The Lost UK Jewels Vol.20 ; VALENTINO – Valentino [complete recordings 1986-1990 remastered] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

The Lost UK Jewels Vol.20 ; VALENTINO - Valentino [complete recordings 1986-1990 remastered] *EXCLUSIVE* full

Here’s in exclusive at 0dayrox another installment from ”The Lost UK Jewels series”, the complete recordings 1986-1990 from melodic glam hard rockers VALENTINO, fully remastered from the original tapes.
Formed by 4 Italian guys but established in UK, Valentino was influenced by the American glam metal explosion in the vein of Icon, Black ‘n’ Blue, second half of ’80s KISS an alike.
The sound quality is very good, with well produced songs and strong songwriting & musicianship.

Halling from the small town of Castellaneta in Southern haly, the four members of Valentino arrived in the UK with dreams and aspirations like any other musician of the era. When their four paths eventually crossed, it started a five year journey that would take them to the very edge of musical stardom, leetering on the precipice before falling into the abyss like so many before them.

Vince “Enzo” Bruno (guitar, vocals) had previously performed with glamsters Hellrazer and, later with K-Rouge, which featured Mark Goodchildon bass (a founding member of Savannah Nix) and Fabio Del Rio on drums (who would later play on Bruce Dickinson’s ‘Tattooed Millionaire album as well as in Jagged Edge).
After K-Rouge disbanded, Enzo decided to put together a new band, initially called JETLEG and then definitely VALENTINO.

Thru’ the late ’80s Valentino played intensively the London and the UK club scene, including a packed “Marquee Club” gig , that was their career highlight.
They also managed to have some professional master-recordings, during 1986, at the end of 1987, during 1988 and a final one (1990). All these are featured here, collector’s material.
Unfortunately the band disbanded in 1991 due to lack of a proper record deal.

The Lost UK Jewels Vol.20 ; VALENTINO - Valentino disc

They had the looks that kill, four dark haired ragamuffins all clad in black figure hugging leather all pushing to be the next Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars or Steve ‘Sex’ Summers, but armed with a Glam-tastic sound to match.
But as always seems to be the way in this Series, several naive moments and a complete lack of business sawy saw them cast to the wayside, ruing their missed opportunities.
On the likes of “Take You Higher” or the plaintive “Don’t Stop Believe” you can hear what the likes of EMI and Survival Records saw in them. But thanks to greedy managers and a hot-headed Italian temper, they were left on the shelf. This is their story, it encapsulates the Eighties music business in a nutshell.

We find here a bunch of rocking melodic songs that never saw a proper official release, here on CD for the first time ever, in a full remastered sound from the original masters.
Limited to 500 copies, the CD is almost out of print.
Highly Recommended

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Play With Fire
02 – Just Another Night
03 – Make Believe It
04 – Waiting
05 – Take You Higher
06 – The World I Was Waiting For
07 – Fly Away
08 – Born on Free Blood
09 – Action
10 – Close to You
11 – I Put My Life in Your Hands
12 – Feel the Heat
13 – Don’t Stop Believe (In Yourself)
14 – Close to You (Early Version) [Bonus Track]

Lead Vocals, Bass – Nunzio Naselli
Guitar, Lead Vocals – Bart Di Dio
Guitar, Vocals – Enzo ‘Vince’ Bruno
Drums – Patrizio Bruno
Keyboards – Max Numa


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  1. Ed Marks says:

    Thanks for this Valentino – Valentino (The LOST UK JEWELS Volume 20 Remaster) 2020 disc. Can you post the LAROCHE – Dancing After Midnight Vol. 22 Lost UK Jewels 2021 releases? Thanks.

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