INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT VII - Unconditioned (2022) full

The stupendous melodic rock / AOR / classic rock band INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT are releasing its seventh studio album entitled “Unconditioned”. The legendary Simon Phillips (TOTO) returns as percussionist and musical co-producer of the new album, while the lead vocalist on this release is again one of the most popular names in hard rock / metal music today: Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, MSG).
This will be Romero’s third album with Intelligent Music Project, and for the first time the group has expanded its compositional approach: two of the songs are entirely the work of Ronnie, guitarist Biser Ivanov and keyboard player Ivo Stefanov.
For the first time on “Unconditioned,” the band’s lead singer shows off his skills as a lyricist, having penned the words to those two songs. All the other songs and lyrics are once again the creation of Intelligent Music Project’s founder and executive producer, Dr. Milen Vrabevski. In addition to Phillips and Romero, the album also includes Carl Sentance (Nazareth) on vocals.
“Unconditioned” is the more ‘melodic hard rocking’ album from IMP so far, with a pulsating vibe recalling Joe Lynn Turner solo or even the first Sunstorm. Production is crisp and detailed, a real pleasure to listen to.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Topic
02 – Intention
03 – Sunshine Boulevard
04 – How
05 – Blue Morning
06 – Soulmate
07 – The Long Ride
08 – Madness
09 – And Stars Never Fall
10 – Spirit
11 – Wait for the Night
12 – New Hero
13 – Finale Grande
14 – Intention (Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Version)
15 – Intention (Singback)

Ronnie Romero – vocals
Carl Sentance – vocals
Simon Phillips – drums, percussion
Bisser Ivanov – guitars
Ivo Stefanov – keys
Dimitar Sirakov – bass
Samuel Eftimov – piano
Slavin Slavchev, Lina Nicole, Borislav Mudolov-Kosatkata – backing vocals



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