RON KEEL BAND – When This Is Over : Keeled (2022)

EYES (Jeff Scott Soto) - 24U [2-CD Set] Out Of Print - full

Eighties singer/songwriter RON KEEL continues active solo or with his RON KEEL BAND releasing new music and performing live. ‘When This Is Over : Keeled‘ includes new material and featuring the Ron Keel Band versions of ’80s Keel classics.
While Ron has released albums / singles with acoustics in the mix and even some heavy-country on it, he never lost the ‘rock’ nerve. ”When This Is Over” is a song from the upcoming new album ‘KeelWorld’ (2023), and we find Ron Keel Band‘s powerful new take on “Here Today Gone Tomorrow,” never before heard or released.
Also featured are the stellar remakes of “Tears Of Fire” and “The Right To Rock” (using some original ’80s multi-track takes remixed), a medley of hits “Because The Night / Somebody’s Waiting”, and more.

Regarding the song ”When This Is Over”, Ron said; “I received a very nice email from a fan overseas during the pandemic. This guy said he loves what we do and can’t wait to see us on tour… when this is over. The song was born in that moment… and the lyrics quickly evolved as an echo of that fan’s hope. In the song, I don’t define what ‘this’ is – it could be World War III or just a bad day at work – but we gotta believe that when this is over, everything’s going to be okay”.
“Along with anthems like ‘The Right To Rock’ and ‘Wild Forever,’ ‘When This Is Over’ is one of the defining songs of my career,” Keel insists.

An added bonus on this release is “Calm Before The Storm” recorded live on the 2020 Australia tour. The song was recorded by Ron with his cell phone, and while sound quality isn’t perfect, he decided to release it because “it’s like a fan capture, and I like how I played the song that night’.
The album KEELWORLD is set for release in 2023 and includes all new music from Ron Keel Band, KEEL, Steeler, IronHorse, Fair Game, and more.
Highly Recommended


01 – When This Is Over
02 – The Right To Rock (Remixed)
03 – Here Today Gone Tomorrow
04 – Tears of Fire (Remastered)
05 – Medley; Because The Night / Somebody’s Waiting
06 – Calm Before The Storm (Live In Australia)
07 – Dead Man Rockin’ (Remastered)

Ron Keel – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Dave “DC” Cothern – Lead Guitar / Vocals
Geno Arce – Bass / Vocals
Jeff Koller – Drums / Vocals
Dakota Scott Schmitt – Keyboards / Vocals



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