ONI LOGAN – The Cosmic Trust Sessions (2023) *Exclusive*

ONI LOGAN - The Cosmic Trust Sessions (2023) *Exclusive* - full

Former Lynch Mob frontman ONI LOGAN is releasing a new EP titled ‘‘The Cosmic Trust Sessions” only available on physical format.
We’re all fans of Oni Logan unique voice. His work on the first Lynch Mob album was stupendous and we always thought his subsequent absence from the hard rock scene was nothing short of a crime. Sure, Oni recorded an album in the early Nineties with his band Violet Demise but never officially released – put out by Oni himself in limited copies as ‘LOGAN / ROBERTSON – Revisited’ and featured in exclusive at 0dayrox some time ago.
Since then, Logan recorded / wrote for others and released a solo album, however far from the hard rock style we love from him. Well, he’s back 2023 with a new band named Oni Logan & The Wicked Mob, and there’s an album in the making.
But let’s talk about this EP ”The Cosmic Trust Sessions” recorded last year, delivering some rocking tracks with that Lynch Mob feeling plus some heavy bluesy classic rock touches and certain darkness. All the material is very strong, timeless, and very well arranged, performed and produced.

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Blackbird
02 – Scene Of The Crime
03 – She Glamour
04 – Restless Man

Oni Logan – vocals, percussion
Jimmy Zollo – all guitars
Drew Zollo – bass
Matt Laugh – drums

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