STYX – Son Of Edge [Unreleased Album 1991-1992] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

STYX - Son Of Edge [Unreleased Album 1991-1992] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE* full

Named by fans “SON OF EDGE”, this is the unreleased collection of nine STYX songs from 1991-92 or so when the band consisted of Dennis DeYoung, James Young, Chuck and John Panozzo & Glen Burtnik.
After the band’s 1990 ”Edge Of The Century” album, Styx were preparing for a follow up record and sent this, the “SON OF EDGE” tape to their label, A&M Records, who the band had been signed to at the time, although their contract was up and it was time to renegotiate terms. This negotiation was handled by a big shot show business lawyer who apparently asked for more than A&M was interested in giving, so the album was never to be, and remains unreleased.
Today 0dayrox brings to you in exclusive, Styx’s unreleased 1991-1992 album “SON OF EDGE”.
There were less than 10 CDs burned, only to be sent to A&M Records executives. And not only the sound quality is excellent, it contains some of the best two Dennis DeYoung songs we’ve ever heard. It’s great to hear where Styx would have been headed if able to do this follow-up to ”Edge Of The Century” album.

As example, the co-written ‘All for Love’ was Glen Burtnik and DeYoung doing in 1992 what the whole band ended up doing years later with ‘One With Everything’ – combining the Styx of the past with the updated melodic rock music of the time.

Here’s what Burtnik said about the songs:
1. ‘It Takes Love To Make Love’ (written by Bob Burger and myself, I believe much of this performance was part of the Styx official release of the song around 1995. Tommy’s vocals surely replaced mine, however you can hear me on the final note “oooh” and I’m fairly certain that’s my piano playing on it as well. Kinda cool _ I’m like a ghost on that record).

2. ‘Nothing In Common’ (a ballad of Dennis’, I believe all the parts were completely sung and performed by him).

3. ‘Love On My Mind’ (A song I’d written with Rick Neigher for Rod Stewart – who never recorded it. James Young, Dennis and I cut this version in Dennis’ home studio and the track sounds a lot more rocking than the regular Styx.)

4. ‘Watching The World Go By’ (written by Bob Burger and myself, this was a stripped down version of the song I later recorded and released on my ‘Palookaville’ album.)

5. ‘Beneath The Moon’ (this was a song off a solo album of Dennis’ – I think it was ‘Boom Child’?)

6. ‘All For Love’ (written by Dennis and myself, this was my stab at joining the classic Styx sound with something somewhat current. To me now – a dozen years later – it still sounds good, upbeat.)

7. ‘Devil In Me’ (Another tune written by Bob Burger and myself, I consider this sort of a Prince/Fine Young Cannibals-influenced song. Very un-Stygian. Dennis has been suggesting we pull this one out and dust it off for his live shows)

8. ‘Someday We’ll Fly’ (Another classic Dennis ballad. It’s possible this and/or ‘Nothing In Common’ wound up as themes used in his ‘Hunchback’ show)

9. ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ (This was a power ballad of mine, written with Plink Giglio. Much of the demo was recorded by Plink and me in NJ, with some parts overdubbed in Chicago by Dennis and JY, who both remixed it. The original version, without their parts, wound up on my ‘Retrospectacle’ album).

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01 – It Takes Love To Make Love
02 – Nothing In Common
03 – Love On My Mind
04 – Watching The World Go By
05 – Beneath The Moon
06 – All For Love
07 – Devil In Me
08 – Someday We’ll Fly
09 – Don’t Give On Me

Dennis DeYoung – keyboards, vocals
Chuck Panozzo – bass
John Panozzo – percussion, drums
James Young – guitar, vocals
Glen Burtnik – guitar, vocals


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