RICK SPRINGFIELD – Success Hasn’t Spoiled… These Unreleased Tunes (0dayrox Exclusive)

Now we have here a 0dayrox exclusive compilation of RICK SPRINGFIELD ’80s & ’90s tracks, most of them unreleased or very rare plus a couple of rare remixes. 23 tracks in total covering from 1981 Working Class Dog and 1982 Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet outtakes to 90’s demos.
Despite also working as actor at the time, SPRINGFIELD proved to be a prolific songwriter and recorded many songs – some in demo form, some pretty professionally – that never seen the light of day. We are presenting many of these here.
We titled this “Success Hasn’t Spoiled… These Unreleased Tunes“, all really good stuff for fans & collectors.
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RICK SPRINGFIELD – TAO [Rock Candy Remastered] HQ full

Previously known for his immediate, radio-ready melodic rock tunes, RICK SPRINGFIELD changed the general approach of his music delivery with the mid-Eighties record “TAO“. With a production design, arrangements and studio tricks technically far beyond its year, the album was unleashed to the world at the end of 1985.
It was a stellar departure from anything Rick had ever tried before: elaborated Hi-tech AOR melodies with a complex musical background, a heavy mix of processed guitars, synthesizers, vocal effects, sampling and drum machines.
This Rock Candy Records remastered reissue takes advantage of that huge multi-track glossy original production and gave the album a pristine remastering treatment. As result we hear new layers of sound.
“There is a lot going on, you can really hear it. We covered it with a lot of guitar and bass. TAO is still my favorite album” said Springfield. And although we at 0dayrox love his previous records, “TAO” is our favorite too.
This one has all we love from the ’80s; soaring vocals, multi-tracked guitar parts, big compressed drums, ‘that’ reverb and keyboards galore…

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Working Class Dog [40th Anniversary Special Edition Live] (2022) CD version / Exclusive

In April of 2021, 13 months into quarantine, RICK SPRINGFIELD and his band performed his most iconic album, “Working Class Dog,” from start to finish live at Rick’s home in Malibu in celebration of its 40th Anniversary.
The resulting work is a renewed interpretation of this classic album, the kind of ‘live into the studio’ record with a pristine sound and how Springfield ‘feels’ these songs 2022.
Working Class Dog [40th Anniversary Special Edition Live Version]” sees Rick Springfield delivering a superb vocal performance, and his band sounds very tight and quite rocking. There’s an obvious chemistry between all involved with a joyful delivery.
A wonderful rendition to a wonderful album.
Be sure to get this CD version, fully mastered. The digital download release sounds bad, with noises and hiss.
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RICK SPRINGFIELD – The Red Locusts (2021)

For the band ‘The Red Locusts‘ all started few months ago with their self-titled debut album promotional campaign endorsed by RICK SPRINGFIELD. The band’s members are listed as singer-guitarist Paul Ramone, bassist Scotty Skuffleton, drummer Skippy Skuffleton, keyboardist Duncan Sweets and guitarist Beau Weevil.
Well, in fact, this is a RICK SPRINGFIELD new album / project, a vehicle to do some of the other type of music he loves without his name behind. However it’s pure Springfield, as the songs are being written by him and Matt Bissonette – the former guitarist in his band who he also co-wrote songs with on “Rocket Science,” “Venus in Overdrive” and “Songs for the End of the World.”
The rest of ‘The Red Locusts’ are reputed musicians; i.e. the drummer with the fun fictitious name ‘Skippy Skuffleton’ is in fact the unique Gregg Bissonette (Steve Lukather Band, Stan Bush, Satriani), etc…

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Orchestrating My Life Live (2021)

2019 Orchestrating My Life was a career-defining re-visitation album of a lifetime of hits from Australian-born rocker RICK SPRINGFIELD. The disc featured all the hits you know re-recorded with a mix of rock and orchestral arrangements.
The album was premiered live to a sold out crowd at LA’s Saban Theatre on March 30th 2019. Rick was accompanied on stage by his own high-energy band and the award-winning 100-piece Santa Monica High School Orchestra. Now that show is being released titled “Orchestrating My Life Live“.
Taking a look at the cover art and knowing there would be an orchestra in the recording, honestly we were expecting a boring album… well, since we press play we heard one of the most electrifying Springfield performances ever.
Really, the orchestra arrangements are almost used as a background thing only, what we have here is Rick and his band rocking like Hell! Seriously, these are the ‘heavier’ versions of ‘Celebrate Youth’, ‘Human Touch’ or ‘Jessie’s Girl’ we ever heard.
Don’t be fooled by “Orchestrating My Life Live” title, artwork of for being a live record, this baby rocks!
Highly Recommended

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Living In Oz [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

Requested by many, here’s RICK SPRINGFIELD‘s “Living In Oz“, one of his best ’80s albums ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records.
“Living In Oz” appeared at a time when Rick had made name for himself as a beloved actor in various TV series and as a rock&pop artist, having released the multi-platinum albums Working Class Dog and Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet.
After that he wanted a lot more Rock credibility and started to write harder-edged material that would take his (already) outstanding career to a new level.
Recorded with such luminaries as incredible guitarist Tim Pierce, drummer Mike Baird (Stan Bush, Journey) keyboardist Alan Pasqua, Richard Page & Tom Kelly doing backing vocals, etc, and produced…

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Songs For The End Of The World [Acoustic Version]

RICK SPRINGFIELD‘s album “Songs For The End Of The World” raised great positive reviews by the critic and was praised by fans as one of the best records of his career There were several editions each with different tracklist and cover artwork, but few noticed that some months after its release, appeared a new version of the album completely recorded...

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Working Class Dog [Rock Candy remaster]

Two of the more celebrated RICK SPRINGFIELD‘s albums from the ’80s have received a Remaster treatment by Rock Candy Records specialists.”Working Class Dog” is one of his finest moments, plenty of guitar-driven mainstream rock&pop / melodic rock songs expertly crafted. Of Australian origin, Springfield moved to the US in the seventies and put his musical facet aside while his acting...

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Orchestrating My Life (2019)

Grammy award winning, Australian rocker RICK SPRINGFIELD presents brand new ‘rock-meets-orchestral’ recordings of a lifetime of hits. Titled ‘Orchestrating My Life’, the new album is a career-defining re-visitation of hits from Rick Springfield. The album, released April 26, features all the hits you know re-recorded with an electrifying mix of rock and orchestral arrangements, plus a new song. Rick’s seventeenth...

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Rock Of Life [Rock Candy remaster +2]

One of the worthwhile RICK SPRINGFIELD albums remastered by Rock Candy Records is “Rock Of Life“, his last ’80s record and one of the hardest to find for many years. His previous studio record Tao went a good way to redefine his creative ambitions as he had previously, rather unjustly, been labelled as a glamorous pop rock idol with an...

RICK SPRINGFIELD – The Snake King (2018)

RICK SPRINGFIELD is back with a new album titled “The Snake King” on January 26th, 2018, via the Frontiers Music label. Rick, not for the first time in his career, has thrown a curveball that surprises and absolutely delights at the same time. “The Snake King” finds Springfield traveling down a dusty dirt road to explore the blues side of...

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Rocket Science [Best Buy Edition exclusive bonus tracks] (2016)

“Rocket Science“, the excellent new album by RICK SPRINGFIELD appeared few weeks ago, has and American edition only available at Best Buy shops featuring two juicy exclusive bonus tracks, both worthy of the investment. Rick Springfield never disappoints… “Rocket Science” is another proof of his chameleonic talent. He never made the same album twice, and while here his music is...

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Rocket Science +1 (2016)

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Rocket Science +1 (2016)

RICK SPRINGFIELD never disappoints… “Rocket Science“, his new album to be released by Frontiers Music tomorrow is another proof of his chameleonic talent. He never made the same album twice, and while here his music is more eclectic than ever, Rick continues his career renaissance with a stupendous new album in “Rocket Science”. “Rocket Science” makes clear that Springfield can...

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases 2016 – Vol.2

Many major bands and promising newcomers are working on their new albums to be released next year, so let’s take a look to the advanced singles of the most interesting acts from the bunch. Supergroup LAST IN LINE – the band featuring DEF LEPPARD guitarist Vivian Campbell alongside fellow founding DIO members Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain, plus singer Andrew...

RICK SPRINGFIELD – Stripped Down (2015)

* The great RICK SPRINGFIELD is releasing “Stripped Down“, a new CD/DVD combo.For the last two years, Springfield has been treating fans to a special ongoing series of intimate solo performances of his vast repertoire, telling stories, explaining lyrics and generally connecting with his always-loyal fan base. This CD/DVD set features highlights from those performances as well as a new...