’ not only works in his homeland but also world-wide as session / tour musician for the likes of Al Jarreau, Paul Carrack, Chaka Khan, Roger Hodgson and more.
Since 2013, in between his busy schedule, Lo ‘Garp’ has been recording a solo album in collaboration with guitarist Patrick Drabe, who also co-produced the properly titled album ”True Friends” – eight years working together both became great friends.
For the moment only released in Japan, ”True Friends” is a delicious, sophisticated AOR / West Coast / Classic Rock album plenty of irresistible feel-good melodies and harmonies in the best late ’70s / early ’80s fashion.
Production is crisp, pristine like arctic water, inspired by the great form the genre but updated to current times with a sound similar to the exquisite Young Gun Silver Fox, Peter Friestedt, State Cows, etc…

HOUSE OF LORDS – Saints and Sinners [Japan Edition +1] (2022) *HQ*

Legendary melodic hard rockers HOUSE OF LORDS are about to release their 11th studio album, “Saints And Sinners“, recorded and produced by the band’s singer and mastermind James Christian along with – as well legendary – keyboardist Mark Mangold.
In 2022 the band stands for superb hooks and majestic atmospheres that bring back the memories of their stellar debut album, with an updated potent production. All these ingredients you will find in abundance on “Saints And Sinners”, a rock solid album where James Christian remains true to his musical principles and delivers a record that offers beautiful melodies, a lot of emotion and sometimes a portion of hardness. Thus, the singer meets all expectations and satisfies the fans of the genre.
AOR, that is the main musical direction which manifests itself in songs like ”Take It All”, with its keyboard pushed chorus. The dominance of Mangold’s keys increased, keenly…

DEBBY HOLIDAY (Stilletto) – Free2B (2017) *Exclusive*

Some days ago we featured in exclusive the unreleased material from ’80s/90s female fronted melodic rockers STILLETTO. Featuring the outstanding and incredibly soulful vocal talents of Debby Holiday, the band arrived too late into the scene, but was really talented.
Debby Holiday finally found success in the 2000’s in the dance/R&B market, scoring several Billboard hits.
However, Holiday’s heart belongs to rock n’ roll, and she continued writing and performing rock music and having a chance. Also, in between his pop-dance schedule, she recorded a lot of rock songs helped by renowned musicians & producers.
Titled ”Free2B”, this 15-track album is a showcase for DEBBY HOLIDAY must-hear vocal range. A diverse record immersed into the artist’s varied tastes from guitar-driven rockers to classic rockers to soulful ballads.
Among the musicians we find John Waite on a duet, Ty Tabor, and you’ll be surprised by Debby’s cover of KISS power ballad “I Still Love You” recorded with Bruce Kulick (guitar), Mitch Perry (guitar), Chuck Wright (bass) and Matt Starr (drums).
Impressive album and singer.
You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox

LISA BAKER – Fool Of Lies [1986] (reissue 2022 + unreleased) *Exclusive*

It wasn’t easy for female musicians to make a name for themselves in the testosterone-laden world of Metal music back in the Seventies / Eighties. Girlschool, Lita Ford and Wendy Williams were some examples, but there was a lot of other artists no so lucky.
One of these is Californian LISA BAKER and his own band. Now 2022, her mid-Eighties recordings are being released for the first time. “Fool Of Lies” was released on 7” single in 1986, but the other tracks remain unreleased: demos, but enough to check out the potential of this band.
A Los Angeles native and daughter to two teachers, Lisa Baker grew up doing musical theater. But she had been born with an ear for riffs. By the late ‘70s, the young singer was at clubs, checking out the bounty of heavy bands on the rapidly growing scene – among others, Lisa was singer of Xciter, George Lynch pre- Dokken band.
Singer Jack Russell was a family friend, and Baker got to know guitarist Mark Kendall, who played with Russell in a pre- Great White line-up. “Jack had gone to jail [in 1978, for an accidental shooting during a drug robbery] so Mark had me come and fill in,” Baker said. “We were called Dante Fox then, and we did a lot of huge backyard parties; Mark’s mom’s house could cram 1,000 people in the yard in West Covina.”
Dante Fox also gigged at the Whisky, the Roxy, and…

B.O.W (Brotherhood of Wolves) – A Dump of Twisted Destinies (2022)

B.O.W / Brotherhood Of Wolves already pleased us last year with their debut album, now only a year after the group is presenting second effort titled “A Dump of Twisted Destinies“. B.O.W formed in Spain by drummer Tommy Lopez and lyricist Vladimir Emelin, both collaborating with the late Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) on his last record. After Hensley’s death, they decided to launch this classic hard rock band with material partially wrote for Hensley, but also fresh material.
Still retaining the classic hard rock style from the ’80s and some AOR splashes here and here, “A Dump of Twisted Destinies” is more modern in terms of production, and focused on crisp riffs and concise songs…

FRONTLINE (NL) – Scream All You Want (2022)

Founded in 2018, FRONTLINE is a new band from the Netherlands formed by young musicians with a common passion; love for ’80s hard rock music. Guitarist Arti Flinkerbusch wrote a bunch of songs and was looking for the right musicians to perform with. He found these through jam sessions in a medieval cellar in the city of Delft. The band had some live gigs and a radio performance – before the pandemic kicked in.
But Covid-19 didn’t stop with their work; after recording a promotional EP, FRONTLINE completed their debut album “Scream All You Want“, released today. Influenced by the likes of Guns N’ Roses and Thin Lizzy, all songs are self-penned originals, except for a ‘re-arranged’ hard rock cover of Taylor Dayne’s 1987 dance-pop hit, “Tell It To My Heart”…

TODD MICHAEL HALL – Elements (2022 reissue) *Exclusive*

American vocalist TODD MICHAEL HALL has been in the Rock business since the ’80s with the band Harlet, with Jack Starr’s Burning Starr, Reverence, etc, and from 2013 to date he’s the frontman of RIOT V. A couple years ago Todd was a contestant on Season 18 of ‘The Voice’, showcasing his impressive 4 octave vocal range performing songs of Foreigner, Tina Turner, etc – he deserved to win.
Hall has a solo career as well where he takes a different musical path of his metal/hard rock bands. After his just released very good new album ‘No Winner Takes All’ featured here, some of you asked for his previous solo releases.
As requested, here’s TODD MICHAEL HALL solo effort “Elements“, originally released 2019 but now reissued in conjunction with the new 2022 album.
“Elements” is an eclectic album with songs ranging from melodic rock to ballads, classic rockers, Rock&pop tunes with an ’80s feeling, all with a timeless production sound courtesy of Andy Reed who also play various instruments.
All are really good, enjoyable songs, and Hall’s voice is in full all over the recording, powerful and rich in multi-layered vocal harmonies…
You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox

TODD MICHAEL HALL – Letters from India (2017) *Exclusive*

Michigan vocalist TODD MICHAEL HALL has been in the Rock business since the ’80s with the band Harlet, with Jack Starr’s Burning Starr, Reverence, etc, and from 2013 to date he’s the frontman of RIOT V. A couple years ago Todd was a contestant on Season 18 of ‘The Voice’, showcasing his impressive 4 octave vocal range performing songs of Foreigner, Tina Turner, etc – he deserved to win.
Hall has a solo career as well where he takes a different musical path of his metal/hard rock bands. After his just released very good new album ‘No Winner Takes All’ featured here, some of you asked for his previous solo releases.
As requested, here’s TODD MICHAEL HALL album “Letters from India“, a wonderfully, carefully crafted 12-tracker recorded with an organic sound production which allows Todd to bring his strong singing and heartfelt lyrical prose to the forefront.
This is a bunch of pop-rock songs and classic rock ballads with a main characteristic of being totally optimistic. The songwriting is darn good, with an abundance of catchy, infectious vocal harmonies…

NESTOR – Kids In A Ghost Town +4 (Deluxe Version) (2022) *HQ* Exclusive

Upon its initial release, NESTOR’s acclaimed first album, ‘Kids in a Ghost Town’, sent Rock fans on a journey back in time to the ’80s, both in sound and spirit, as well as with their completely self-produced music videos.
This is an album of such impressive scale in fact, that after signing with Napalm Records earlier this year, the band and label decided to give new life to the record, adding new additional songs and new cover art set for release on September 30, 2022.
Kids In A Ghost Town (Deluxe Version)” will be released on digital, CD, vinyl and cassette, including the latest single “Signed In Blood”, a song based on a true friendship that can be traced back to the band’s humble beginnings in 1989. Two additional songs round out the enhanced track list. The somber and reflective “A Losing Game” contains so many key changes that it will bring tears of joy in the eyes of anyone that listens to it (even the guys in Ultravox)! And the cover version of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” sounds like the perfect summer fling lovechild between Whitney and Van Halen!
As 0dayrox extra we added the Japanese Edition bonus track, so you have the complete NESTOR here. A great album has become even greater!

THE PLOT & DAMAGE CONTROL (ft. Pete Way & Michael Schenker) – 2003-2009 [HNE 3CD Box Set] (2022)

The world of hard rock lost a true legend in August 2020 when musician and songwriter Pete Way passed away, shortly after his 70th birthday. Best known as a founder member and bass guitarist of UFO, the enduring music that UFO with Pete Way created influenced everyone from Iron Maiden and Def Leppard to even Metallica. Pete leave and re-join UFO a number of times, leaving for good in 2008.
Pete Way would be involved in a number of collaborations and side projects, including a sporadic solo career. It was during one of his breaks from UFO that he teamed up with fellow UFO band-mate, lead guitarist Michael Schenker, forming the power trio The Plot (CD1) with Badlands’ Jeff Martin on drums in 2003. Quite different to the work that either Pete or Michael had produced with UFO and MSG, and with a slightly sleazy, gritty edge, The Plot has more in common with Pete’s other band, Waysted, but with the bass guitarist now also handling the lead vocals.
Pete Way’s next project was again another collaboration: he joined forces with guitarist Robin George, alongside drummer Chris Slade (AC/DC, The Firm) and The Quireboys’ inimitable lead singer, Spike, to form Damage Control in 2006. This bluesy, melodic hard rock band released 2 albums.
Now Hear No Evil / Cherry red is releasing a 3CD Box Set with these out of print albums.

PETE WAY – Solo Albums 2000-2004 [HNE 3CD Box Set] (2022)

When PETE WAY sadly passed away in 2020, it ended a 50+ year career in rock ‘n’ roll, from founder member, bass guitarist and songwriter in UFO, followed by collaborations with Motorhead’s ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke and Ozzy Osbourne, to forming the self-explanatory Waysted, before re-joining his band-mates in UFO. During one of his occasional breaks from UFO, Pete found time to develop a solo career.
Now Hear No Evil / Cherry Red is releasing ”Solo Albums 2000-2004 [HNE 3CD Box Set]’‘ with all Pete Way solo releases, including bonus tracks.
Forming a trio with guitarist Walt James and drummer Scott Phillips, Pete Way released his solo debut in 2000. Unsurprisingly, given its title, ‘Amphetamine’ (CD1 here) partly chronicles Pete’s relationship with illicit substances.
Taking on lead vocals as well as his trademark bass guitar, the material is a major departure from the melodic rock of UFO, exchanged for a visceral hard rock with a rough swagger to it but at various times throughout it could be called pop, punkish, metal. The song ‘American Kid (What a Shame)’ is a killer tune, and a personal favorite…

SAMMY HAGAR and The Circle – Crazy Times (2022) HQ

Sammy Hagar and his super-group The Circle will release their long-anticipated sophomore album “Crazy Times” next Friday. The new record finds Hagar, fellow Hall Of Famer and VAN HALEN bassist Michael Anthony, Grammy-winning drummer Jason Bonham and Grammy-winning guitar virtuoso Vic Johnson changing course, traveling to Nashville to record the album with eight-time Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Cobb at Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A.
With SAMMY HAGAR and The Circle, nobody expects the guy behind “I Can’t Drive 55″ to get too deep, and he doesn’t. ”Crazy Times”, in a way, is a pandemic album, or at least one informed by living in a time that’s still trying to make sense of the past couple of years. Of course, these “crazy times” stretch back a bit further than COVID, and Hagar addresses that in a roundabout, uncommitted way, too.
Mostly though he plays rock ‘n’ roll that doesn’t sound all that removed from the era that treated him best, the ’80s. And he hasn’t sounded this good since the 20th century ended…

MARENNA – Voyager (2022)

MARENNA, the solo Melodic Rock / AOR project leaded by singer / songwriter Rod Marenna, has ready the release of their fourth and most audacious studio album entitled “Voyager“, due September 30th via Danish label Lions Pride Music.
MARENNA is the most important band within the Brazilian Hard Rock / Melodic Rock scene with international projection, with rabid fans from Europe to Japan.
Since their previous EP released last year, the band has been betting on this new most mature phase with an extremely melodic and rocking sound. Full of energy and identity thanks to the crystal clear production, choruses typically 80s and a style influenced by great bands of the past, “Voyager” has everything to easily be MARENNA’s most complete album to date…

STEAMHAMMER – Wailing Again (2022)

British blues-rock band STEAMHAMMER was formed at the end of 1968, releasing four albums before split in 1972. Now, exactly 50 years after the release of ‘Speech’, STEAMHAMMER will release a new album, “Wailing Again“, featuring founding members Martin Pugh (guitars) and Pete Sears (bass, keys & background vocals).
Sears played piano for Rod Stewart on his four early classic recordings and was member of Jefferson Starship from 1974 to 1987, while Pugh also played on Rod Stewart’s first LP, with Ron Wood, Mickey Waller, Martin Quittenton and Keith Emerson.
So the quality of these musicians can’t be denied, and they are in top form 2022, including Manfred Mann’s Earth Band drummer John Lingwood, and powerful singer Phil Colombatto.
“Wailing Again” is a delicious pure Classic Rock album: not only the songs are great, but are performed & produced as it should be: clean, clear, no studio trickery, from the heart. Fans of classic-era Uriah Heep, early Deep Purple, Mott, etc, need to check out this CD…