INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT I – The Power Of Mind [Remastered reissue]

INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT I - The Power Of Mind [Remastered reissue] full

Created by Bulgarian songwriter Milen Vrabevski, the INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT developed over the years into an international venture. “The Power Of Mind” is the first album from the project featuring talented John Lawton on lead & backing vocals, originally release in 2012, but later remastered / revised.
This first installment has been crafted in the form of a rock opera, with Lawton as center focus, with a concept circling around the positive thinking philosophy.

Certainly, the album title alone gives a good enough hint at what we’re in for. “The Power of Mind” surprises with rich, rather uncharacteristic arrangements, assembled on bold song structures that successfully pull away from frazzled rock clichés.
The album’s conceptual feel is stretched over soothing moments on one side and playful on the other, thus offering a fresh listening.

Strong vocal harmonies from Lawton offer hints of the old Uriah Heep and Asia, and in places guitarist Maxim Goranov is both dazzling and sublime. And when fitting piano parts and string arrangements come crawling into the picture it becomes obvious that there enough brain power to support this ambitious project.

All over the recording, John Lawton presents a noble presence. He’s really precise on the calmer moments, although his performance on “Max Rock” and “Rock N’ Roll Is My Thing” shows that he can still shake, rattle and roll when situation calls.
Accompanied by deft players, he is not particularly keen on exposing himself too much, thus robbing the album of expected vigor, still it all combines at its very best on the rich sounding numbers like “Fairytale” and “Love’s Light Shining”.

This is a solid heartwarming debut effort from Intelligent Music Project, more focused in a ‘concept rock’ album than ‘song format’ as we heard on the following recordings.
All those dedicated to John Lawton’s immortal credo are bound to have a terrific time with “The Power of Mind”, a very well written, performed and produced piece of work.
Highly Recommended


01 – Intro
02 – Mind Power
03 – Two Hearts
04 – Love’s Light Shining
05 – Max Rock
06 – Fairytale
07 – Rock N’ Roll Is My Thing
08 – The Search (feat. Karolina Goceva)
09 – Springtime
10 – In Rhythm With You
11 – Now I Know
12 – New Rhythm
13 – Love In The World
14 – Finale

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – John Lawton
Bass, Contrabass – Nikolay Kardzhilov
Drums, Backing Vocals – Tsvetan Banov
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Maxim Goranov
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Valeri Konov
Saxophone – D. Lyolev
Guest Vocals – Karolina Gocheva
Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra
Arranged & Orchestrated by Milen Vrabevski



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