TUFF LUCK – Tuff Luck ’87 [digitally remastered reissue +7] out of print

TUFF LUCK - Tuff Luck '87 [digitally remastered reissue +7] out of print full

TUFF LUCK was a hard rocking, hair metal band from South Florida tearing up the scene in the mid-to-late ’80s. They had the looks. They had the talent. They had the local following. What they lacked was the one lucky break that would have turned their entire career around. Seeing such talent not make it is a true shame.

TUFF LUCK released their self-titled debut album on LP & cassette in January of 1987 via a small label – tracks recorded between 1985-1986 – and sold out in a few weeks. However, a major company deal never arrived. The album was released on CD in the Nineties, but soon went out of print with used copies later being sold for over $200.
As requested, here’s the rare remastered reissue released few years ago when a documentary film about the TUFF LUCK story was screened at selected theaters. Includes a bunch of bonus tracks / demos from the era.
Rare release, Highly Recommended


01 – Tonight Tonight
02 – Take It Or Leave It
03 – Time Will Tell
04 – Sleaze If You Please
05 – Stranger Of The Night
06 – Up And Down
07 – Out On The Run
08 – Going Nowhere
09 – I.O.U. (Bonus Track)
10 – Little Black Book (Bonus Track)
11 – Parkside Madness (Bonus Track)
12 – Live For Today (Bonus Track)
13 – Get It Up (Bonus Track)
14 – Sad And Lonely (Bonus Track)
15 – Tell Me No More Lies (Bonus Track)

Kenny Monroe – Vocals
David Scott – Guitar
Todd Kelly – Drums
Kenny Thomas – Bass
James Marino – Bass (bonus tracks)
Wayne Ricker – Keyboards


Out Of Print

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