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This is a request by one of you special for the section ‘Rare Albums’. Only released in Japan, and despite of being a 1996 album, “Led By The Sun” by BOW WOW #2 has become very hard to find. This is a quite unknown album in Europe & America as well, and a killer hard rockin’ one. So you better check out this kick ass CD now.

Bow Wow is an influential Japanese metal / hard rock band formed in the Seventies by virtuoso guitarist Kyoji Yamamoto. They were pioneers of the local scene with a string of early albums bringing the heavy metal sound to Japan. In 1984 they renamed themselves to Vow Wow, recruited vocalist Genki Hitomi and adopted a mainstream, commercial rock sound.
Yamamoto was invited to record with the super-group Phenomena in 1987, where he met former Whitesnake bassist Neil Murray who then joined Vow Wow.

In 1990 Vow Wow officially disbanded as vocalist Hitomi retired from music and Murray joined Black Sabbath.
Yamamoto the reformed Bow Wow in 1995 with all new members: the original ‘B’ in the name returned after many years, and as he was the only original member, re-named the band BOW WOW #2.
The result of this new incarnation of the band was this “Led By The Sun”.

This is a collection of pretty Americanized hard rock, with some 90s Van Halen on it, some Y&T, a bit of Mr. Big, and some other influences, however BOW WOW #2 have their own imprint. It’s hard to identify you’re listening to a Japanese band.

Of course this is guitar-driven material, well focused and very well composed, performed and recorded. There’s a couple of long tracks as well where the band showcase their dexterity, never boring and always keeping you interested.

BOW WOW #2 - Led By The Sun [Japan only release] back

“Led By The Sun” by BOW WOW #2 is quite unknown and very hard to find, and believe me, the music packed inside will surprise you with its punch & freshness. These are excellent musicians, the songs well written and production clear.
Highly Recommended

0dayrox Exclusive


1. Easy Money
2. Got to Be a Man
3. Power to Change
4. In the Name of Justice
5. Dogbite
6. Led by the Sun
7. Loop
8. Mirror Image
9. Rollin’ Down
10. For the Distance
11. Crazy Ride
12. Red Vision

Tetsuya Horie – Vocals
Kyoji Yamamoto – Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Hiroshi Yaegashi – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Shotaro Mitsuzono – Bass, Backing Vocals
Toshihiro Niimi – Drums




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