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TOMMY PARIS (Britny Fox) – Erthearz (2022) *Exclusive*

TOMMY PARIS is a well known name for all classic hard rock fans for being the vocalist who replaced original Britny Fox singer Dean Davidson in 1991, previously also frontman of melodic rockers Jillson. Paris is currently the voice / keyboardist in the band Count ’77, but find time to compose his own songs and releasing solo albums in between.
It has been almost four years when we heard the self-titled album of the Tommy Paris Band, a killer rocking collection of songs with a hard edge in the vein of Britny Fox.
Well, TOMMY PARIS is back 2022 with a new solo album under his name, titled “Erthearz“. Almost entirely performed by himself – a few friends appear as guest – and written / recorded & produced, “Erthearz” is a quite different beast from the previous album; this is melodic rock with an ’80s / ’90s feel.
Silently released and only available at Paris’ website, this is limited edition CD featured in exclusive at 0dayrox.

SLIK TOXIK – Doin’ The Nasty [Bad Reputation remastered +3] (2022) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

Since the beginning of the ’90s, the waters were a bit rocky for the hard rock / metal world, especially in America. The landscape was changing and bands such as Warrant, Poison, and Skid Row who all at one time were selling out arenas and amphitheaters found themselves playing to 1/2 full venues and in some cases reduced to playing half full clubs.
It was also a bad time for new bands of the genre who were coming out. While this was true, it definitely didn’t mean that these acts weren’t any good. As a matter of fact, bands like Tora Tora, War Babies, and Babylon AD were doing this stuff as good if not better than many of their peers.
Of those acts, one band and their debut album rose above them all to really blow my mind. That band was Canada’s SLIK TOXIK and the album was ”Doin’ The Nasty”.
Now Bad Reputation Records is doing justice to that killer melodic hard rock album from 1992 reissuing a newly remastered version of Slik Toxik‘s debut full-length ”Doin’ The Nasty” with three bonus tracks. And believe me, if you like this genre, you need to listen to this CD.
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DARE – Blood From Tapes [Rare & Unreleased] 0dayrox Compilation

Now we bring here another of our exclusive 0dayrox compilations including rare, hard to find and unreleased tracks from DARE.
Blood From Tapes [Rare & Unreleased]” includes 23 songs from Darren Wharton, some of them used as B-sides on promos and never released on CD, others never released, others with different mixes, others are demos, etc.
Most of these tracks are from the first DARE era, when their sound & style was decidedly AOR / Melodic Rock oriented. All songs have a very good production and sound despite of being, in some cases, demos.
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FM – Indiscreet II [The Unreleased 1987-1988 album] *0dayrox Exclusive*

FM is a British melodic rock / AOR institution still releasing quality material after forty years with their recent CD ‘Thirteen’. The band’s debut album 1986’s ‘Indiscreet’ is regarded as one of the best AOR albums from the Eighties. Many fans miss the unadulterated AOR sound of that first effort, as FM morphed to a more melodic (hard) rock style since second album “Tough It Out”.
“Tough It Out” took the band 3 years to crystallize, simply because the record label asked for a more mainstream, American style rock music. But in between the two albums, FM wrote a lot of songs in the 1987-1988 period, and with the classy AOR mold of their debut.
What we have here is “Indiscreet II“, an awesome bunch of songs the band penned & demoed for their second album that never was… These aren’t the poor sounding demos floating the internet for years – the quality of this “Indiscreet II” is far superior, and the songs – 18 tracks never released – a treat for ’80s AOR aficionados.
Read the full story below…
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ROUGH CUTT (The Perry McCarty Years) – Rhythm Machine (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

For those that may not know, in 1987 Paul Shortino decided to leave ROUGH CUTT to join multi platinum recording artist Quiet Riot. This left Rough Cutt looking for a new frontman in order to move forward. After a nationwide search for a new vocalist, the band decided Parramore ‘Perry’ McCarty (ex Warrior / Atomic Playboys) was their man and they entered the studio with legend Ronnie James Dio who produced & recorded some of their new songs.
This new Rough Cutt lineup taped more songs to shop to record labels for a new deal, which never crystallized. Now all these recordings – 17 tracks – are being released for the first time on a CD titled “Rhythm Machine (The Perry McCarty Years)“.
This is killer set of hard rocking songs with a lot of bite, very finely recorded and with a very good sound quality. It’s a shame this album was shelved back in the day, but now we have the chance to hear this terrific slice of classic ’80s American Hard Rock.
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ERIC MARTIN – Eric Martin [Rock Candy remastered] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Eric Martin” is the self-titled mid-Eighties debut LP by gifted vocalist ERIC MARTIN (Mr. Big), an album for many years hard to find (except Japan) is getting a deserved Rock Candy Records remastered treatment. Featuring top class session musicians including Steve Lukather, Michael Boddicker, Randy Jackson, etc – and immaculate produced with a pristine sound, “Eric Martin” needed a modern mastering updated to times, and this fresh reissue deliver the goods.
We find wonderful AOR tracks like ‘Call Of The Wild’, ‘Secrets In The Dark’, or the keyboard/synth filled ‘She’s Out For Blood’.
An addictive rhythm drives ‘Pictures’, there’s a melodic poppy bliss on ‘Information’ (which ranked well on Billboard) and a smooth AOR ballad in ‘Just One Night’.
There’s also a hidden gem here. Eric contributed with 3 songs composed & performed by him for the blockbuster movie Iron Eagle, but only one was featured on the Soundtrack CD. One of these not included is the lovely melodic diamond ‘Eyes Of The World’, only available…

WINGER – The Non Album Tracks & Unreleased (0dayrox compilation)

There’s not much WINGER unreleased material, as the band released some time ago the excellent double album Demo Collection. But these were mostly pre-production demos, high quality professional demos prior to their first album.
As requested, here’s the 0dayrox compilation of rare WINGER – “The Non Album Tracks & Unreleased” – including they well known film soundtrack contributions, but also unpublished, rare songs.
While sound quality isn’t as great on the Demo Collection, it’s pretty good overall. What we find here are the very early demos by the band, and some tracks never released, a couple of acoustic takes. All songs here are WINGER the band, not Kip Winger solo.
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JOE LYNN TURNER – The Bob Kulick 1984-85 unreleased sessions [*0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*]

Here we have more exclusive music never released elsewhere. Yesterday we featured JOE LYNN TURNER first solo album recently remastered by Rock Candy Records.
Now you get the chance to hear for the first time the songs JOE LYNN TURNER co-wrote & recorded with renowned musician / songwriter & producer BOB KULICK, done before Joe recorded ‘Rescue You’ – “The Bob Kulick 1984-85 unreleased sessions”.
These songs were recorded, engineered & mixed by Kulick – not demos, but finished, professionally studio done tracks, songs never released or recorded by any other artist.
Incredibly, this pure ’80s melodic rock material remains unreleased, given by Bob Kulick himself to a 0dayrox Team member before he passed away. No one will ever hear these otherwise, so 0dayrox is presenting these unreleased tracks to the world.
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RESCUE – Rescue +4 [AOR Blvd Collector Series Vol.1] (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive*

And here’s little gem from the glory ’80s AOR/Pomp era, RESCUE‘s self-titled album “Rescue” for decades out of print and now reissued, remastered and augmented with 4 unreleased tracks as bonus by AOR Blvd Records, the Vol.1 from their new ‘Collector Series’.
Hailing from Kiel, Germany, RESCUE was formed in ’86 and got the chance for this full length album at end of that decade, released 1989. However the songs were written / recorded earlier, and their sound & style is pure 1984-85, pompy synth-driven, and plenty of wonderful AOR melodies…
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RICK SPRINGFIELD – Success Hasn’t Spoiled… These Unreleased Tunes (0dayrox Exclusive)

Now we have here a 0dayrox exclusive compilation of RICK SPRINGFIELD ’80s & ’90s tracks, most of them unreleased or very rare plus a couple of rare remixes. 23 tracks in total covering from 1981 Working Class Dog and 1982 Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet outtakes to 90’s demos.
Despite also working as actor at the time, SPRINGFIELD proved to be a prolific songwriter and recorded many songs – some in demo form, some pretty professionally – that never seen the light of day. We are presenting many of these here.
We titled this “Success Hasn’t Spoiled… These Unreleased Tunes“, all really good stuff for fans & collectors.
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FROZEN TEARS – Silence Of The Night [remastered +1] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Originally released in 1997, Australian melodic rockers FROZEN TEARS‘ debut album ”Silence Of The Night” is one of the much sought after indie CD’s out there, now available again in limited quantities. Copies circulating among collectors are pretty muddy in sound – this new revised / remastered version noticeably improves the quality.
Musically these guys are in the purest tradition of the genre mixing rockers with smooth AOR melodies, and a wide range of influences ranging from Kiss, Crystal Blue, Leatherwolf, to Roxus, Giant, Signal, TNT, The Promise, etc.
Frozen Tears went into an extended hiatus not long after the release of this album and its subsequent local tour to promote it, but the band never officially broke up, and this 2021 are back with new album, and a good one.
However ”Silence Of The Night”, even with some production imperfections, packs all the magic of a young band hungry to show up their skills to the world.
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The Lost US Jewels Vol.13 ; RUNNER – Falling Hearts (2022) HQ *only at 0dayrox*

As part of the treasurable Steelheart Records ‘Lost US Jewels’ series, here’s the long lost, cult classic album “Falling Hearts” from Americans RUNNER. Originally released in limited quantities via a small label in 1991, all over the years this album become some kind of the “holy grail” of Melodic Metal / Hard Rock.
This ”The Lost US Jewels Vol.13 ; RUNNER – Falling Hearts” pressing is limited to 300 copies – already almost out of print – has been remastered from the original master plus 1 unreleased bonus track.
ICON, MALICE, DOKKEN, early QUEENSRYCHE fans, here’s something you should check it out. These songs were written in around 1986-1987, and will bring you to the “golden ages” when the girls were pretty and we were young, wild and free!
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STYX – Son Of Edge [Unreleased Album 1991-1992] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Named by fans “SON OF EDGE”, this is the unreleased collection of nine STYX songs from 1991-92 or so when the band consisted of Dennis DeYoung, James Young, Chuck and John Panozzo & Glen Burtnik.
After the band’s 1990 ”Edge Of The Century” album, Styx were preparing for a follow up record and sent this, the “SON OF EDGE” tape to their label, A&M Records, who the band had been signed to at the time, although their contract was up and it was time to renegotiate terms. This negotiation was handled by a big shot show business lawyer who apparently asked for more than A&M was interested in giving, so the album was never to be, and remains unreleased.
Today 0dayrox brings to you in exclusive, Styx’s unreleased 1991-1992 album “SON OF EDGE”.
There were less than 10 CDs burned, only to be sent to A&M Records executives. And not only the sound quality is excellent, it contains some of the best two Dennis DeYoung songs we’ve ever heard. It’s great to hear where Styx would have been headed if able to do this follow-up to ”Edge Of The Century” album.
A collectors item, Only at 0dayrox