MIDNIGHT BLUE – Take The Money And Run [YesterRock remastered + bonus]

MIDNIGHT BLUE - Take The Money And Run [YesterRock remastered + bonus]

Fortunately, one of the most unknown and obscure bands from glorious ’80 British AOR scene has been resurrected by YesterRock Records: MIDNIGHT BLUE, and their awesome only album “Take The Money And Run“, remastered, expanded and with a brand new artwork.

Founded by former Tobruk / current FM keyboardist Jem Davis and drummer Eddie Fincher (also ex- Tobruk, No Sweat), Midnight Blue featured the terrific vocals of the then unknown Doogie White, guitarist Alex Dickson who went on to Gun and later Bruce Dickinson, and Dublin-born bassist Niall Canning.
Midnight Blue seemed to tip the media upside down with their presence during the late ’80s, and recorded a bunch of songs between 1988-89 but their management was not quite good enough to pick up a proper recording deal for the band.
Later, Japanese label Zero Corporation released a posthumous set in 1995, but by then, Midnight Blue as unit was history.

MIDNIGHT BLUE - Take The Money And Run [YesterRock remaster] (2013) booklet

What we have here is a wonderful slice of pure, classic British AOR / Melodic Rock with catchy choruses, massive walls of keyboards, killer guitar riffs and superb lead vocals courtesy of a young yet talented Doogie White.
All songs are a blast if you are fan of the genre; the joyful “Surrender”, the groove laden rocker “Makin’ Love”, or the pumping bass / parping synth driven “Call Me” and “Hands Of A Lover”, just to name a few.
Of course you have also great ballads like the gorgeous “Remember” rich in melodies and layered keys, and the emotional “One Way To Heaven”.

MIDNIGHT BLUE - Take The Money And Run [YesterRock remaster] (2013) back cover

This YesterRock remaster sound million bucks, but there’s more: two previously unreleased tracks.
“Hurts When We Do It” is an uptempo melodic rocker with that unmistakable British vibe, and “Only Girl” is a pure AOR heaven filled with bright keyboards, a contagious guitar riff and Doogie’s big vocals that really are the icing on the cake.
A Must Have for any ’80s Melodic Rock / AOR fan.


01 – Surrender
02 – Makin’ Love
03 – Remember
04 – Call Me
05 – Till The Morning
06 – Little Heartbreaker
07 – Hold On Till The Heartbreak’s Over
08 – Until Tomorrow
09 – Hands Of A Lover
10 – One Way To Heaven
11 – Take The Money And Run
12 – After Midnight (original Japanese bonus track)
13 – Party (original Japanese bonus track)
14 – Hurts When We Do It (YesterRock bonus track)
15 – Only Girl (YesterRock bonus track)

Doogie White – lead vocals
Alex Dickson – guitar, backing vocals
Jem Davis – keyboards
Eddie Fincher – drums
Niall Canning – bass, backing vocals



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    MIDNIGHT BLUE – Take The Money And Run [YesterRock remaster] can you re-upload it?

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