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KEEL - The Final Frontier [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] lossless full

There’s great news for KEEL fans as the long out of print records The Final Frontier (1986) and Keel (1987) are being finally remastered by Rock Candy Records. Although the CDs are not available yet – released at retail stores November 15 – they can be purchased via Ron Keel‘s website for $20.00 US each or as part of a $30.00 US bundle if you have a membership via
Today we have here in exclusive at 0dayrox “The Final Frontier”, with this remastering making the album sound better than ever. It’s truly fantastic.
As requested, here’s a re-post, now at maximum quality.

Keel was formed by former Steeler vocalist Ron Keel including him on vocals, former Icon / Schoolboys member David Michael Phillips on guitar, Marc Ferrari on guitars, Bobby Marks on drums and Kenny Chaisson on bass guitar.
Within months, Phillips left to join King Kobra and was replaced by ex-Sexist guitarist Bryan Jay. This was the line-up for their 1984 debut album Lay Down The Law. After the album’s release, Marks left and was replaced by Steven Riley, who subsequently left early in the recording of the band’s second album to join W.A.S.P., and was in turn replaced by Dwain Miller, forming a line-up which would remain stable for almost four years.

Keel’s debut album caught the eye of KISS‘ Gene Simmons, resulting in his production of their second album, The Right To Rock, released on March 26, 1985. The LP and the band’s shows were a sensation, and Keel was ready to explode.
And this exactly happened with this, their next and also Simmons-produced third album “The Final Frontier” released on April 30, 1986. At the end of the year, Keel won the Best Band of the Year award in the 2nd annual Metal Edge magazine reader’s poll, beating such noted bands as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

KEEL - The Final Frontier [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2019)

Keel was not exactly part of the rising hair metal movement, however they took the catchiness from it and added a metal aggressive approach, always with melody as main focus.
Just check “Rock and Roll Animal” or “No Pain, No Gain”, which is one of those driving and fast songs with a rocking riff that really defines the word “rock”. It’s the sort of rock n’ roll that we all expect to come from any hard rock or metal band around during the time. It’s the high energy of “No Pain, No Gain” that really defines the atmosphere of 80s hard rock and metal.
“Arm and a Leg” is another potential candidate for a fan favorite. It’s a raunchy and aggressive song that contains more harmonic chords that give its riff more of an edge, thus it’s power is greatly enhanced.

All that is complemented by more radio friendly yet still rocking numbers such as “Just Another Girl”, “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”, the kinckin’ title track “The Final Frontier”, and their cover song of Patti Smith’s “Because the Night” is powerful and fantastic, delivering us some of the finest hard rock in the late ’80s. It’s haunting and and dark vibe gives us something more than a wimpy love song that the lyrics would suggest.

This is actually an album so good, that even the power ballad sounds good nad not cheesy at all. Why? ‘Cos it’s actually got more potential than “Every Rose has Its Thorn”. It contains a more haunting and quiet atmosphere to it, making it more unique in its own special way. Instead of making the song more glossy and messy, the synthesizers actually elevate the dark and eerie nature of the ballad. That’s synthesizer use done right, right there.

KEEL - The Final Frontier [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2019) back

“The Final Frontier” is actually one of the greatest albums ever to be released by any glam-era Rock band the world has ever known, and that’s not a hyperbole. Keel got the hooks, the catchy choruses, and if you want, some cheesy melodies too – but a unique bite and raunchy attack.
This third album is regarded as their finest moment, and it never sounded that good as on this Rock Candy remaster.

Only at 0dayrox


01 – The Final Frontier
02 – Rock And Roll Animal
03 – Because The Night
04 – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
05 – Arm And A Leg
06 – Raised On Rock
07 – Just Another Girl
08 – Tears Of Fire
09 – Nightfall
10 – No Pain No Gain

Ron Keel – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Marc Ferrari – guitars, backing vocals
Bryan Jay – guitars, backing vocals
Kenny Chaisson – bass, backing vocals
Dwain Miller – drums, backing vocals
guest musicians:
Michael Des Barres – vocals on “Raised on Rock”
Joan Jett – rhythm guitar on “Raised on Rock”
Jaime St. James – backing vocals on “Rock and Roll Animal”
Gregg Giuffria – backing vocals on “No Pain No Gain”
Mitch Perry – rhythm guitar on “Tears of Fire”




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