The ”Lost US Jewels” Vol.11 HAGAN BANG! BANG! (2021)


Here’s another installment from great ”The Lost US Jewels series”: Volume 11 featuring melodic hard rockers HAGAN (later re-branded BANG! BANG!) and the album including their Eighties recordings from 1986 to 1989 fully remastered from the original master tapes.
Whilst New Orleans isn’t synonymous with Melodic Hard Rock bands, it did deliver the likes of Lillian Axe and Zebra, with the latter sharing management with Hard Rock hopefuls, HAGAN. Quite why HAGAN never made it from out of the clubs is a story that’s been told a thousand times by countless other bands.
Sounding like a more melodic version of W.A.S.P, with a hint of Dokken, Icon and Bon Jovi thrown in, HAGAN eventually morphed into BANG!BANG!
Armed with a different singer, BANG!BANG! were more like Hard-Rock hooligans, with a side order of Metal. On the likes of ‘Let It Go’ and ‘First Time’ you’ll hear echoes of Malice and Icon nestled amidst the Dokken-like riffs, thundering drums and customary gang vocals. Now fully remastered, the recordings from both outfits is a must have for the cult-classic aficionado and essential for fans of Dokken, Malice, Icon and W.A.S.P.

HAGAN members were primarily influenced by Seventies acts like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Van Halen and Black Sabbath, but also embraced the sounds of their ’80s contemporaries like Dokken, Dio, Def Leppard and Ratt and definitely leaned the heavier end of the Hard-Rock spectrum.
The band cut 4 tracks in 1986 (something that became a cult-item over the years) and played some local gigs, eventually morphing into a new version of the band under a new name: BANG!BANG!
A new 6-track tape was recorded and while some labels were interested BANG!BANG! didn’t secured a record deal.

Now all these ’80s songs are available to enjoy, rocking stuff with a classic Eighties american sound.
As happens with The ”Lost US / UK Jewels” series these are limited to 500 CD’s, already hard to find.
Highly Recommended

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HAGAN 1986:
1 – Be Your Lover
2 – Can’t Find My Way
3 – Maybe Tonight
4 – When I Close My Eyes
BANG! BANG! 1989:
5 – Let It Go
6 – First Time
7 – Love 4 You
8 – Rag Doll
9 – Show Me
10 – Sweet Isha
HAGAN Bonus Tracks:
11 – Be Your Lover (Demo Rough Mix – 1986)
12 – Run For Your Life (Live 1987)
13 – Maybe Tonight (Live 1987)

Lead Vocals: Craig Juneau (86-87)
Lead Vocals: Maston T Walker (89)
Guitars: Ronnie Snow, Kaloni Ordone
Bass: Darrin DeLatte
Keys: John Myers
Drums: Sergio Yetta


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