ROXY BLUE – Westwood One In Concert [The Troubadour] (1992 Promo CD only) *Rare*

ROXY BLUE - Westwood One In Concert [The Troubadour] (1992 Promo CD only) *Rare* - full

This one was requested long time ago, a rarity much sought after by collectors: US hard rockers ROXY BLUEWestwood One In Concert” – Live at The Troubadour. This show was a 1992 broadcast and as happened with many bands from the era, Westwood One pressed some limited copies on CD / no cover art.
This recording is of special interest because ROXY BLUE was a real beast live, and there isn’t tapes / bootlegs from the band at their peak when they where touring presenting debut album ‘Want Some?’.
Soon after, grunge took the US scene and bands like ROXY BLUE didn’t found venues to play regularly. Ironically, this Westwood One pressing – they did a few CD copies for archival purposes – is a double disc with the other being a Nirvana concert…
Sound quality is very good, and shows ROXY BLUE rocking hard, a band that unfortunately arrived too late into the scene. A collectors item.
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– Doug Podell Intro
1 – Love’s Got A Hold On Me
2 – It’s So Easy
3 – Talk Of The Town
4 – Luv On Me
5 – Nobody Knows
6 – Rob The Cradle
7 – Main Attraction
8 – Rock-a-Bye Baby

Todd Poole – lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Sid Fletcher – guitars, backing vocals
Josh Weil – bass, backing vocals
Scotty T – drums, percussion, backing vocals

No for sale


Try for a bootleg copy (over U$D 200) here:

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