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SLIK TOXIK – Doin’ The Nasty [Bad Reputation remastered +3] (2022) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

Since the beginning of the ’90s, the waters were a bit rocky for the hard rock / metal world, especially in America. The landscape was changing and bands such as Warrant, Poison, and Skid Row who all at one time were selling out arenas and amphitheaters found themselves playing to 1/2 full venues and in some cases reduced to playing half full clubs.
It was also a bad time for new bands of the genre who were coming out. While this was true, it definitely didn’t mean that these acts weren’t any good. As a matter of fact, bands like Tora Tora, War Babies, and Babylon AD were doing this stuff as good if not better than many of their peers.
Of those acts, one band and their debut album rose above them all to really blow my mind. That band was Canada’s SLIK TOXIK and the album was ”Doin’ The Nasty”.
Now Bad Reputation Records is doing justice to that killer melodic hard rock album from 1992 reissuing a newly remastered version of Slik Toxik‘s debut full-length ”Doin’ The Nasty” with three bonus tracks. And believe me, if you like this genre, you need to listen to this CD.
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707 – The Second Album [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] (2017) *HQ*

Specialists at Rock Candy Records have Remastered & Reloaded all-three first albums from American melodic rockers 707, one of the most distinctive sounds of any band emerging from the late ’70s. For their second LP, simply titled The Second Album, 707 considerably changed their musical delivery, to a more straight, mainstream AOR sound.
Enlisting the assistance of producer Jai Winding (Le Roux, Stephen Crane) and recorded in Los Angeles, the band’s sophomore album solidified 707’s potential, albeit with the loss of pianist Duke McFadden who left the band for pastures new.
Now reduced to a trio, this ‘new’ 707 showcased a noticeable forceful approach, something more in keeping with the AOR zeitgeist of the day and evoking comparisons this time around with Journey, Foreigner and Cheap Trick…

ALPHA CENTAURI – Alpha Centauri [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2018)

Regarded as cult classic, pioneer Pomp rock band, American combo ALPHA CENTAURI released their only LP in 1977, the self-titled Alpha Centauri, fortunately ‘Remastered & Reloaded’ for the first time by Rock Candy Records specialists, and it has been requested here.
As highly rated collectibles go, the ”Alpha Centauri” album has to be one of the most coveted records of all time. An independent release, it’s an album that spent years lurking in the shadows, heard by few but lauded quite rightly as a masterpiece of ’70s Pomp rock, embroidered with the all the moves and grooves of the great headlining acts of the day such as Styx, Angel and Head East.
The band’s style was a formidable blast of pompous energy, indeed…

K.K. WILDE – Rock ‘N’ Roll [FnA digitally remastered] (2022) *HQ*

Late 80s / early 90s melodic hard rock & hair metal band K.K. WILDE two albums have been remastered by FnA Records. K.K. WILDE released two indie CD’s very much sough after for decades by fans and collectors, selling on eBay for over $2,000! In the pantheon of expensive, sought-after hair metal indies, K.K. WILDE’s first album “Rock ‘N’ Roll” ranked up towards the top thanks to catchy hooks, sing-along choruses, and big backing vocals.
Production budget wasn’t the biggest and a professional mastering engineer quite expensive at the time. Now thanks to this fresh remastered reissue we can enjoy “Rock ‘N’ Roll” with a punchy sonic output and detail.
With K.K. WILDE’s “Rock ‘N’ Roll” something not so common occurs: while listening the album you immediately enjoy all the tunes – Ok … but the curious thing happens next day: you keep humming a melody and ask yourself; where I heard this? Yeah, it’s a K.K. WILDE song and you go n’ play the album again.
K.K. WILDE rocks!
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K.K. WILDE – Cocaine Cowboy [FnA digitally remastered] (2022)

Formed in the second half of the ’80s by vocalist Kris Kurry (K.K.) and guitar player Eddie Wilde, K.K. WILDE managed to record two albums, both remastered and just reissued by FnA Records. These indie CD’s were very much sough after for decades by fans and collectors, selling on eBay for over $2,000!
While some record labels were interested, K.K. WILDE released the albums by their own. This second effort “Cocaine Cowboy” was taped in 1991, and in fact these are demos the band decided to record the best way possible for shopping labels.
Now not only the album again is available on CD after decades, but also the remastering helps to these demos sound better.
K.K. WILDE’s first album ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll’ was a pretty much hairy glam metal in style, the material on “Cocaine Cowboy” is slightly heavier according to the year 1991. There’s still catchy hooks and sing-along choruses…
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CHARLIE – Good Morning America [Rock Candy remastered]

Good Morning America” by CHARLIE has been reissued by Rock Candy, and this is the first proper remaster made on this, one of the most underrated AOR albums from the early ’80s.
Charlie were actually key components of the second half of the seventies in the British melodic rock scene, trying to gain a foot hold at the height of punk rock during those years. The band released five albums that went quite unnoticed in UK, however, in the USA things were decidedly different as their precise style of AOR gained them significant traction on FM radio, which resulted in the band working almost exclusively for that market.
And this is clearly evident on Charlie’s sixth album “Good Morning America”, where the guys firmly decided to go for an American sound. By the time the Eighties had come around…

THAYER-St. JAMES – The Lost Tapes (2022) *HQ 0dayrox Exclusive*

Black ‘N Blue frontman Jaime St. JAMES, and his former Black ‘N Blue bandmate and current KISS guitarist Tommy THAYER, have found some old songs that they wrote together decades ago, recorded in the late ’80s, but never released.
Now these tracks are being released by themselves as “THAYER-St. JAMES ; The Lost Tapes“.
The songs present on ”The Lost Tapes” were produced by skilled Pat Reagan and recorded in 1988 with the help of Gene Simmons after Geffen Records dropped Black ‘N Blue. Simmons Records agreed to release the new Black ‘N Blue album, but soon after the studio time Thayer quit the band eager to do other things.
The recorded songs were saved for more than 30 years on 2” analog multitrack tape and two track mixes on 1/4” tape, but were unfortunately disintegrated beyond use. After some digging, they found a DAT tape with a copy.
This is a Limited Edition physical CD only personally autographed by Tommy & Jaime, and while it isn’t cheap (sells for $30 USD + $10 shipping and handling for orders within the US, and $30 USD + $20 for international orders) this is a collectible which soon will became a rarity, and worth every cent – these songs rock greatly.
These recordings were almost lost forever – now thanks to a bit of digital polishing, these songs have come to life!
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EAGLES – One of These Nights [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab SACD Numbered] (2022) *HQ*

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MoFi), a leading company delivering the foremost audio technology specializing in high-quality reissues of key albums, are reissuing EAGLES’ iconic ‘70s studio albums. The other day we featured ‘On The Border’, now it’s time for the band’s fourth LP ”One of These Nights” on the imprint’s UltraDisc Super Audio CD (SACD) format, for many, the best-sounding in the world.
Mastered from the original analog Master Tapes for exquisite sound, this Mobile Fidelity’s Numbered-Edition Hybrid SACD takes EAGLES’ commercial breakthrough to new limits.
A coming-out party for Glenn Frey and Don Henley’s songwriting skills, the studio record – the band’s fourth, and its first to hit #1 on the charts – signifies the group’s ascent to superstar status. Home to three massive singles (the title track, “Lyin’ Eyes,” and “Take It to the Limit”) and nominated for four Grammy Awards, the quadruple-platinum 1975 effort solidified the Eagles’ Southern California-reared sound and made the band a household name.
Playing with reference sonics and incredible clarity, this SACD provides a rich, dynamic, transparent, and three-dimensional view into a release that…

DeGARMO & KEY – Mission Of Mercy [Digitally Remastered] (2022) HQ *only at 0dayrox*

A few weeks ago we featured here the first DeGARMO & KEY albums fully remastered for the first time, now we have here the second batch reissue 2022, and their 1983 LP “Mission Of Mercy” is one of our favorites.
Mission Of Mercy” mixes DeGARMO & KEY catchy rock&pop melodies with a that radio-friendly AOR from 1982-1983, in the same vein of Franke & The Knockouts, Preview, I-Ten, etc.
Don’t be fooled by the ‘yuppie’ cover artwork, the songs into this album are all good ‘ole American AOR from the first half of the ’80s wrapped by an incredible crystal clear production. The first four tracks alone will make your day if you are fan of this era / genre.
Then there’s the superb short instrumental ‘The Gift’, mostly Ed DeGarmo’s keyboards, a track sure to please Greg Giuffria or Vince DiCola admirers, while the smooth ‘You Can’t Run from Thunder’ bring to mind the Canadian sound of 1983.
Unlike many CCM bands at that time, the quality of D&K production, mix & mastering was on par with their secular counterparts. This 2022 remaster is excellent.
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LITTLE CAESAR – American Dream (Deluxe Edition remastered +4) (2022)

American classic Hard Rockers LITTLE CAESAR launched their own record label and are doing a reissue campaign of their catalog. The band is excited to reissue remastered deluxe versions of some of their best albums complete with new artwork and bonus tracks, to be distributed by Deko Entertainment.
Originally released a decade ago, this ”American Dream (Deluxe Edition remastered +4)” marks the 10th anniversary of this rocking album, now remastered and re-packaged as a limited “Deluxe Edition” w/ four tracks from the CD performed live as bonus tracks, including the stand out ‘Dirty Water’.
Little Caesar always represented ‘substance over style’, which probably was the reason of why they didn’t became superstars (and null label support) in the hair-spray fog of the late ’80s. An endless stream of middle-aged musicians have returned in the last few years with dreams of recapturing the magic that they once (or never did) possessed, but few have managed to do it as well as Little Caesar…

SAFE HAVEN – Savage Harvest [unreleased ’90s recordings remastered] (2021)

The Nineties wasn’t easy in the USA for bands playing traditional metal / hard rock but still existed an underground scene keeping the flame alive. That was the case of SAFE HAVEN, a band from Connecticut formed by very young musicians which didn’t care about trends.
SAFE HAVEN born back in 1990 and made two official releases: the “Cries of Mercy” single which was released on tape in 1993 including the same titled six-minute-long epic, and the “Savage Harvest” EP released in 1995. In both the band presents a mixture of classic melodic metal, hard rock, and progressive.
Their enigmatic melodies, the clean vocal approach and the complex yet catchy riffing brings to mind the likes of FATES WARNING, early QUEENSRYCHE, DOKKEN, SHOK PARIS, etc.
Now all SAFE HAVEN recordings including unreleased songs are being released into CD as ”Savage Harvest”, digitally remastered to get the best audio quality possible…

ZINATRA – Rockumentary Part 1 [”Zinatra” +7 remastered] out of print

Here’s a request of two albums that everybody need into their classic AOR collection: ZINATRA‘s self-titled debut “Zinatra” and their next / final disc “The Great Escape”. This 2-CD Box including both albums housed into individual jewel case is the one to get – if you find it as it’s out of print – as both LP have been remastered with a resulting pristine sound, plus a bunch (10 in total) of bonus tracks.
This is the real Box / physical release titled “Rockumentary Part 1 & 2”.
The name Zinatra is synonymous of true European ’80s AOR pomp / Melodic Hard Rock. Discovered by the producer Erwin Musper in 1986, they made their debut with the album of the same name two years later enjoying considerable chart success with such hit singles as “Love or Loneliness”, “Somewhere” and “Looking for Love”…

ZINATRA – Rockumentary Part 2 [”The Great Escape” +3 remastered] out of print

Here’s a request of two albums that everybody need into their classic AOR collection: ZINATRA‘s self-titled debut “Zinatra” and their next / final disc “The Great Escape”. This 2-CD Box including both albums housed into individual jewel case is the one to get – if you find it as it’s out of print – as both LP have been remastered with a resulting pristine sound, plus a bunch (10 in total) of bonus tracks.
This is the real Box / physical release titled Rockumentary Part 1 & 2“.
This second Zinatra album, “The Great Escape”, originally released in 1990, is an AOR / melodic (hard) rock fest at its own right. The songwriting and instrumental part of the album is more focused and to the point, frontman Joss Mennen has stepped up as the singer raising his game manifold, but most importantly there is a young Robbie Valentine behind the keyboards also taking a leading role in terms of songwriting.
Robby, for that matter, seems to have remained the outsider for his brief time in Zinatra having single handedly composed four of the songs on the album including the ballad “Lover Never Dies” a vocal duet between Valentine and Mennen as well as the midtempo AOR epic “Too Blind to See”, both glimpses of Robby’s solo work that would follow in the ‘90s.
Interestingly enough Canadian AOR hero Paul Laine (Danger Danger) contributes four songs to the set list including the outstanding single “Two Sides of Love”, the melodic rocker “Only Your Heart” and the irresistible “Hold On”.

DeGARMO & KEY – Street Light [Digitally Remastered] (2022) HQ *only at 0dayrox*

Here we have more from the just released second batch of DeGARMO & KEY ’80s albums digitally remastered. Released in 1986 on Power Discs Records, ”Street Light” was the band’s seventh studio album and one of their best.
Following the previous more keyboard driven albums, ”Street Light” brings the band closer to their earlier rock roots: it was 1986 and melodic rock was the order of the day. Unlike many CCM bands at that time, the quality of their production, mix & mastering (here handled by top guy Bob Ludwig) was not far below that of their secular counterparts.
”Street Light” is quite clearly an ’80s album – as demonstrated by the record jacket, which pictures Eddie DeGarmo in one of those knee-length hot pink overcoats that, in centuries of sartorial history, have been worn exclusively by ’80s-era rock stars – but one that stand the test of time via timeless melodies and catchy choruses.
This time Dana Key’s fine electric guitar work plays a significant role on the record, like in the anthemic…
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UFO – Obsession [Japan Forever Young Series remastered +3] HQ

Many of you asked for more ‘classic UFO‘. Chrysalis Records recently released deluxe editions (featured at 0dayrox) of Phenomenon (1974) and Force It (1975) during the las three years, but still not for following albums.
So now we have here 1978’s ”Obsession” in its Japanese ‘Japan Forever Young Series’ edition remastered including bonus tracks.
”Obsession” is the last Seventies UFO album with Michael Schenker… but what a great way to say ‘hasta la vista baby’.
When the band’s previous album ‘Lights Out’ secured a top 30 placing in the American album charts, and world tours sold out as fast as tickets could be put on sale, the band’s future was assured. Capitalising on their new found success, the band relocated to Los Angeles and set about recording ”Obsession’ with (once again) talented producer Ron Nevison and engineer Mike Clink (a man who would later harness the filth and fury of Guns ”N Roses) at the helm.
This richly crafted record once again demonstrated the band’s unique ability to fuse intense hard rock with elements of an altogether more cerebral nature. Many cite ”Obsession” as the pinnacle of the band’s creative prowess; rounded, complete and universally praised…