MOVING PICTURES – Matinee +1 [Digitally Remastered] (2020)

MOVING PICTURES - Matinee +1 [Digitally Remastered] (2020) full

Finally, Aussie ’80s favorites MOVING PICTURES two first studio albums are being available digitally remastered for the very first time. We have both, and with an extra track each.
The Australian musical landscape in the Eighties was very heavily shaped and influenced by Moving Pictures. Formed in the late Seventies, they jumped out of the blocks with 1981’s #1 smash album Days Of Innocence and would go on to release three original records from 1981 through to 1988.
“Matinee” is Moving Picture’s second album, and shine all over its 1983’s sound production, radio-friendly Lite AOR melodies.

This is pure first half of the 80s lite AOR with rock&pop sensibilities.
Pure Eighties indeed, even the video for the second single ‘Where They Belong’ features the unknown at the time Nicole Kidman:

Perhaps many of you remember Moving Pictures for their awesome AOR tune ‘Never’. The band were offered the chance to contribute a song for the film ‘Footloose’ and went to the USA to record it.

The track is added by 0dayrox as extra taken from the OST remastered CD.
Highly Recommended


01 – Back to the Streets
02 – Judo Intellectuals
03 – Goldrush
04 – Pleasure and Pain
05 – Walk Tall
06 – Where They Belong
07 – Marianne
08 – We Share Our Love
09 – Sisters of Mercy
10 – Back to the Blues and Booze
0dayrox Extra Bonus:
11 – Never (From “Footloose” Soundtrack / Remastered)

Alex Smith – vocals, guitar
Garry Frost – guitar, keyboards
Charlie Cole – keyboards
Ian Lees – bass
Andy Thompson – saxophone
Mark Meyer – drums



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