NIGHTHAWK – Midnight Hunter (2021)

NIGHTHAWK - Midnight Hunter (2021) full

NIGHTHAWK is the brand-new solo project by Swede Robert Majd, also known as the bass player in Captain Black Beard. When the pandemic hit in March last year and tours got cancelled left and right, Rob asked H.E.A.T keyboardist Jona Tee to help him record some rock’n’roll. The idea was just to have fun and get to play guitar again. Henrik Johansson joined on drums and Georgios Vamvatsicos on bass.
A few months later Rob came up with the name NIGHTHAWK and got the desire to do a full-length album with a bunch of different guest vocalists.
To be released by Melodic Rock Records, onn this debut CD titled “Midnight Hunter“, you’ll hear Robin Eriksson (Degreed), Björn Strid (The Night Flight Orchestra), Linnéa Vikström (Therion, At The Movies), Chips Kiesbye (Sator), Jona Tee (H.E.A.T), Peter Larsson (Manny Ribera) and more.

The idea was to have fun recording this album, doing something different for each musician involved. Majd play his first love – the guitar – instead bass, and Jona Tee only play keys/synths instead having the pressure of producing (his full time job right now).
The album was produced by Erik Modin (Wildness), and it’s evident that not only all had fun recording these songs, you’ll have too enjoying this melodic, upbeat CD.

The album includes seven original tracks and four cover songs. The covers are cult classics “Firefall” (by 220 Volt) and “It’s A Mad Mad World” (by Weapon), as well as an old Björn Skifs song called “I Used To Love This City” and the never before released Frehely’s Comet song “I Will Survive”.
Highly Recommended


01 – Miracle
02 – Just Let Go
03 – Stay Alive
04 – I Will Survive
05 – Breaking the Chains
06 – Come to Me
07 – I Used to Love This City
08 – Here Comes the Beast
09 – Firefall
10 – On My Own
11 – It’s a Mad Mad World


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