PATTY SMYTH and SCANDAL – Goodbye To You! Best Of The ’80s Live 83-84 [2018] *EXCLUSIVE*

PATTY SMYTH and SCANDAL - Goodbye To You! Best Of The '80s Live 83-84 [2018] *EXCLUSIVE* full

A couple of weeks ago we featured here PATTY SMYTH and SCANDAL album remastered and SMYTH’s new solo album. Now this is a pleasure to present here in exclusive: after all these years live recordings of Patty and the original line-up of the band finally surfaced, all recorded between 1983-1984.
Approved by Patty herself, the found tapes on “Goodbye To You! Best Of The ’80s Live 83-84“were remastered and the sound quality is pretty good, and of course, pure ’80s radio-ready melodic rock.
Additionally, this is a must have because there’s a lot of songs here that Scandal / Smyth fan can’t get on any other album / compilation: ‘Child of the Night’, a new take on ‘She’s A Girl Who Can’t Say No’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Second That Emotion’, and ‘Deep River’ (nearly as good as Tina and Ike).
Also, their classic song ‘Warrior’ is done in a rockin’, faster tempo…

Patty Smyth, both with her hit band Scandal and as a solo artist, is a true 80s star, but she has always been, at heart, a rock and roll chick, and that’s no truer today, now that she’s back on the road.
If Smyth did nothing but marry New York punk poet Richard Hell (Television, Voidoids), then noted tennis punk and commentator John McEnroe, that would be amazing enough, but she’s also earned both Oscar and Grammy nominations and recorded a series of hit singles and albums.

Smyth was born in New York City, and had a very bohemian upbringing. Her mother managed legendary guitarist Link Wray and ran or owned several prominent Greenwich Village nightclubs.
Scandal burst onto the scene in 1982 with a self-titled debut EP that turned out to be the best-selling EP in Columbia Records history, featuring the hit single ‘Goodbye to You’, a #1 MTV video.
‘Scandal’ included the hits ‘Love’s Got a Line on You’ and ‘Win Some, Lose Some’ on the group’s first full-length album, The Warrior, released in 1984, climbing into the Top 20 on the sales chart, eventually earning RIAA-certified platinum status.

‘The Warrior’ remains popular to this day, featured on the radio station Flash FM in the video game Grand Theft Auto and in the third installment of Guitar Hero, Rocks the ’80s.
After Scandal broke up, Smyth’s hard edged vocals caused Eddie Van Halen to invite her to join VAN HALEN (when she was 8 months pregnant!) but she declined.

Smyth & Scandal were known for their hot live shows, and ”Goodbye To You! Best Of The ’80s Live 83-84” perfectly documents that. This is a raw, no overdubs recording, refreshing in its lively nature.
The songs were mostly recorded at the Agora Ballroom in New Haven, Ct. on July 15, 1983 – then the last 4 songs were taped from a date at Indiana University on October 22, 1984.
A great document from a golden era, and from a great band

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01 – Child Of The Night
02 – Love’s Got A Line On You
03 – She Can’t Say No
04 – Less Than Half Of What You Say Is True
05 – Another Bad Love
06 – Tonight
07 – All I Want
08 – Hold On
09 – Goodbye To You
10 – Win Some, Lose Some
11 – Second That Emotion
12 – Beat Of A Heart *
13 – Talk To Me *
14 – The Warrior *
15 – River Deep, Mountain High *

Recorded at the Agora Ballroom in New Haven, CT. on July 15, 1983
* Recorded at Indiana University on October 22, 1984

Vocals – Patty Smyth
Guitars– Keith Mack
Rhythm Guitar – Zack Smith
Bass – Ivan Elias
Drums – Thommy Price
Keyboards – Benjy King



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