RICK SPRINGFIELD – Living In Oz [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Living In Oz [Rock Candy remastered] full

Requested by many, here’s RICK SPRINGFIELD‘s “Living In Oz“, one of his best ’80s albums ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records.
“Living In Oz” appeared at a time when Rick had made name for himself as a beloved actor in various TV series and as a rock&pop artist, having released the multi-platinum albums Working Class Dog and Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet.
After that he wanted a lot more Rock credibility and started to write harder-edged material that would take his (already) outstanding career to a new level.

Recorded with such luminaries as incredible guitarist Tim Pierce, drummer Mike Baird (Stan Bush, Journey) keyboardist Alan Pasqua, Richard Page & Tom Kelly doing backing vocals, etc, and produced by Bill Drescher and Springfield himself, it was another album that reached the platinum status, even though it differed a lot from the ones previously released.

“Living In Oz” showcased a slightly different creative tack for Springfield, who opted to modify his existing sound with deeper, more personalised lyrical themes, yet still retain a glossy melodic sheen.
The album boasts two major hit singles in the brilliantly evocative guitar-driven ‘Affair Of The Heart’ and the instantly catchy ‘Human Touch’ which excellently mixed state-of-the-art sound of the era with warm vocals.

‘Affair Of The Heart’ with its brilliant string arrangement is one of my all time favorite poppy AOR songs from the ’80s. ‘Motel Eyes’ is marked with solid-edged beat, while title track ‘Living In Oz’ is an excellent rocker starting from heavy guitar riff and another favourite of mine.
‘Souls’ rocks strongly, while ‘I Can’t Stop Hurting You’ is another fabulous track: Rick (or the song’s protagonist, take your pick) cops to mistreating the woman he loves, and laments the fact that he can’t seem to stop doing so.
‘Like Father, Like Son’ ends the album on a somber note, but one that should have listeners thinking about the tradition of families to mindlessly carry on stifling, even cruel traditions in the name of religion. This song is a tribute for his lost father.

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Living In Oz [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] back

“Living In Oz” is probably one of the best rock&pop / melodic rock albums from the US first half of the ’80s scene, and one of the best in Rick Springfield’s career. It is a truly exceptional and quite brilliant work.
This Rock Candy remaster sounds great, crisp.
Highly Recommended


01 – Human Touch
02 – Alyson
03 – Affair Of The Heart
04 – Living In Oz
05 – Me & Johnny
06 – Motel Eyes
07 – Tiger By The Tail
08 – Souls
09 – I Can’t Stop Hurting You
10 – Like Father, Like Son

Rick Springfield: vocals, guitar, bass, backing vocals
Tim Pierce: guitars
Mike Seifrit, Dennis Belfield: bass
Mike Baird: drums
Alan Pasqua, John Shenale, Mitchell Froom: keyboards
Jack White: electronic drums
Richard Elliot: sax solo on “Human Touch”
Michael Fisher: percussion
Richard Page, Tom Kelly: backing vocals



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