CHRIS ANTBLAD – Age Of Concord I ; Soldier Of Fortune (2015)

CHRIS ANTBLAD - Age Of Concord; Soldier Of Fortune (2015) full

Talented Swedish singer / songwriter CHRIS ANTBLAD has been high in demand lately collaborating with other artists and after a couple of years of absence as solo artist from the melodic rock scene, he returned in 2015  with a new album.
Age Of Concord I; Soldier Of Fortune” was his first rock oriented album in three years, following the proud tradition of high-quality Swedish melodic rock music.

“Age Of Concord; Soldier Of Fortune” is an album full of pristine, catchy melodic rock songs plenty of Scandinavian magic. Chris plays most of the stuff by himself and wrote most of the songs, all pretty guitar driven and adorned with great harmony vocals.
You can’t resist to soaring numbers like “It’s Better To Love Too Much”, one of my favorites here. There’s hooky melodies in “You Can Run” and the poppy “Lost In You”, the latter with some Def Leppard feel circa X album.

“Liar Liar” surprises with a harder riff and its modern rocking groove, perhaps the most ‘heavy’ song ever recorded by Antblad.
The feel-good, rocking spirit of the album is clearly exemplified on a song like “You And A Fast Car”. It’s title and the chorus ‘All I need is you and a fast car’ says all.
Title track ‘Soldier Of Fortune’ rocks with a much more modern touch, yet crowned by a catchy chorus too, while the midtempo AOR of “If You Say” reminds Antblad’s days in Spin Gallery.

Chris Antblad has returned with a splendid album in “Age Of Concord; Soldier Of Fortune”, rocking like never before.
The record is a typical Swedish Melodic Rock / AOR affair, oozing quality on all departments. Chris is a superb songwriter and his emotional vocals – which reminds me a bit of Bryan Adams but in this musical context much more gripping – makes this record wonderful to listen to in the right mood.
Highly Recommended


01 – You Can Run
02 – Lost In You
03 – It’s Better To Love Too Much
04 – Liar Liar
05 – You And A Fast Car
06 – Soldier Of Fortune
07 – In The Deep Of The Night
08 – If You Say
09 – Dear God
10 – Saving Daylight
11 – You’re Not Here



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