RON KEEL – Alone At Last [Deluxe Edition +2] (2021)

RON KEEL - Alone At Last [Deluxe Edition +2] (2021) full

Keel and Ron Keel Band frontman RON KEEL continues to be busy putting out new music. The singer has just released a “Alone At Last – Deluxe Edition“.
This is the complete solo acoustic album originally released in 2006 – now fully digitally remastered – and this new edition contains two bonus tracks: an acoustic version of “Singers, Hookers & Thieves” (a duet with Paul Shortino) and a new acoustic mix of “Just Like Tennessee.” While Ron has released many of the songs as standalone singles over the last year, the full album is being available on all platforms this week.
Ron puts a lot of emotion on these songs, being my favorites the new versions of his ’80s bands Steeler and Keel. The new acoustic take on ‘Serenade’ is fantastic, confirming that a good song is always a good song, electric or acoustic.

“Alone At Last” is one of Ron Keel’s career highlights. The album features new acoustic versions of Ron Keel classics previously recorded by Steeler, Keel, IronHorse, Fair Game, Saber Tiger, and Ronnie Lee Keel – and the song “Hillbilly Heavy Metal Rock N Roll Soul” originally written for this release.

If I’m to choose my favorite song, I strongly feel Ron lets it all pour out from his soul on ‘Dreams Are Not Enough’, a captivating vocal performance it is.
Other highlights include “Time of my Life”, “Last Call”, “What’s left of Me”, and of course 80s Keel ‘Calm Before The Storm’, and Steeler ‘Serenade’.

If rock and roll is about rebellion, then Ron Keel is rock and roll to the core because he’s rebelled against everyone and everything that ever tried to put a fence around him or his music. Great Stuff.
Highly Recommended


01 – Private Lies
02 – The Time of My Life
03 – Hillbilly Heavy Metal Rock n Roll Soul
04 – Dreams Are Not Enough
05 – Give Me All Your Love Tonight
06 – Serenade
07 – Haunted Saloon
08 – Here Today Gone Tomorrow
09 – Calm Before the Storm
10 – Last Call
11 – You Can Have What’s Left of Me
12 – Die Fighting
13 – Singers, Hookers & Thieves (duet with Paul Shortino)
14 – Just Like Tennessee

Ron Keel – Vocals, guitars



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