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RON KEEL BAND – When This Is Over : Keeled (2022)

Eighties singer/songwriter RON KEEL continues active solo or with his RON KEEL BAND releasing new music and performing live. ‘When This Is Over : Keeled‘ includes new material and featuring the Ron Keel Band versions of ’80s Keel classics.
While Ron has released albums / singles with acoustics in the mix and even some heavy-country on it, he never lost the ‘rock’ nerve. ”When This Is Over” is a song from the upcoming new album ‘KeelWorld’ (2023), and we find Ron Keel Band‘s powerful new take on “Here Today Gone Tomorrow,” never before heard or released.
Also featured are the stellar remakes of “Tears Of Fire” and “The Right To Rock” (using some original ’80s multi-track takes remixed), a medley of hits “Because The Night / Somebody’s Waiting”, and more…

RON KEEL – Alone At Last [Deluxe Edition +2] (2021)

Keel and Ron Keel Band frontman RON KEEL continues to be busy putting out new music. The singer has just released a “Alone At Last – Deluxe Edition“.
This is the complete solo acoustic album originally released in 2006 – now fully digitally remastered – and this new edition contains two bonus tracks: an acoustic version of “Singers, Hookers & Thieves” (a duet with Paul Shortino) and a new acoustic mix of “Just Like Tennessee.” While Ron has released many of the songs as standalone singles over the last year, the full album is being available on all platforms this week.
Ron puts a lot of emotion on these songs, being my favorites the new versions of his ’80s bands Steeler and Keel. The new acoustic take on ‘Serenade’ is fantastic, confirming that a good song is always a good song, electric or acoustic.

KEEL – Lay Down The Law [remastered CD reissue] digipak

When in the early 80s Steeler, fronted by Ron Keel, broke up after Swedish guitar phenom Yngwie Malmsteen left to join Alcatrazz, frontman Ron Keel began assembling KEEL, a hand-picked line-up of great playing
musicians that included guitarists Marc Ferrari and Bryan Jay, drummer Bobby Marks and bassist Kenny Chaisson. The band’s first album “Lay Down The Law” appeared via Shrapnel Records until Keel got signed by a major label.
“Lay Down The Law” never had a legitimate CD release and has been previously only been issued on cassette and vinyl, until Shrapnel put out this Digipak version few years ago with the album remastered from the original master tapes.
Holly cow, this record still sounds awesome today, dated with that huge reverb, but that’s the magic of it.

KEEL – The Right To Rock [Anniversary Edition remastered +2]

KEEL‘s “The Right To Rock Anniversary Edition remastered” was released by Frontiers Music alongside their comeback album Streets Of Rock & Roll, and it was requested by a reader of this blog to check the remastering job and the featured two bonus tracks. “The Right To Rock” was the second studio album by Keel and the one that marked the...

KEEL – Streets Of Rock & Roll [Japan Edition +1] Out Of Print

It has been a long time since KEEL has given us a new album. Their last album ‘VI: BACK IN ACTION’ was released in ’98 without much fanfare. That album was just a bunch of unreleased material, outtakes and demos that the band got together to finish off and release…..not what I call a full reunion. You have to go...

RON KEEL BAND – Fight Like A Band (2019)

Great news for Keel fans as the group’s frontman is releasing a new album titled “Fight Like A Band” with his RON KEEL BAND. Ron Keel’s 35-year odyssey as an entertainer has taken him from the concrete jungle of arena rock to the dirt roads of country music and back again. “Fight Like A Band” combine both, yet overall this...

RON KEEL – Metal Cowboy Reloaded [remixed and remastered] (2018)

Keel frontman RON KEEL has signed a deal with EMP Label Group and he’s recording a new album with his band (first single included into one of our Advanced Released compilations).Meanwhile, the label has put out few days ago, April 6, 2018, Ron’s last solo album ‘Metal Cowboy’ re-released as “Metal Cowboy: Reloaded“.“Metal Cowboy Reloaded” features remixed and remastered versions...

STEELSHINE (ex King Kobra) – Steelshine (2013)

STEELSHINE is one of the many bands of King Kobra founding member David Michael-Philips – now known under his real name Dave Henzerling – including former Adler’s Appetite vocalist Seann ‘Tarsha’ Nicols, and drummer John Covington who also plays with Henzerling’s other band Big Cock.First we presented here at 0dayrox the advanced EP from Steelshine, and then premiered their self-titled...

KEEL – Streets Of Rock & Roll [Japan Edition +1] Out Of Print

We’ve presented in the last Advanced Singles compilation the first Ron Keel new original music in two years, and seems there’s a full length in the making. Meanwhile, one of you asked for “Streets Of Rock & Roll“, the last KEEL album appeared via Frontiers Music and in this out of print Japanese Edition including a great bonus track. After...

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases January 2017 – Vol.2

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases January 2017 – Vol.2

Already a 0dayrox classic, here’s the more relevant Advanced Release singles not only from the upcoming upcoming month, but also the upcoming year!Among the Frontiers Music greatly expected released there’s the new Pride Of Lions, AOR masters Lionville, Jack Russell’s Great White, Stephen Pearcy, The Murder Of My Sweet and the return of fantastic project Place Vendome. Also the new...

RON KEEL – Metal Cowboy (2014)

* With the release today of his new “Metal Cowboy” solo album, RON KEEL’s career in the entertainment business is experiencing yet again another climax. After selling millions of records and touring the world as both a heavy metal screamer (KEEL, Steeler, etc.) and melodic country music artist (Ronnie Lee Keel, The Rat’lers, Country Superstars Show), it can safely be...