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The Lost US Jewels Vol.14 : WIZEKRAK – Through The Years 1989-1991 (2022)

And we have more from the highly collectible ‘Lost US Jewels’ series, here’s one of the newly released 2022, “The Lost US Jewels Vol.14 : WIZEKRAK – Through The Years 1989-1991“, the complete recordings from this highly infectious and ambitious outfit coming from Maryland, Baltimore.
Founded in the late ’80s, Wizekrak members shared a love for classic hard rock / sleazy hair metal acts and collectively created a musical brand they called “part Glam, part Sleaze and all Gleaze”! Armed with luxury vocal hooks, killer guitar parts and a thunderous live set, Wizekrak played almost every week and were a staple part of the local scene, and they arrived to LA to perform clubs like The Whiskey and Gazzarri’s.
Major labels like Atlantic and MCA were interested but nothing ever materialized. With a sound that was highly reminiscent of Poison, Tuff, Trixter, and Warrant at their most melodic, Wizekrak retained their own identity thanks to three highly polished and well received self-released cassettes, all of which have been included into this release (15 tracks) digitally remastered obtaining a very good sound quality.
Limited to 500 copies, the CD is almost sold out…
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The Lost UK Jewels Vol. 14 ; SWEET SIN – Sweet Sin (2018) *HQ*

As part of the treasurable, collectors ‘Lost UK Jewels‘ series, here’s the not featured everywhere Vol.14, SWEET SIN‘s self-titled private LP ”Sweet Sin” from 1988, remastered and including 3 previously unreleased tracks as bonus.
If you’ve been following the “Lost UK Jewels” series from the very first volume then you’ll be all too aware that the UK in the Eighties, the North West in particular, was a hotbed of unsigned talent. A vast array of bands all vying for a record deal, with most falling at the first hurdle and only a select few getting their feet on the ladder.
SWEET SIN was a rare breed, undeterred by lack of label interest they took matters into their own hands and self-released their own album. Seven tracks of smouldering hard rock, that worshipped at the altar marked America, was what was on offer.
If truth be told a band from Preston had no right to sound this good, never mind look the part as well…
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The Lost US Jewels Vol.13 ; RUNNER – Falling Hearts (2022) HQ *only at 0dayrox*

As part of the treasurable Steelheart Records ‘Lost US Jewels’ series, here’s the long lost, cult classic album “Falling Hearts” from Americans RUNNER. Originally released in limited quantities via a small label in 1991, all over the years this album become some kind of the “holy grail” of Melodic Metal / Hard Rock.
This ”The Lost US Jewels Vol.13 ; RUNNER – Falling Hearts” pressing is limited to 300 copies – already almost out of print – has been remastered from the original master plus 1 unreleased bonus track.
ICON, MALICE, DOKKEN, early QUEENSRYCHE fans, here’s something you should check it out. These songs were written in around 1986-1987, and will bring you to the “golden ages” when the girls were pretty and we were young, wild and free!
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The Lost US Jewels Vol 12 ; CITY FIXX – Fire Your Guns (2022) *HQ*

As part of the treasurable Steelheart Records ‘Lost US Jewels’ series, here’s all recordings from CITY FIXX. As the Los Angeles Hair Metal scene was exploding in ’88, with bands like Guns ‘N Roses, Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns and Warrant all taking a piece of the (cherry) pie, over in the aptly named Rockville, Maryland, were CITY FIXX, a bunch of rock and roll ragamuffins that wanted their own slice of the pie.
Sounding like a delicious blend of early Guns ‘N Roses, Faster Pussycat with a hint of Poison, the likes of ‘Shatterbone City’, ‘Blood’ and ‘Last Romance’ are irrefutable proof of this band’s prowess.
Producer Kim Fowley (Runaways, Alice Cooper) firmly believed that CITY FIXX was better than most L.A. bands around at the time, and produced some of the 20 (!) tracks included into this ”The Lost US Jewels Vol 12 ; CITY FIXX – Fire Your Guns”, compiling the band’s various studio recordings that reached major labels.
CITY FIXX’s Eighties US sleazy hard rock definitely has ‘something’, weird they didn’t get the chance to release an album back in the day.
Limited to 500 CD’s, almost sold out. Crank it up loud!
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The ”Lost US Jewels” Vol.11 HAGAN BANG! BANG! (2021)

Here’s another installment from great ”The Lost US Jewels series”: Volume 11 featuring melodic hard rockers HAGAN (later re-branded BANG! BANG!) and the album including their Eighties recordings from 1986 to 1989 fully remastered from the original master tapes.
Whilst New Orleans isn’t synonymous with Melodic Hard Rock bands, it did deliver the likes of Lillian Axe and Zebra, with the latter sharing management with Hard Rock hopefuls, HAGAN. Quite why HAGAN never made it from out of the clubs is a story that’s been told a thousand times by countless other bands.
Sounding like a more melodic version of W.A.S.P, with a hint of Dokken, Icon and Bon Jovi thrown in, HAGAN eventually morphed into BANG!BANG!
Armed with a different singer, BANG!BANG! were more like Hard-Rock hooligans, with a side order of Metal. On the likes of ‘Let It Go’ and ‘First Time’ you’ll hear echoes of Malice and Icon nestled amidst the Dokken-like riffs, thundering drums and customary gang vocals. Now fully remastered, the recordings from both outfits is a must have for the cult-classic aficionado and essential for fans of Dokken, Malice, Icon and W.A.S.P.

The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.23 ; MONRO – Monro +7 (2021) *only at 0dayrox*

As part of the treasurableLost UK Jewels‘ series, here’s one of the best AOR albums from the ’80s from a band which shoulda been huge: MONRO. Limited to 500 copies their self-titled album is now being reissued / remastered with the addition of 7 awesome previously unreleased studio tracks, all fully remastered.
This is great British AOR LP from the 80s with an Americanized sound at places. Their songs are a mix of radio-ready AOR with a serious gilt-edged guitar sound, as evidenced from the get-go with the Fate-like opener ‘Some Girls’. You know this lot breath quality as early on as track two – ‘Here Comes The Night’ is an absolute classic AOR track, and deserves to be listed among the finest of the genre from Britain.
This is a terrific reissue, coming complete with unheard studio demos featuring a young Carl Sentace (Nazareth) as lead vocalist, songs taped in Munich (1987) and Wales (1988).
“Monro” is a damn fine ’80s AOR album that still sounds great more than 35 years later.
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“The Lost UK Jewels Vol.3” ; GENEVA – Temptation

As part of the excellent “The Lost UK Jewels” series, this Vol.3 features Canterbury AORsters GENEVA and their great 12” EP “Temptation” released in 1988, plus their ’87 demos for label shopping, and some exclusive material they recorded when reunite for this CD release – the first ever of their music.
If classy ’80s Brit AOR is your thing, you’ll love “Temptation”. All songs are prime-time, classic AOR built around the likeable smooth vocals and skilful guitar prowess of Steve Moody. A Limited Edition of 500 copies, complete with a booklet featuring magazine reviews / interview of the era and rare photos.
All songs are prime-time, classic AOR built around…

The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.10 ; GRAFFITI UK ; Obsession +1 *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s in exclusive at 0dayrox another installment from Steelheart Memories Records ”The Lost UK Jewels series”: Vol.10 ; GRAFFITI UK ; Obsession +1” fully remastered from the master tapes and including a previously unreleased studio track, a release strictly limited to 500 copies and already out of print.
After a slew of demos and singles – all of which can be found in Volume 4 of the “Lost UK Jewels” series, also featured at 0dayrox – the Oxford based AORsters Graffiti, found themselves at a crossroads in their career. With several high profile gigs at the Marquee and dates in America having raised their profile, the band – Rick Chase, Tony Stock, Adam Armstrong and Marcus Flynn – still found themselves without a record deal.
Decamping to Phoenix Plaza Studios, in Wokingham, Graffiti set about recording a set of songs that would eventually turn into their “Obsession” CD, a collection of AOR / melodic rock tunes far to the common style in this genre.
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The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.12 ; TORINO – Rock It +9 *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s in exclusive at 0dayrox another installment from Steelheart Memories Records ”The Lost UK Jewels series”: Vol.12, ”TORINO – Rock It +9”, fully remastered and including 9 bonus tracks, a release strictly limited to 500 copies and already out of print.
This TORINO sophomore album was recorded in the autumn of 1988, only 6 months after their debut ‘Customized’ was released. The band continues with their brand of infectious ’80s melodic hard rock with the right AOR splashes.
As with all Lost UK Jewels series you get extensive liner notes from Rob Evans, press cuttings and memorabilia with ”Rock It” as well. A lot of credits should go out to Evans and Primo Bonali for their extensive work of digging up long Lost UK Jewels from a flourishing AOR scene of the 1980’s.
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The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.11 TORINO ”Customized” +8 *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s in exclusive at 0dayrox another installment from Steelheart Memories Records ”The Lost UK Jewels series”: TORINO – Customized +8”, strictly limited to 500 copies and already out of print.
Finally on CD for the very first time and digitally remastered, “Customized” was the debut album for these British Melodic Hard Rockers, produced by talented Steve Morris (Export, Heartland, Shadowman) and released by the legendary label FM Revolver.
Full of catchy & melodic songs like “Call Of The Wild”, “Can’t Let Go”, “Out Of The Fire” and the AOR ballad “Take My Heart Away”, that might definitely bring a smile on the faces of all SHY, FM and Strangeways fans.
As extra / bonus, we have the unreleased 8-song demo the band recorded under their initial Grand Torino moniker.
A MUST have for ’80s UK Melodic Hard Rock / AOR fans.
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The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.22 ; LAROCHE – Dancing After Midnight (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Here’s in exclusive at 0dayrox another installment from Steelheart Memories Records ”The Lost UK Jewels series”: LAROCHE “Dancing After Midnight” pressed in limited 500 copies.
LAROCHE was a Welsh band that made its reputation as the English answer to GIUFFRIA and WHITE SISTER in the mid/late ’80s. After two demo tapes in 1987/88, the Welsh band released a 4 track EP entitled ‘Dance’ in 1989.
Despite the great reviews from the era, the band never managed to sign a contract with a reputable label. A shame, as “Dancing After Midnight” packs some of the best, unknown ’80s AOR melodies & hooks we never heard before.
All these awesome songs of this British pomp AOR act were finally put on CD here, carefully remastered from the original tapes…

The ”Lost US Jewels” Vol.10 HELTER SKELTER – SinSational [The Hollywood Stories] (2021)

Here’s another installment from great ”The Lost US Jewels series”, “SinSational [The Hollywood Stories]“, the complete recordings 1990-1991 from LA melodic glam rockers HELTER SKELTER, fully remastered from the original tapes.
As the Eighties ended and the Nineties began, the end was nigh for bands like Helter Skelter, they just hadn’t received the memo yet. Grunge may have been around the corner, but that wasn’t about to stop the Hair Metal party, as sold out shows at The Troubadour, Whisky and the Roxy all bore witness to.
Helter Skelter was dubbed ‘The New Kids Gone Glam’ by Crash! Mag and according to Metal Forces they delivered classy, commercial edged Pop Rock. This is precisely what they did, in spades. They had a classy look, worked hard and delivered a killer show with their songs lying somewhere between the Pop-Rock sawy of Poison and the Hard-Rock of White Lion…

The Lost UK Jewels Vol.20 ; VALENTINO – Valentino [complete recordings 1986-1990 remastered] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Here’s in exclusive at 0dayrox another installment from ”The Lost UK Jewels series”, the complete recordings 1986-1990 from melodic glam hard rockers VALENTINO, fully remastered from the original tapes.
Formed by 4 Italian guys but established in UK, Valentino was influenced by the American glam metal explosion in the vein of Icon, Black ‘n’ Blue, second half of ’80s KISS an alike.
Valentino managed to have some professional master-recordings, during 1986, at the end of 1987, during 1988 and a final one (1990). All these are featured here, collector’s material. The sound quality is very good, with well produced songs and strong songwriting & musicianship.
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The ”Lost US Jewels” Vol.9 NIGHTWORK – Nightwork +5 (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

Here’s one of our latest purchases; the much sought after, awesome 1986 AOR self-titled album from NIGHTWORK, reissued for the first time on CD few weeks ago as part of the “Lost U.S. Jewels” series. Fully remastered from the original tapes and including 5 previously unreleased tracks, this is a mus have for fans of classic era Survivor, ’86 Journey, early Bon Jovi… and Kobra Kai fans!
NIGHTWORK was founded in 1984 in San Antonio, Texas, by ex-members of Pomp AOR band Winterkat, and they played first-class AOR / Melodic Rock supporting then bands like Kansas, Cheap Trick, UFO and Night Ranger amongst others.
The original LP is now a prized collector’s item amongst ‘80s AOR / Melodic Rock aficionados. This remastered reissue is a Limited Edition of 500 copies, and it will be sold out soon.
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The “Lost Melodic Jewels” Vol.2 : SATERIA – Cold Beer… & A Hat Full Of Fun (2020)

Just pressed in limited 500 copies by Steelheart Memories Records from their ‘Lost Jewels Series‘, here’s the 1991 unreleased album “Cold Beer… & A Hat Full Of Fun” by Danish glam metal / melodic hard rockers SATERIA.
Founded in 1987 in Copenhagen by renowned vocalist Martie Peters (later founded great melodic rockers Push) and guitarist René Shades (now worldwide known for his role as bass-player in Pretty Maids), Sateria quickly conquered the Danish hard rock scene, headlining many clubs in Copenhagen and opening for various big acts, from Little Angels to Europe, to critical acclaim.
Inspired by acts like Poison, Mötley Crüe and White Lion, the band recorded in late 1990 / early 1991 their debut-album “Cold Beer… & A Hat Full Of Fun”, an intense affair of glam/melodic hard rock.
Their search for a label to release the album was looking promising, when a major-label approached them. Unfortunately the deal fell through and the album never saw the light of day. Until now, as the CD finally see the long-due light of the day via Steelheart Records.