WHITESNAKE – Restless Heart [25th Anniversary Remix + Remastered SHM-CD Еditiоn] [2021] HQ

WHITESNAKE - Restless Heart [25th Anniversary Remix + Remastered SHM-CD Еditiоn] [2021] HQ full

In the wake of WHITESNAKE‘s massive global success, the band’s founder and lead singer, David Coverdale, was ready to record his third solo album in 1995. That plan was derailed, however, when he felt pressured to release ‘Restless Heart’ under the David Coverdale & Whitesnake moniker. Despite the changes, the 1997 album was a Top 40 hit in the U.K. Somehow, the record was never released in America and other countries.
Now 2021 we have the release of ”Restless Heart 25th Anniversary”, one version completely remixed that’s closer to the sound Coverdale initially intended, and other fully remastered, including bonus tracks. These ‘new’ album versions sound quite different, refreshed, especially the remix which unearth lesser heard licks & melodies plus additional guitar by Joel Hoekstra, keyboard parts by Derek Sherinian and an imaginative resequencing of tracks which makes the whole album flow even better.
This quality Japanese SHM-CD Еditiоn helps even more to appreciate the new, 25th Anniversary ‘Restless Heart’.

”Restless Heart” was indeed some kind of a return to roots for Coverdale.
‘Don’t Fade Away’ and ‘All In The Name Of Love’ are two sorrowful songs with some beautiful female background vocals, and certainly the title track rallies slightly to former Whitesnake glories.
‘Too Many Tears’ should have been a hit single, while ‘Cryin’ returns with the fire in the belly strutting of old. ‘Stay With Me’ features an incredible vocal from D.C., taut emotion dripping from the speakers.

‘Cant Go On’ is another mournful vocal classic rocker, ‘Your So Fine’ lifts the mood with a typical Snake extolation of the greatness of women, then ‘Your Precious Love’ with its smooth vocals wringing every ounce of feeling from the listener should have been a hit in the vein of ‘Now Your Gone / Deeper The Love’.
‘Women Trouble Blues’ is another favorite, with Coverdale rising to the challenge and fighting back with a slice of classic hard rock n’ blues which could have come from the Coverdale/Page sessions.

This David Coverdale-approved remix of Whitesnake’s ‘Restless Heart’ is improved and a pleasant surprise. It’s noticeable on songs like ‘All In The Name Of Love’, ‘Don’t Fade Away’ and’ Too Many Tears’, accentuating the soul, blues influences. And both ‘Restless Heart’ plus ‘You’re So Fine’ capture something of the spirit the band had prior to their early pre-superstar days.
HIGHLY Recommended


CD1 : 2021 Remix
01. Restless Heart
02. You’re So Fine
03. Can’t Go On
04. Crying
05. Take Me Back Again
06. Anything You Want
07. Too Many Tears
08. All In The Name Of Love
09. Your Precious Love
10. Can’t Stop Now
11. Woman Trouble Blues
12. Stay With Me
13. Oi (Theme For An Imaginary Drum Solo)
14. Don’t Fade Away
15. Can’t Go On (Unzipped)

CD2 : 2021 Remaster
01. Don’t Fade Away
02. All In The Name Of Love
03. Restless Heart
04. Too Many Tears
05. Crying
06. Stay with Me
07. Can’t Go On
08. You’re So Fine
09. Your Precious Love
10. Take Me Back Again
11. Woman Trouble Blues
12. Anything You Want
13. Can’t Stop Now
14. Too Many Tears ’95 (Live & Drunk In The Studio)

David Coverdale
Adrian Vandenberg
Denny Carmassi
Guy Pratt
Joel Hoekstra
Derek Sherinian



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