38 SPECIAL – Wild-Eyed Southern Boys [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded +4] (2023) HQ *Exclusive*

38 SPECIAL - Wild-Eyed Southern Boys [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded +4] (2023) HQ *Exclusive* - lossless full

Oh dear, Rock Candy Records did it again. After recently reissuing not so interesting albums (original pressings already sound fine) they released the first two Night Ranger Lp’s improving the sound, and now the awesome ‘Wild-Eyed Southern Boys’ from 38 SPECIAL.
‘Wild-Eyed Southern Boys’ isn’t easy to remaster without destroying the tapes analog warmness. Well, Rock Candy Records did here one of their best remasters in many years. The Japanese SHM-CD from years ago was nice, but this fresh 24-bit remaster handed by Jon Astley is superb.
1981’s “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” catapulted 38 Special to massive audience. And that happened thanks to the single hit ‘Hold On Loosely’, one of the most played classic rock songs on FM radio until this day. It was also used in video games, the movies Joe Dirt, Without a Paddle and Bickford Shmeckler’s Cool Ideas. Co-penned by Survivor’s Jim Peterik, this is a fabulous song. But all the LP is just wonderful.
“Wild-Eyed Southern Boys [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded +4]” is an awesome release, featuring 4 bonus tracks recorded live capturing this band immense fire on stage. One of these is ‘Rockin’ Into The Night’ penned by Survivor’s Sullivan / Peterik.

Although the American marketplace was bursting with great Southern rock bands during the 1970s, many of them multi-platinum sellers such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Marshall Tucker Band and Molly Hatchet, there was always room for talented newcomers.
For 38 Special this was manna from heaven, launching into a scene that was primed for regional music, shifting enormous quantities of records, and selling out big venues.

Formed in Jacksonville, Florida, and fronted by Donnie Van Zant (brother of Skynyd’s Ronnie and Johnny), the band secured a deal with cool label A&M and carved out a solid reputation as one of the best Southern rock bands.
But the early 1980s the movement had to face some harsh realities, as musical trends were rapidly changing. ‘Wild-Eyed Southern Boys’, their fourth album, produced by Rodney Mills (Skynyrd, the Outlaws) and originally issued in 1981, showcased the band engaged in a wider musical palette; one that paid handsome dividends and, ultimately, prolonged their commercial shelf life by some considerable time.

Focussing on sharper, more hook-laden songs, the band’s sound was refined but not tampered with. They were still very much a gritty, guitar driven, down-home rock band, but with songs that could now be played on mainstream radio.
Songs like the title track, ‘Throw Out The Line’, ‘Bring It On’ and, with the help of Survivor’s Jim Peterik, the hit single ‘Hold On Loosely’ helped to propel the album into the US top 20 securing them a platinum award and a reputation second to none.

It’s on “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” that 38 Special seemed more confident, harnessing a distinct guitar rock sound that enabled the group to distinguish itself from other FM rock bands. It marked the onset of the band’s success throughout the course of the ’80s.
HIGHLY Recommended (contributors get lossless today)

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01 – Hold On Loosely
02 – First Time Around
03 – Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
04 – Back Alley Sally
05 – Fantasy Girl
06 – Hittin’ And Runnin’
07 – Honky Tonk Dancer
08 – Throw Out The Line
09 – Bring It On
10 – Turn It On [Live]
11 – Stone Cold Believer [Live]
12 – Robin Hood [Live]
13 – Rockin’ Into The Night [Live]

Donnie Van Zant – vocals
Don Barnes – vocals, guitar, piano
Steve Brookins – drums
Jeff Carlisi – guitar, steel guitar
Jack Grondin – drums
Larry Junstrom – bass guitar
Carol Bristow – vocals
Lu Moss – vocals
Steve McRay – piano
Terry Emery – percussion
Carol Veto – background vocals



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