MARK BAKER DEMOS feat. Mark Free, James Christian & more *EXCLUSIVE*

MARK BAKER DEMOS feat. Mark Free, James Christian & more *EXCLUSIVE* full

Perhaps for the regular listener the name MARK BAKER doesn’t ring a bell at all, however AOR connoisseurs are aware the man has written some of the greatest songs for the genre. An album with his compositions is about to be released soon, but we have our own 0dayrox compilation (all this material comes from our OWN collection).

During the ’80, Canadian Songwriter Awards winner Mark Baker worked as ‘staff writer’ for major record labels, and his songs graced many iconic albums for us: 38 Special, Hardline Triumph, Boulevard, First Signal, Steelhouse Lane, and many more.
To mention his biggest and most complete involvement with bands / albums there’s Signal ‘Loud & Clear’ (Mark wrote half of the songs), and the main co-writer on House Of Lords’ acclaimed third album ‘Demons Down’.

Back in the day, recording studios hired session musicians / vocalists to demo their ‘staff writers’ songs to taste it. Here’s some of these tapes.

One of the most requested singers those days – also for radio commercials – was Mark Free, now fronting Unruly Child as Marcie Free. He (at the time) performs most the tracks here with his incredibly versatile voice.
We can hear as well Bill Champlin from Chicago, James Christian from House Of Lords, Alias’ Freddy Curci and more. Sound quality varies from very good to passable, but heck, these are stupendous tunes.

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01. – The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be (Mark Free)
02. – Demons Down (Demo Version) (James Christian)
03. – No Pleasure Without The Pain (Demo) (James Christian)
04. – Someday You’re Gonna Love Someone (Mark Free)
05. – A Little Too Much (Mark Free)
06. – First To Cry (Mark Free)
07. – What Did You Do (Mark Free)
08. – Nobody Gets Out Alive (Mark Free)
09. – Nothin’ (Mark Free)
10. – Dream On Little Dreamer (Bill Champlin)
11. – Questions Of The Heart (Gary O)
12. – Brighter Day (James Christian)
13. – Cold Day In Hell (James Christian)
14. – Only Young (Vocalist Unknown)
15. – Runaway (Mark Free)
16. – Superhero (Mark Free)
17. – X T C O I (Freddy Curci)
18. – Never Be A Next Time (Mark Free)
19. – Ready Heart (Caryl Mack)
20. – Does It Feel Like Love (Mark Free)


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3 Responses

  1. Juliano says:

    Freakin’ fantastic!!!
    A must-have for any serious AOR enthusiast…

  2. Marcel Torres says:

    Just to correct one thingh, in 19 track, It’s not Mark Free, but Caryl Mack on the vocals. Thx for the file! Very good one! : )

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