MESHEEN – A Matter Of Time [1994 / Previously Unreleased] (2021)

MESHEEN - A Matter Of Time [1994 / Previously Unreleased] (2021) full

Alongside the lost recordings from FORTRESS, Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records is releasing today the album from other band of singer Ted Heath, MESHEEN, titled “A Matter Of Time“.
Recorded in 1994, “A Matter Of Time” is American melodic hard rock with the early ’90s sound of the genre. There were record labels interested, but this kind of rock music resulted hard to sell at the time and the album was shelved.
MESHEEN released by themselves some homemade CDr’s later, with only a few collectors having it in their possession.

Now “A Matter Of Time” has been remastered and properly released with fresh artwork.
Think a mix of DOKKEN, KEEL, LION, early STRYPER, strong guitar-driven songs plenty of groove with a touch of progressive here and there, professionally recorded & mixed.
Highly Recommended


01 – Fight For The Peace
02 – Big Bad City
03 – A Matter Of Time
04 – I’m Gonna Get to You
05 – Next Generation
06 – Bad Reaction
07 – I’m on the Way
08 – The Bigger they Are (The Harder they Fall)
09 – Fool for Believin’
10 – Youth-Enasia

Ted Heath – Vocals
Joey Scott – Guitar
Demir Demirkan – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nick Aqleh – Bass, Backing Vocals
Bobby Tait – Drums



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