WHITESNAKE – Greatest Hits [Revisited – Remixed – Remastered MMXXII] (2022) HQ

WHITESNAKE continues to revisit their multi-platinum career with ”Greatest Hits [Revisited – Remixed – Remastered MMXXII]”, featuring new remixes of some of their biggest hits for a collection that spotlights updated versions of classic tracks like “Still of the Night,” “Here I Go Again,” and “Is This Love.”
Whitesnake founder and lead singer David Coverdale had 16 tracks remixed and remastered for this collection. He explains: “We’ve definitely expanded on the original Greatest Hits, took them all out of the sonic time capsule of the ’80s and ’90s, and brought them up to date, sound-wise … as always, we have the original albums for those who consider them holy relics.”
Keyboardist Derek Sherinian, who also appeared on Whitesnake’s recent Red, White and Blues trilogy, adds Hammond organ to more than half the songs on the collection. His scorching contributions can be heard on the #1 smash “Here I Go Again,” “Fool For Your Loving,” “You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again,” and more. New performances by former Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg can also be heard on “The Deeper The Love” and “Judgement Day” from the 1989 album, Slip of the Tongue.
Along with those new additions, Coverdale also went back to the vault to unearth vintage performances by guitarist John Sykes that didn’t appear on the original recordings, including a solo on “Slide It In” and rhythm guitar on “Give Me All Your Love.”

WHITESNAKE – Restless Heart [25th Anniversary Remix + Remastered SHM-CD Еditiоn] [2021] HQ

In the wake of WHITESNAKE‘s massive global success, the band’s founder and lead singer, David Coverdale, was ready to record his third solo album in 1995. That plan was derailed, however, when he felt pressured to release ‘Restless Heart’ under the David Coverdale & Whitesnake moniker. Despite the changes, the 1997 album was a Top 40 hit in the U.K. Somehow, the record was never released in America and other countries.
Now 2021 we have the release of ”Restless Heart 25th Anniversary”, one version completely remixed that’s closer to the sound Coverdale initially intended, and other fully remastered, including bonus tracks. These ‘new’ album versions sound quite different, refreshed, especially the remix which unearth lesser heard licks & melodies plus additional guitar by Joel Hoekstra, keyboard parts by Derek Sherinian and an imaginative resequencing of tracks which makes the whole album flow even better.
This quality Japanese SHM-CD Еditiоn helps even more to appreciate the new, 25th Anniversary ‘Restless Heart’…

WHITESNAKE – The Best Of Whitesnake [Japan UHQCD] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Universal Music Japan has just released a UHQCD (Ultra High Quality CD) of “The Best Of Whitesnake“, the band’s first ever ‘best of’ originally appeared in 1982, and of course, compiling material from their first four albums.
This cardboard sleeve mini LP faithfully replicating its Japanese first pressing LP / OBI design, features a DSD transfer using the original master tapes – untouched. Hence, this is not remastered nor tweaked in any form, trying to capture the original vinyl LP sound and dynamics.
Here we have songs recorded between 1979-1982 on analog equipment, and to be honest, most of the music recorded this way sounds better as it is.
Only at 0dayrox

WHITESNAKE – The Blues Album (2021)

WHITESNAKE‘s newest release ”The Blues Album” completes the trilogy of a year-long journey through the British band’s back catalogue. Available on CD or vinyl Feb. 19, offers 14 “revisited, remixed and remastered” versions of blues-based songs across the multi-platinum recordings that David Coverdale and company have released between the mid-’80s through the early 2010s.
Tracks like “Slow an’ Easy,” “Give Me All Your Loving” or “Steal Your Heart Away” have been refreshed, among others.
Kicking off with ‘Steal Your Heart Away’, we have rollicking, heavy, bouncing riffs with a mighty swaying rear end. ‘Good to Be Bad’ also from the Doug Aldrich era seems to have been slightly adjusted so you can hear the rounder tone of DC’s vocals making the track more Blues orientated and less metal than the original.
‘Give Me All Your Love’ has been clarified so that John Sykes’ can be better appreciated, no longer just…

REB BEACH – A View From The Inside (2020)

Released by Frontiers Music this weekend, “A View From The Inside” is the new solo album from steemed WHITESNAKE / WINGER guitarist REB BEACH. The musician graced countless ’80s classic records as session player, and still continues being one of the most talented and original rock guitarists of his generation.
One of the indisputable 6-string giants of the hard rock scene…

WHITESNAKE – Love Songs 2020 Remixes [+3 previously unreleased] (2020)

Simply titled “Love Songs“, this is the new WHITESNAKE 15-track collection presenting ‘Revisited, Remixed And Remastered Versions’ of the band’s best Love Songs, plus Unreleased Tracks from David Coverdale’s Into The Light.
The album includes a mix of hits and deep tracks that were originally released between 1987 and 2011 on five Whitesnake studio albums and David Coverdale’s third solo album, Into the Light.
Like ‘The ROCK’ Album, Coverdale says all the tracks on LOVE SONGS have been revisited, remixed and remastered. “Some have been musically embellished where my co-producer Michael McIntyre, my new mixer Christopher Collier and I felt it appropriate or necessary to bring out the best in these songs,” he explains.
The new remixes turned the songs slightly ‘spacey’, but don’t worry, all still are the tunes you love. Some are benefited by some kind of a ‘glued’ rhythm section, coming out of the speakers more compacted to give the vocals room to shine.

COVERDALE • PAGE – The B-Sides, The Outtakes & The Demos (0dayrox compilation)

To complete the COVERDALE • PAGE saga here, we made our own 0dayrox compilation packing all the singles / alternate versions from the album. The Japanese Maxi-Single CD ‘Take Me For A Little While’ includes the two different versions of the song, 2 of ‘Take A Look At Yourself’ (we love this tune) and a Guitar Crunch Mix of ‘Shake My Tree’.
The other remaining single from the album, ‘Over Now (Edit Single Version)’, it’s included into the folder comprising the outtakes ‘Good Love’ and the excellent ‘Saccharin’ – why they decided not to put it on the album is a puzzle to us.
Additionally, there’s almost all the COVERDALE • PAGE songs in its Demo / Rehearsal versions. These are from a different source than the poor sounding files circulating among traders. All are taken from 0dayrox member’s vaults.

COVERDALE / PAGE – Definitive Nagoya 1993 Last Concert Ever [Japan Edition Only] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

COVERDALE / PAGE self-titled album resulted pretty successful not only in sales – certified Gold, and eventually went Platinum – but artistically also. However it was destined to be a short-lived project, something both musicians put clear since their joined for this project.
So a seven date tour in Japan, along with cameos in Reno and Vancouver in 1991, represents the total live output of the duo before going their separate ways.
The December 22nd show at a gymnasium in Nagoya is their final live appearance, and according to reports, the best of all. And now it has been released by well known and good Japanese bootleg label Zodiac under the title “Definitive Nagoya 1993“.
The sound quality is very good – much better than previous bootlegs with cuts floating around – and it’s a great document from these giant musicians working together.
Featured in exclusive at 0dayrox

COVERDALE / PAGE – Coverdale • Page [Japan Mini-LP Blu-specCD] Out of print

It’s been almost 30 years since Jimmy Page and David Coverdale joined forces for an album eventually released in 1993 as COVERDALE • PAGE, a fascinating alliance of two hard rock legends. While some first time Page fans initially didn’t liked the venture, they recognize “Coverdale • Page” is the best thing the guitarist did since Led Zeppelin.
This is a terrific classic rock album, varied, with rockers, ballads, blues, great performances and a fantastic production. This Japanese edition Mini-LP replica on Blu-specCD adds more depth to the huge drum sound.
In our opinion, an underrated gem, and a must in your collection.

WHITESNAKE – Live At Donington 1990 (30th Anniversary Complete Edition Remastered) (2020)

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of WHITESNAKE‘s 1990 ‘Live At Donington‘ performance, a remastered 17-track collection – featuring the complete show – is being released.
The band, at the time comprising David Coverdale, Steve Vai, Adrian Vandenberg, Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge, was on fire in this ‘Monsters Of Rock’ festival performance, and now it sounds better than never.

WHITESNAKE – The ROCK Album [Revisited, Remixed And Remastered] (2020)

Tomorrow June 19, WHITESNAKE will bring together some of their hardest-hitting songs of its multi-platinum career on ‘The ROCK Album‘, a new collection that features revisited, remixed and remastered versions of the group’s best rocking songs.
The album is the first release in the band’s ‘Red, White and Blues Trilogy,’ a series of fresh, new collections organized by musical themes that will include: this ‘The ROCK Album’ (white), ‘Love Songs’ (red), and ‘The BLUES Album’ (blue).
The collection features the debut of ‘Always The Same,’ a previously unreleased song that was recorded during the 2019 sessions for ‘Flesh & Blood’
In addition to the new song, long-time fans who have everything will be interested to know that Coverdale has remixed and remastered all the material and even “embellished” tracks where he “felt it appropriate or necessary to bring out the best” in the songs.

WHITESNAKE – Slip Of The Tongue 30th Anniversary Edition [Super Deluxe Edition] (2019)

WHITESNAKE ‘s 1989 album “Slip Of The Tongue” has just been reissued for its 30th Anniversary across four different physical editions, including this awesome seven-disc Super Deluxe Edition which offers a host of rare and unreleased material. The 6CD/DVD collection includes a newly 2019 remastered version of the album, plus unreleased studio recordings, and a fully remastered audio of the...

SNAKECHARMER – Snakecharmer [Japan +1] + Euro Bonus

Some people (and primarily musicians) hate the term ‘Super-Group’, but there’s no other word coined to define SNAKECHARMER. Centered around classic-era Whitesnake members Micky Moody and Neil Murray, Snakecharmer also features Harry James (Thunder, Magnum), Laurie Wisefield (Wishbone Ash) and Adam Wakeman (Ozzy, Black Sabbath), with vocals being handled by former Heartland and Virginia Wolf vocalist Chris Ousey. The combo...

WHITESNAKE – Flesh & Blood [Deluxe Edition] (2019)

After celebrating their 40th anniversary last year (time flies), hard rock legends WHITESNAKE return with their latest studio album, “Flesh & Blood”, the first with original material since 2011.And Coverdale & Co. does not disappoint disappoints: “Flesh & Blood” has elements of Whitesnake all-eras – and that’s saying a lot – and easily it’s the band’s best record since the...

WHITESNAKE – Come An’ Get It [Japan SHM-CD remastered MiniLP +6]

As requested, here’s the only version on SHM-CD / cardboard sleeve of WHITESNAKE‘s “Saints & Sinners”, remastered plus 6 bonus tracks. In my humble opinion, this is the best version you can get in terms of sound. “Come An’ Get It” is not considered by critics as the best Whitesnake album, however, it’s a very good classic hard rock record....