ROAD – Breaking Out ’86 [Norske Albumklassikere 80-tallet remastered] (2021) *Exclusive*

ROAD - Breaking Out '86 [Norske Albumklassikere 80-tallet remastered] (2021) *Exclusive* - full

As part of the ‘80-tallet’ series from the excellent Norwegian reissue label Norske Albumklassikere – which seems to have access to almost every Norwegian release from the 70s and 80s – comes the reissue of ROAD, a hard rock band from Oslo established in the early ’80s. We already featured here Road’s EP from 1985 from these series, now it’s time for the band’s album 1986’s “Breaking Out“, for the first time remastered / on CD.
For this record only founder “Wild” Willy Bendiksen remain, and he enlisted talented musicians for this new version of the band including guitarist Jimmy Iversen and female vocalist Bente Smaavik (backing vocals but also performing lead on one track), both future members of AORsters BLONDE ON BLONDE together with Bendiksen. Also on bass & vocals we find Øystein Ringsby, later mamber of melodic rockers INTUITION.
So expect a much more commercial style & sound on “Breaking Out”, melodic hard rock with synth splashes and lots of harmonies.

This last version of ROAD was very popular too and traveled around Norway having a huge number of gigs before they re-branded the band as BLONDE ON BLONDE. The hooks are there, the catchier choruses, and while production could be better (self-released) this is an enjoyable ‘lost piece’ of ’80s Scandi melodic hard rock.
For the first time on CD.
Highly Recommended


01 – This Is Just Rock ‘N’ Roll
02 – Normal Life
03 – Is That You
04 – Ain’t Easy
05 – Another Room
06 – Always On The Run
07 – Dirty Old Town
08 – Return
09 – June

Lead Vocals, Drums – “Wild” Willy Bendiksen
Lead Vocals – Børge Pedersen
Lead Vocals – Bente Smaavik (track 2)
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Jimmy Iversen
Bass, Backing Vocals – Øystein Ringsby
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Baard Svendsen



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