AMY WOLTER (Fighter) – Hit Me In The Heart [Digitally Remastered] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

AMY WOLTER - Hit Me In The Heart [Digitally Remastered] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Fans of classy female fronted AOR already know this album: AMY WOLTER‘s “Hit Me In The Heart“. Long time out of print, now it has been reissued with a pristine, remastered sound.
Originally released in 1994 this album was overlooked by the big audience due the musical trend of those dark years for melodic rock music. Amy was co-lead singer for melodic rock band FIGHTER, a woman with a voice often compared to Pat Benatar, but more powerful.

Technically this was not an Amy Wolter’s solo album because it contained Fighter’s guitarist Billy Heller. The album is a rocker, yep it has a few mellow AOR tunes akin Heart, Jackie Bodimead, etc.

“There Won’t Be A Next Time” is first in line and it brings to mind an Eddie Money songs, but performed by a female vocalist. Also there’s a lot of Romeo’s Daughter similarity. While the vibe of the material is pretty 80s, production is more punchy, in an early 90s style for the genre.
The uptempo ‘Blue Skies’ is blessed with nice keys all over, ‘Two Worlds’ recalls Robin Beck’s Nineties work, and we find the first proper ballad on “We All Need”.

Next, Amy rock again, and rocks hard with “Break My Fall” that really catch you out as it genuinely bites down hard and earnestly rocks in the style of the first Tyketto album, but again, with a female at the mic. Great tune.
The timbre of the album then changes a bit with “New Start”, “The Promise” and “Be that Child” seeing loads of more up front guitar work and soaring vocals producing a sound now far away from the excellent album by the band Witness, or something Jamie Kyle would do.

‘Hit Me In The Heart’ is very good rocking album plenty of strong songwriting, solid musicianship and excellent vocals / harmonies.A laudable example of female fronted Melodic Rock / AOR at its best.
Highly Recommended

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01 – There Won’t Be A Next Time
02 – Blue Skies
03 – Oils On This Canvas
04 – Two Worlds
05 – We All Need
06 – Break My Fall
07 – New Start
08 – The Promise
09 – Don’t Seem Right
10 – Be That Child
11 – Where My Heart Is



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    Thank you so much Admin for the “upl – *aded” option. At least to me, “tur – b* bit” whitout premium access is a nightmare.

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    I have always loved this album, in fact I featured ‘Be That Child’ quite recently on my UK Radio show, a real gem.

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