FORTRESS – Waiting For The Night [the lost ’80s recordings] (2021)

FORTRESS - Waiting For The Night [the lost '80s recordings] (2021) full

Formed in California during the first half of ’80s, FORTRESS (not to be confused with the melodic hard rock act) was a U.S. metal / hard rock band, one of the many populating the Sunset Strip at that time.
Despite having recorded various demos to get a recording contract the band had no luck and their songs had remained in obscurity since then.
SonicAge Records / Cult Metal Classics contacted FORTRESS’ singer / songwriter (who later on also sang for hard rockers MESHEEN) and they just released this “Waiting For The Night” anthology with their best songs.
It was with the assistance of Christine Tsaprouni, hostess of iScream Radio show, that the record label was first introduced to the band’s music and agreed to release their songs with a remastered sound.

FORTRESS’ music is classic U.S. metal with a hard rock groove, recorded between 1984-1986.
Sound quality is decent, some songs quite thin obviously taped on a 8-track machine (especially the first in the track list, from 1984) while others more professionally recorded.

FORTRESS - Waiting For The Night [the lost '80s recordings]

The best tune for my tastes is the ‘Time to Tell’, a 1986 recording where the band added a strong keyboard-driven foundation according to the time and EUROPE success with The Final Countdown.
Cool stuff from a bygone, unrepeatable era.


01 – Fire Burning in Me
02 – When will the fighting End
03 – Waiting for the Night
04 – Feel your Touch
05 – Never look Away
06 – Changes in your Mind
07 – The cycle of Life
08 – Time to Tell

Ted Heath – Lead Vocals
Chris Turbis – Keyboards
Arthur Dominguez – Bass
Chris Silva – Drums
Kevin Reyes – Guitar



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  1. Joe says:

    It must be missing the 9th track. Just looked the release up and the 9th track is Rock Is My Life (Won’t Let Go) (Live)

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