JEFF SCOTT SOTO – It’s the SINGER, not the Song! [The Unreleased Covers] 0dayrox compilation

As many keep requesting more and more JEFF SCOTT SOTO, we made one of our compilations with rare stuff. We titled this “It’s the SINGER, not the Song! [The Unreleased Covers]“, featuring the mighty Jeff performing great, timeless songs.
We have here a load of 20 tracks, most of them unreleased, only a few officially published on tribute albums but none included into the JSS’s ‘Cover 2 Cover’ double CD posted here some days ago.
Among the rare, we hear Jeff Scott Soto making his own version of classic songs from TOTO, ROBERT TEPPER, SAIGON KICK, DIANE WARREN and a lot more, showcasing his versatility and immense vocal talent. All with very good sound quality…
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RevLOVER – Too Fast For The Competition [FnA release] (1991-1993)

Los Angeles based hard rock band RevLOVER was right there in the middle of the heyday of hard rock / hair bands. During the time period of 1988-1994, RevLover constantly showcased their talents on the L.A. Sunset Strip and toured the United States extensively, but never signed a recording contract.
30 years later, “Too Fast For The Competition” see the light of day released by FnA Records, including the band’s two indie releases originally available on cassette only, plus many extra tracks.
Originally from Southern family, RevLover was originally known as LIX, and quickly became mainstays at all the top clubs in the Florida the local rock scene. In 1987, the band packed up their bags, and headed to Hollyweird, where they rechristened the band name RevLover.
The band quickly rose to notoriety hosting many well-known musicians during their stage show like Don Dokken, Zakk Wylde, Jani Lane and Randy Castillo, and some even helped RevLover with songwriting…

DARE – Blood From Tapes [Rare & Unreleased] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Now we bring here another of our exclusive 0dayrox compilations including rare, hard to find and unreleased tracks from DARE.
Blood From Tapes [Rare & Unreleased]” includes 23 songs from Darren Wharton, some of them used as B-sides on promos and never released on CD, others never released, others with different mixes, others are demos, etc.
Most of these tracks are from the first DARE era, when their sound & style was decidedly AOR / Melodic Rock oriented. All songs have a very good production and sound despite of being, in some cases, demos.
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FM – Indiscreet II [The Unreleased 1987-1988 album] *0dayrox Exclusive*

FM is a British melodic rock / AOR institution still releasing quality material after forty years with their recent CD ‘Thirteen’. The band’s debut album 1986’s ‘Indiscreet’ is regarded as one of the best AOR albums from the Eighties. Many fans miss the unadulterated AOR sound of that first effort, as FM morphed to a more melodic (hard) rock style since second album “Tough It Out”.
“Tough It Out” took the band 3 years to crystallize, simply because the record label asked for a more mainstream, American style rock music. But in between the two albums, FM wrote a lot of songs in the 1987-1988 period, and with the classy AOR mold of their debut.
What we have here is “Indiscreet II“, an awesome bunch of songs the band penned & demoed for their second album that never was… These aren’t the poor sounding demos floating the internet for years – the quality of this “Indiscreet II” is far superior, and the songs – 18 tracks never released – a treat for ’80s AOR aficionados.
Read the full story below…
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The Lost US Jewels Vol.14 : WIZEKRAK – Through The Years 1989-1991 (2022)

And we have more from the highly collectible ‘Lost US Jewels’ series, here’s one of the newly released 2022, “The Lost US Jewels Vol.14 : WIZEKRAK – Through The Years 1989-1991“, the complete recordings from this highly infectious and ambitious outfit coming from Maryland, Baltimore.
Founded in the late ’80s, Wizekrak members shared a love for classic hard rock / sleazy hair metal acts and collectively created a musical brand they called “part Glam, part Sleaze and all Gleaze”! Armed with luxury vocal hooks, killer guitar parts and a thunderous live set, Wizekrak played almost every week and were a staple part of the local scene, and they arrived to LA to perform clubs like The Whiskey and Gazzarri’s.
Major labels like Atlantic and MCA were interested but nothing ever materialized. With a sound that was highly reminiscent of Poison, Tuff, Trixter, and Warrant at their most melodic, Wizekrak retained their own identity thanks to three highly polished and well received self-released cassettes, all of which have been included into this release (15 tracks) digitally remastered obtaining a very good sound quality.
Limited to 500 copies, the CD is almost sold out…
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The Lost UK Jewels Vol. 14 ; SWEET SIN – Sweet Sin (2018) *HQ*

As part of the treasurable, collectors ‘Lost UK Jewels‘ series, here’s the not featured everywhere Vol.14, SWEET SIN‘s self-titled private LP ”Sweet Sin” from 1988, remastered and including 3 previously unreleased tracks as bonus.
If you’ve been following the “Lost UK Jewels” series from the very first volume then you’ll be all too aware that the UK in the Eighties, the North West in particular, was a hotbed of unsigned talent. A vast array of bands all vying for a record deal, with most falling at the first hurdle and only a select few getting their feet on the ladder.
SWEET SIN was a rare breed, undeterred by lack of label interest they took matters into their own hands and self-released their own album. Seven tracks of smouldering hard rock, that worshipped at the altar marked America, was what was on offer.
If truth be told a band from Preston had no right to sound this good, never mind look the part as well…
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ROXY BLUE – Westwood One In Concert [The Troubadour] (1992 Promo CD only) *Rare*

This one was requested long time ago, a rarity much sought after by collectors: US hard rockers ROXY BLUEWestwood One In Concert” – Live at The Troubadour. This show was a 1992 broadcast and as happened with many bands from the era, Westwood One pressed some limited copies on CD.
This recording is of special interest because ROXY BLUE was a real beast live, and there isn’t tapes / bootlegs from the band at their peak when they where touring presenting debut album ‘Want Some?’.
Soon after, grunge took the US scene and bands like ROXY BLUE didn’t found venues to play regularly. Ironically, this Westwood One pressing – they did a few CD copies for archival purposes – is a double disc with the other being a Nirvana concert…
Sound quality is very good, and shows ROXY BLUE rocking hard, a band that unfortunately arrived too late into the scene. A collectors item.
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HOUSE OF LORDS – The Unreleased & The Bonus Tracks – 0dayrox own compilation

As requested, here’s some unreleased HOUSE OF LORDS material.
After a long hiatus, leader James Christian started to plan the return of the band at the beginning of the new Millennium. This was materialized with the album The Power And The Myth released in 2004, a record with more progressive orientation that disappointed first time fans.
The genesis of the album, or better, the HOL return, was in fact inspired by the sound & style of its origins, and the proof are these demos recorded around 2001, later discarded.
Songs like the punchy ‘Shotgun Doctor’ is driven by a sharp guitar riff akin House Of Lords’ second album Sahara, midtempo ‘After The Love Is Gone’ has great atmospheres akin the first, same with the pulsating ‘Angel Of The City’, which in fact was written in the ’80s.
‘Hero’s Song’ was included into the recently featured here ‘Anthology’, and ‘Love Can Build A Bridge’ is a midtempo ballad with acoustic guitars into the mix in the classic HOL style of the beginning…

SOMA – Headed for the Zeros (2021)

As requested, here’s a very good album recorded in 1996 but never released due to record company politics, which finally saw the light of day at the end of last year via Escape Music.
It turns out that guitarist Stephen DeAcutis and singer/drummer Ed Collins already had recorded an album which via Cinderella’s bass player Eric Brittingham landed in the hands of A&R guru John Kalodner from Geffen Records. He contacted Collins who by then had moved on and had started writing songs with guitarist/vocalist Doug Henthorn.
Kalodner liked their material as well and brought in famed producer Kevin Shirley (Rush, Journey) while the band that now was called SOMA decided to add DeAcutis in to the line-up together with bass player Mark Mathews.
SOMA recorded their first album “Headed for the Zeros” at the famous Rumbo Recorders (where ‘Appetite For Destruction’ was recorded) and designer Hugh Syme (Aerosmith, Rush, et all) was asked to do the album cover design.
Although all these big names were involved for whatever reason the album never saw a release and disappeared into a warehouse gathering dust. A shame, as this is a solid platter…

THAYER-St. JAMES – The Lost Tapes (2022) *HQ 0dayrox Exclusive*

Black ‘N Blue frontman Jaime St. JAMES, and his former Black ‘N Blue bandmate and current KISS guitarist Tommy THAYER, have found some old songs that they wrote together decades ago, recorded in the late ’80s, but never released.
Now these tracks are being released by themselves as “THAYER-St. JAMES ; The Lost Tapes“.
The songs present on ”The Lost Tapes” were produced by skilled Pat Reagan and recorded in 1988 with the help of Gene Simmons after Geffen Records dropped Black ‘N Blue. Simmons Records agreed to release the new Black ‘N Blue album, but soon after the studio time Thayer quit the band eager to do other things.
The recorded songs were saved for more than 30 years on 2” analog multitrack tape and two track mixes on 1/4” tape, but were unfortunately disintegrated beyond use. After some digging, they found a DAT tape with a copy.
This is a Limited Edition physical CD only personally autographed by Tommy & Jaime, and while it isn’t cheap (sells for $30 USD + $10 shipping and handling for orders within the US, and $30 USD + $20 for international orders) this is a collectible which soon will became a rarity, and worth every cent – these songs rock greatly.
These recordings were almost lost forever – now thanks to a bit of digital polishing, these songs have come to life!
You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox (contributors get lossless & full scans)

STEELOVER – May God Be With You [2nd Unreleased Album] (1986)

Melodic Hard Rockers STEELOVER are back in business next Friday, August 26, with a new album, their first since their debut LP in 1984. We featured both here at 0dayrox, however the group recorded an album in 1985-1986 which was intended to be the follow up of debut ‘Glove Me’. And it really worth a listen.
After enjoying considerable success with their well received debut record, touring all over Europe and performing in festivals, lead singer Vince Castillo decided to pursue a solo career.
Drummer Rudy Lenners (ex Scorpions) suggested to replace Vince with a female vocalist, and give the band a fresh push. Enter future Vaya Con Dios singer Dani Klein and they stated to work on new songs.
With a female-fronted melodic hard rock style typically mid-Eighties and a slightly ‘Americanized’ sound, STEELOVER recorded the pre-production demos for the upcoming second LP “May God Be With You“. However, Klein leave the band soon after and the album never recorded, with these songs remaining unreleased.
The recording / sound quality of these pre-production tapes are pretty good, also the songs, all well written rockers with melodic guitars and strong female vocals…

SAFE HAVEN – Savage Harvest [unreleased ’90s recordings remastered] (2021)

The Nineties wasn’t easy in the USA for bands playing traditional metal / hard rock but still existed an underground scene keeping the flame alive. That was the case of SAFE HAVEN, a band from Connecticut formed by very young musicians which didn’t care about trends.
SAFE HAVEN born back in 1990 and made two official releases: the “Cries of Mercy” single which was released on tape in 1993 including the same titled six-minute-long epic, and the “Savage Harvest” EP released in 1995. In both the band presents a mixture of classic melodic metal, hard rock, and progressive.
Their enigmatic melodies, the clean vocal approach and the complex yet catchy riffing brings to mind the likes of FATES WARNING, early QUEENSRYCHE, DOKKEN, SHOK PARIS, etc.
Now all SAFE HAVEN recordings including unreleased songs are being released into CD as ”Savage Harvest”, digitally remastered to get the best audio quality possible…

WINGER – The Non Album Tracks & Unreleased (0dayrox compilation)

There’s not much WINGER unreleased material, as the band released some time ago the excellent double album Demo Collection. But these were mostly pre-production demos, high quality professional demos prior to their first album.
As requested, here’s the 0dayrox compilation of rare WINGER – “The Non Album Tracks & Unreleased” – including they well known film soundtrack contributions, but also unpublished, rare songs.
While sound quality isn’t as great on the Demo Collection, it’s pretty good overall. What we find here are the very early demos by the band, and some tracks never released, a couple of acoustic takes. All songs here are WINGER the band, not Kip Winger solo.
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JEFF SCOTT SOTO – Cover 2 Cover [2-CD Iconic Productions Ltd release]

It’s hard to find a current rock musician with a body of work as large as veteran JEFF SCOTT SOTO, with over 60 albums under his belt while participating in Sons Of Apollo, Talisman, Soto, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, WET, just to name a few.
His official albums are pretty easy to find, however the incredibly versatile singer has recorded on hundreds of albums as guest, working demos, collaborations, etc, and performing different styles & genres with ease.
Many of you have been requesting Jeff’s rare recordings / releases: now we have here “Cover 2 Cover“, as its title makes clear, a mammoth 2-CD collection of Jeff Scott Soto doing covers of classic – and not so – rock n’ roll songs.
This Limited Edition (out of print and hard to find) made by Iconic Productions is in top quality mastering / packaging. While some tracks are present on the ‘B-sides’ album posted at 0dayrox, many others are very rare.
Even a couple are unreleased, exclusive to his ‘Cover 2 Cover’, like ‘Edge Of The Blade’, a cover by Jeff’s band Human Clay recorded for a Brazilian Journey Tribute that due to many problems with the record label this is still an “unreleased album”…
You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox

MICHAEL BOLTON – AOR Provider [The Unreleased ’80s Album / Remastered Demos] 0dayrox Exclusive

Michael Bolotin, later known as MICHAEL BOLTON, softened his style in favor to commercial pop at the end of the Eighties, but the man has a rock n’ roll background. Under his real name he did two forgettable records in the Seventies, but at the beginning of the ’80s Bolton was part of Blackjack (with Bruce Kulick), a noteworthy melodic rock ensemble.
Later Bolton released 3 great AOR solo albums, but between these solo LP’s he recorded a series of demos helped by renowned session musicians, including Neal Schon & Jonathan Cain from Journey. In fact, seems some of these tracks were planned for a future Journey release, with Bolton replacing Steve Perry.
All these unreleased songs and more, were compiled here with the title “AOR Provider“.
These demos have been circulating for years among fans from different sources. We have here the best sounding available, and while being demo tapes, the files here have been cleaned / remastered by the 0dayrox team to get the best sound quality possible…