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KING ZEBRA – Between The Shadows (2024) *HQ*

KING ZEBRA unveils their highly anticipated album, “Between The Shadows,” scheduled for release on April 12, 2024. The band hailing from the picturesque city of Zurich, Switzerland, emerges as the new face of melodic rock in a harmonious fusion of youthful exuberance and veteran wisdom.
King Zebra burst into the music scene with their 2019 EP, a sonic voyage marked by the standout track “Firewalker,” amassing over 2 million streams and firmly establishing the band in the hearts of rock enthusiasts globally.
Now, signed to Frontiers Records, King Zebra is poised to reach larger audiences. Meticulously produced by Oscar Nilsson “Between The Shadows” is set to showcase the culmination of dedication, passion, and attention to detail that defines King Zebra’s distinctive sound, characterized by former CHINA vocalist Eric St. Michaels…

ABOUT US – Take A Piece (2024) *HQ*

India, known for its rich cuisine, diverse culture, and the vibrant Bollywood film industry, is now making waves in the hard rock scene. ABOUT US stands at the forefront of this movement, alongside other notable bands such as Girish & The Chronicles and Fifth Note.
The band will release their sophomore album, ”Take A Piece”, out on April 12 via Frontiers Music. The disc features ten infectious melodic rock rock songs that elevate the band’s signature sound with more guitars and a heavier approach. There’s some of current Journey into their sound, but also modern heavy, and a bit of progressive.
Lead singer Sochan Kikon emerges as a standout vocalist with remarkable versatility and interpretative skills, which seamlessly blends with the band’s technical instrumental prowess. You’ll be surprised by this quality band…

GUN – Hombres (2024) *HQ*

Eighties Scottish hard rock / pop rockers from GUN are gearing up for the release of their new album titled “Hombres“. At first listen, we can say the 10-tracker is the best LP the group has recorded since the ’80s. Yeah, it’s that good.
It’s a brilliant record – comfortably their best for three decades, and if you missed the melodies, hooks and catchy choruses of their classic album ‘Gallus’, now these are back!
”Hombres” shows that Gun is still far away from retirement. The spirit of rock’n’roll is what keeps the guys young at heart and it is their ninth album that in a way connects to the early days. GUN has combined all their strengths and stringed them together which leads to a lively, emotional and catchy hard rock release that provides a great time…

RUSH – Moving Pictures (40th Anniversary Deluxe) [Japan SHM-CD x3] *HQ*

As requested, here’s RUSH 1981’s classic album ”Moving Pictures 40th anniversary Deluxe Edition” in its Japanese Edition pressed on SHM-CD. The set includes ”Moving Pictures” remaster on disc one, while discs two and three feature the complete, unreleased Toronto concert from March 25, 1981.
Recorded in Quebec’s Le Studio, ”Moving Pictures” saw the band continue down the route of shorter, more radio friendly songs. Longtime producer Terry Brown was back for what was the band’s eighth studio album. ”Moving Pictures” is already one of the most essential Rush album, their most organic blend of ’70s-style prog virtuosity (instrumental monster “YYZ”) and ’80s punch (hooky price-of-fame sing-along “Limelight”).
The remaster reveal more subtle details. As example, Neil Peart’s triangle is cleared, more pronounced during the intro of “YYZ,” swirling around the speakers. But the crux of this package is a rattling, previously unreleased 1981 live album, captured in Toronto and spread across two discs. It captures an unvarnished, warts-and-all aesthetic, all jagged edges in contrast to the main LP’s smooth contours…

TONY LEWIS (The Outfield) – Out Of The Darkness (2018) *HQ*

TONY LEWIS is probably best known as the voice and bassist for The Outfield. Along with guitarist John Spinks, the two took the ’80s by storm with their infectious songs including “Your Love,” “All the Love,” and “Say it isn’t So.” After Spinks’s untimely passing in 2014, Tony took some time away from music but was eventually inspired to begin work on his first ever solo album: “Out of the Darkness“.
“Out of the Darkness” takes on the spirit of The Outfield, while letting Tony’s own style shine through. Tony plays all the instruments, as well as producing and recording everything on his own.
Who was not smitten by the hook-filled glory of Power Pop — the style of music that may be regarded as a hybrid of New Wave, Pop Rock, and Glam Metal? One of the bands that waved the flag of this genre in the illustrious decade of the 1980s was The Outfield, whose chart-topping classic singles remain favorites on Rock-formatted retrospective radio stations as well as on the record players of many ’80s music aficionados.
Well… Tony Lewis did it here… “Out of the Darkness” sounds more ‘The Outfield’ than The Outfield last studio album.
This is pure ’80s stuff. And we love it…

WAR & PEACE – The Flesh And Blood Sessions (1988-1992) *HQ*

Jeff Pilson is a household name for anyone into American Melodic Hard Rock. Known to be part of the driven force in Dokken, DIO or more recently in Foreigner, the bass/guitar player, singer and now producer is an accomplished songwriter as well.
At the very end of the ’80s when Dokken momentarily disbanded, Pilson founded an new band together with Legs Diamond bassist Michael Diamond: Flesh And Blood. Due to legal issues, they got to change the moniker for WAR & PEACE.
The 1988-1992 recordings of the band were silently released at the end of the Nineties, but Pilson in association with Cleopatra records joined to reissue the material with the title “The Flesh And Blood Sessions” with a refreshed sound, some remix, and a previously unreleased track

LOSTBOYS – From Demos To Atlantic [Previously Unreleased / FnA Records remaster] (2023) HQ *Exclusive*

In 1985, rock singer / songwriter Randy O. and his band Odin released their debut studio EP ‘Don’t Take No For An Answer’. Their debut was a top selling record for indie ‘Greenworld Records’ charting in Japan for 9 months. Their underground success even landed them a segment in the now cult 1988 Music Documentary “Decline of the Western Civilization Part II” featuring bands such as Aerosmith, Kiss, and many other star studded acts of the time.
Later, Randy would leave Odin in search of other musical pursuits and founded a new band; LOSTBOYS. Randy O. was signed to Vicky Hamilton’s management company, who handled acts such as Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Poison and Stryper.
Randy and the band ended up landing a record deal with Atlantic Records in 1988 and would release LOSTBOYS debut CD in 1990 titled “Lost & Found” featuring Jeff Duncan, former lead guitarist of Odin (and year later fo Armored Saint) and his brother Pat Gainor and second guitar.
Now FnA Records is releasing release “FROM DEMOS TO ATLANTIC“, a 18-track album of demos that eventually got the band signed to Atlantic Records, plus pre-production demos while preparing the debut album, all previously unreleased versions / songs remastered.
Sound quality is very good, professionally multi-track recorded songs, and alongside the unreleased tunes, some of these early versions are better than the finally released – rawer, aggressive…

LOSTBOYS – Lost And Found (Japanese Edition) *HQ*

LOSTBOYS was founded in the late ’80s by charismatic lead vocalist Randy O. right after he left cult metal band Odin. They were one of the most memorable groups from the also cult film ”The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years” (1988). For whatever reason, Odin couldn’t score a record deal despite their popularity in the LA scene.
Featuring future members of Armored Saint and Alcatrazz, LOSTBOYS were much more melodic hard rock oriented than Odin’s metal flare, however the lyrics are pretty dark. Randy ended up landing a record deal with Atlantic Records in 1988, and after some pre-production demos would release LOSTBOYS’ debut CD 1990 titled “Lost & Found”.
Some kind of mix between Cinderella’s Tom Keifer and Brad Sinsel (TKO / War Babies), Randy O. vocals are some kind of acquired taste, but you can’t deny they’re unique. “Lost & Found” sales were decent, but the overcrowded scene that year didn’t helped to get more exposure…

WIDOWMAKER (Dee Snider) – Blood And Bullets [Japanese Edition +1] *HQ*

After record company pressures and other tensions, Twisted Sister disbanded in 1987 with Dee wasting no time in writing material for his solo career. Beginning things with Desperado, Snider branched out into more of a blues-rock direction, and wrote an album of material for another project, WIDOWMAKER, which had a bit more allegiance to the late 80s Sister sound, but a bit heavier.
WIDOWMAKER’s debut album 1992’s ”Blood And Bullets” has a stellar line-up with Dee on all lead and backing vocals, superb Al Pitrelli (Joe Lynn Turner, Danger Danger) on lead guitar, drummer Joe Franco (Fiona, The Ladder) and many talented cats such as TNT’s Tony Harnell, Joe Lynn Turner and the Danger Danger boys providing backing vocals. This Japanese edition adds a bonus track exclusive for Japan.
The album, though not a huge commercial success was a consistently strong outing, showing off Dee’s great voice, strong songwriting skills, and a crisp production job. Still catchy as ever, this album puts apart the poppy feel of latter Twisted Sister records and kicks listeners in the pants with crunchy guitars and pounding drums, coupled with powerful hooks…

TRIUMPH – Live At The US Festival [40th Anniversary remastered Limited Edition] (2023) HQ *Exclusive*

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of their legendary concert at Live At The US Festival ’83, one of the day’s standout performers – Canadian hard rock legends TRIUMPH – have released a refreshed version of “Live At The US Festival“, featuring new artwork and remastered. A Limited Edition with terrific sound quality.
May 29, 1983, will forever be an important day in the history of heavy metal / hard rock. After all, it was on this date that the world’s top metal acts (Van Halen, Scorpions, Triumph, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Mötley Crüe and Quiet Riot) shared the stage on “Heavy Metal Sunday” at the mammoth US Festival.
TRIUMPH was on fire that day, at the peak of their powers, and chronicles from the era highlights TRIUMPH’s show as the best of the day…

BLACK SABBATH – Headless Cross / Anno Mundi (2024 Remaster – Single) *HQ*

BLACK SABBATH’s history with singers Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie James Dio has been chronicled extensively through the years in multiple collections. Until now, no boxed set has focused on Black Sabbath’s time with Tony Martin, the band’s second-longest-serving singer.
Rhino explores this prolific period from the godfathers of heavy metal in a new collection that brings four albums back into print after an extended absence. To be released next May, the ”ANNO DOMINI 1989-1995” 4LP and 4CD sets contain newly remastered versions of HEADLESS CROSS (1989), TYR (1990), and CROSS PURPOSES (1994), plus a new version of FORBIDDEN (1995) that guitarist Tony Iommi remixed specially for the collection.
As advance, the label has released “Headless Cross / Anno Mundi (2024 Remaster – Single)“, a taste from the new box-set. The sound quality is great. Cozy Powell’s drums are just huge!

415 – Eric Martin Early Days The Complete Recordings [Unreleased] *Exclusive*

ERIC MARTIN is of course the gifted lead vocalist of melodic hard rockers Mr. BIG, but before he had an extensive career starting in the music industry in 1978 as frontman of the band known as MILE Hi. Then the group morphed to a five-piece, re-named AREA CODE 415, then simply “415” in 1980.
415 included in the line up future TESLA drummer Troy Luccketta, John Nymann (Guitar) who later joined Y&T, and David Jacobsen (Keyboards) later member of UFO. All already talented, capable musicians.
415 was later signed on to Elektra/Asylum Records, and their management decided to change the name of the outfit to the ERIC MARTIN BAND (EMB), as singer-named bands were popular during that time. EMB debuted their first album in 1983, entitled ‘Sucker for a Pretty Face’.
But the initial recording of the album was rejected by the label. Elektra wanted the band to re-record in Atlanta with their engineers Kevin Elson and Rodney Mills. Some of that ‘early studio takes’ finally surfaced in 2023 as “Sucker For A Pretty Face [Original Sessions]” (featured at 0dayrox past year).
However, still operating under the 415 moniker, Eric and the band recorded a lot of music, and that’s what we are presenting here in exclusive at 0dayrox: “415 – Eric Martin Early Days The Complete Recordings [Unreleased]“. The sound quality is excellent, mostly professionally studio recorded demos, and 90% of these wonderful songs remain unreleased…

MOGG (Sweden) – In And Out Of Love + Unreleased Demos 86-88 *Exclusive*

After our recent post ‘Most Wanted Scandi AOR Singles Ever’ featuring Scandinavian AOR / Melodic Rock bands from the ’80s whom only got the chance to record / release singles, one of you asked for another band not included into the compilation: MOGG.
MOGG formed in the early Eighties, and as most Rock acts from the era were influenced by the British metal / hard rock scene, and later developed a distinctive Swedish sound for the genre. Mogg recorded a demo tape in 1986, followed by a two-sided 7″ single on Air Music Scandinavia AB. A new demo was recorded in 1988, and while Mogg amassed a considerable fan base, all members went into other bands, such as Striptease.
Led vocalist Johnny Lindquist got a successful career as frontman of Nocturnal Rites, and recently into awesome AOR project Gathering Of Kings.
As requested, here’s all MOGG recordings, their only official 7” single 1987’s “In And Out Of Love“, and the complete 1986 & 1988 tapes.
You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox

RUBICON CROSS (CJ Snare) – Rubicon Cross [Deluxe +2 Best Buy Exclusive] *HQ*

Sadly, a young 64 years-old Carl “C.J.” Snare passed away a couple days ago. His music always will be with us, and while Firehouse is his band we most love, it’s fitting to remember CJ with one of the few side projects he was part of: RUBICON CROSS, and their really good self-titled album “Rubicon Cross” in its Deluxe Edition. As extra, we added a rare song CJ recorded in 2013, ironically titled ‘The Rest Of My Life’.
RUBICON CROSS, featuring Firehouse vocalist CJ Snare and guitar virtuoso Chris Green (of UK bands Pride and Furyon) released this killer full length some time ago, and one of you asked for the exclusive Best Buy version with 2 bonus tracks, now out of print.
Our first look at Rubicon Cross in recorded form came back in 2011 with the independent release of a Limited Edition EP (featured at 0dayrox) which delivered four songs that were full of bite and swagger, and this quickly found it’s way onto many ‘best of the year’ hard rock lists…

RUSH – Permanent Waves [40th Anniversary / 2xCD Remastered + Book] *HQ*

Celebrating 40 years of RUSH’s phenomenal album “Permanent Waves“, this ‘40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition‘ feature 2 CD’s, the main album remastered and a bonus disc loaded with unreleased bonus live tracks from three stops on the Permanent Waves World Tour 1980: Manchester Apollo, Hammersmith Odeon (England), and Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri, all newly mixed by the band’s longtime producer Terry Brown.
uMe / Mercury / Anthem label group continues its extensive Rush 40th anniversary album series with a new, imagination-capturing expanded edition of all the magic music that comprises the band’s remarkable 1980 release, ‘Permanent Waves’.
Considered by many fans and critics their finest moment, ‘Permanent Waves’ reflects the poignant moment the band reinvented themselves and their sound.
Rush’s seventh studio album was originally released in January 1980, and its forward-thinking music signaled a new direction for the Canadian band as it entered a new decade.
The six songs encompassing the album encapsulated the breadth of Rush’s formidable progressive chops meshed with its knack for creating radio-friendly arrangements…