SILVERA – Edge Of The World (2020)

SILVERA - Edge Of The World (2020) full

SILVERA was introduced to Mighty Music CEO Michael H. Andersen by long time friend and producer Jacob Hansen. The two have previously worked together on artists like PRETTY MAIDS, MIKE TRAMP, THE STORM and many more. A cooperation about working with SILVERA was quickly established.
SILVERA plays modern melodic hard rock, inspired by classic hard / heavy rock music. The music on their upcoming album “Edge Of The World” is characterized by massive guitar riffs and grooves mixed with melodic phrases.

The band was formed in Denmark in 2017 by Michael Krogh, Simon Krabbesmark, Rasmus Hovde and Jens Gade. The four have been playing together since 2015.
The former project is now dissolved and thereby made way for not only a change in name, but also a slight change in the music style, broadening the span from the softer style of ballad to the punching power of hard rock.

“Edge of the World” is produced and recorded with Jacob Hansen/Hansen Studios who was involved in the songwriting process of the band.
It’s modern hard rock stuff very well crafted in the Scandinavian style.
Highly Recommended


01. Alive
02. Something Else
03. Edge Of The World
04. No Air
05. Everything We Are
06. Generation Z
07. Light In Life
08. The Reckoning
09. Filling The Void
10. On My Feet
11. Promise

Michael Krogh – Guitar and Lead Vocals
Simon Krabbesmark – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Rasmus Lindegard Hovde – Bass and Backing Vocals
Jens Gade – Drums



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