MICHAEL BOLTON – Everybody’s Crazy [Rock Candy Remastered]

MICHAEL BOLTON - Everybody's Crazy [Rock Candy Remastered] full

While Michael Bolotin (his given name) mostly known as MICHAEL BOLTON developed a successful career as Adult Contemporary Pop artist, in his beginnings he was a rocker. Of his four Eighties records, undoubtedly “Everybody’s Crazy” is the best of all, and this Rock Candy remastered treatment takes out the best of it: pulsating bass and keyboard lines, rocking guitars and catchy choruses wrapped around Bolton’s powerful, emotional lead vocals.
The drums on this album are bombastic – just the way I like – performed by ex- Rainbow (uncredited on the original release, but listed on the reissue), all perfectly recorded by genius producer Neil Kernon.

During the mid-Eighties, Michael Bolton was at the forefront of the burgeoning US melodic hard rock brigade rubbing shoulders (and most often leaving them in the dust) with contemporaries such as Bryan Adams, Billy Squier and Jon Bon Jovi to name but just a few.

‘Eveybody’s Crazy’, originally released in 1985, has been recognised as one of the greatest albums of its kind, a record so full of melodic rock / AOR goodness that it seems entirely implausible that it didn’t propel him to fame and fortune on the spot.
Sadly and utterly inexplicably the album failed to make any commercial impact, forcing him to re-evaluate his musical horizons which, of course, resulted in a massively successful string of hit albums but in an entirely different and far more relaxed style.

MICHAEL BOLTON - Everybody's Crazy [Rock Candy Remastered] booklet

With musical support from the cream of the New York session world including KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, RAINBOW drummer Chuck Burgi, keyboardist / co-writer Mark Mangold (TOUCH, DRIVE SHE SAID) and various members of KANSAS, FOREIGNER and BALANCE, ‘Everybody’s Crazy’ remains one of the most essential, if criminally ignored, AOR releases from that era.

This Rock Candy special Deluxe Collector’s Edition with fully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology, 12 page full colour booklet, etc, delivers a pristin, clear sound.


01 – Save Our Love
02 – Everybody’s Crazy
03 – Can’t Turn It Off
04 – Call My Name
05 – Everytime
06 – Desperate Heart
07 – Start Breaking My Heart
08 – You Don’t Want Me Bad Enough
09 – Don’t Tell Me It’s Over

Michael Bolton – lead vocals, guitars
Bruce Kulick – lead guitar
Dennis Feldman – bass, backing vocals
Chuck Burgi – drums
Mark Mangold, Mark Radice, Jan Mullaney – keyboards
Larry Fast – synthesizers
Schuyler Deale – additional bass
Neil Kernon and Doug Katsaros – additional keyboards
Peppy Castro, Terry Brock, Joe Cerisano – backing vocals



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