CHRIS ANTBLAD – Mr. Primeminister (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

CHRIS ANTBLAD - Mr. Primeminister (2021) full

Ex Spin Gallery musician & songwriter CHRIS ANTBLAD has been releasing his own composed, performed and produced ‘Age Of Concord’ series, albums with diverse lyrical concepts but always with the classic Swedish / Scandinavian melodic rock approach.
‘Mr. Primeminister’ was released two days ago, but also his ‘Age Of Concord ; America’ collection, all new songs inspired by the US classic rock sound.
Known for his work with guitarist Tommy Denander, David Foster, Andree Theander, etc, and writing / producing for other Scandinavian artists, since many years ago Antblad manages everything by his own. He’s occasionally helped by some fellow musicians, but as a whole, this is Antblad’s own work.

Very well produced by himself at his own studio, this collection of fresh songs by Chris Antblad are a really enjoyable slice of sweet, timeless melodies.
Highly Recommended


01 – Mr Primeminister
02 – When The Rain Is Done
03 – I Keep On Running
04 – Bring Me Down
05 – I Knew That Love Was Over
06 – Just Hold On
07 – Cry On My Shoulder
08 – Love Is Nothing More
09 – I’m Not Scared
10 – A New Girl In Town
11 – While Our Broken World Is Weeping
12 – Show Me



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