CHRIS ANTBLAD – Age Of Concord 80 (2021)

CHRIS ANTBLAD - Age Of Concord 80 (2021) Originalen på Svenska vol. 1 full

Prolific Swede CHRIS ANTBLAD continues with his own composed, performed and produced ‘Age Of Concord’ series, albums with diverse lyrical concepts but always with the classic Scandinavian melodic rock approach. Now he’s delivering ”Age Of Concord 80”, as its title implies, inspired by the sound from the Eighties. These are songs driven by smooth melodies with his European ’80s roots style mixed with an American feeling.
But at the same time, Antblad is releasing “Originalen på Svenska vol. 1“, a compilation including many of the singles he recorded in his native language. So this is a double package from the ex member of AORsters Spin Gallery.

Known for his work with guitarist Tommy Denander, David Foster, Andree Theander, etc, and writing / producing for other Scandinavian artists, since many years ago Antblad manages everything by his own.
He’s occasionally helped by some fellow musicians, but as a whole, this is Antblad’s own work performing, mixing & recording by himself, all with his recognizable sweet vocals / harmonies.


Age Of Concord 80:
01 – It’s Summer Once Again
02 – Lonely Nights
03 – Through the Open Door
04 – What If We Never Say Goodbye
05 – Not Today
06 – You Knew This Was Love
07 – Run
08 – I’ll Be Waiting
09 – I’m Not Afraid to Come Closer
10 – Here Between Now and Forever

Originalen på Svenska vol. 1:
01 – Nu vill jag dansa
02 – Älskar att älska dig
03 – Jag måste ringa Carina
04 – Den enda sommaren
05 – Hjärtat Bankar
06 – Nu reser vi västerut
07 – Den klockan har stannat
08 – Bara en gång till
09 – En dröm jag aldrig kommer nå
10 – Du som kommer sen


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