PERTICONE – Stuff in the Basement (2022)

PERTICONE - Stuff in the Basement (2022) full

Stuff in the Basement” is the second album of PERTICONE, the project of vocalist / songwriter Martin Perticone (member – among others – of Eric Martin’s touring band) who already surprised us with a strong debut last year released by Lions Pride Music.
Also to be released by the same record label in 2022, PERTICONE’s ‘Stuff in the Basement’ was recorded during the lockdown, featuring Martin own composed songs influenced by the late ’80s / early ’90s American melodic rock scene with a radio friendly.
Perticone’s voice is some kind of a cross between Eric Martin and John Waite, and as happended ont the debut again there’s many guests, all conducted by long time colleague Edu Giardina not only producing with a pristine sound, but also showcasing his versatility on lead guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and backing vocals.

Together, they have created a melodic and easy listening classic rock / melodic rock album and you can tell that Perticone has absorbed influences from Mr. Big / Eric Martin but also Chicago / Jason
Scheff, John Waite, all with a bluesy touch as well.
A new album full of well written and attractive songs that play beautifully
Highly Recommended


01 – Blame It on Me
02 – End of the Line
03 – Name Without a Face
04 – Save Me Tonight
05 – Game for Fools
06 – Waiting
07 – Let’s Get Lost Tonight
08 – What Went Wrong (I Wonder)
09 – When It Rains
10 – Falling

Martin Perticone – vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Edu Giardina – guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, backing vocals
Emmanuel Lopez – guitar
Will Wilde – harmonica on 5
Lala Goi – lead vocals duet on 8
Charlie Giardina – backing vocals, production



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