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Touching The Divine” is the third album from INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT, the all-star combo including brilliant vocalists Joseph Williams (Toto) and John Payne (Asia), exquisite guitarist Tim Pierce (countless AOR albums), the fabulous Simon Phillips (Toto, Jeff Beck) on drums and other luminaries.
We already presented here the second Intelligent Music Project album, an all-star venture conceived, written and produced by young philanthropist and awarded European Citizen of the Year Dr. Milen Vrabevski.
He is as well, a musician.

“Intelligent Music Project III” is showcasing the chemistry and versatile style that went into IMP II ; rich and layered melodies, Rock based compositions with some progressive landscapes.
Focused on ‘song format’ we find catchy AOR tunes and dynamic Melodic Rock riffs melting flawlessly with Payne’s and Williams’ trademark vocals while the immaculate Phillips / Pierce touch and terrific bass player Nathan East stamp their blueprint on the record all the way through.

Bursting out with track number one “Opening (Cool inside)” – sounds like introductory rhapsody, seamlessly blending the exceptionally tasteful instrumental part into Joseph Williams’ illustrative singing.
From the soul retriever “We Can” sung by John Payne, through Joseph Williams’ passion “Life” and the duet “Stay Up” (John & Joe) to the key tracks “Simply Feels Good” (featuring lead and backing vocals by John Payne, Joseph Williams and Carl Sentance, recently appointed as Nazareth’s lead singer) and “Mind Projection”, Intelligent Music Project III marks its producer’s determination to make one solid addition to the AOR classics of all times.

INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT III - Touching The Divine - inside

All tracks on “Touching The Divine” are exquisitely arranged and performed.
Just to mention other highlights, there’s “Sky”, a pumping, melodic hard rocking piece propelled by powerful Tim Pierce guitar riffs and Williams’ gently hitting vocals, scored by uncompromising guitar virtuosity during the solo.
Then “Escape” featuring Payne’s evocative vocal timbre, is a timeless rock ballad immediately grabbing you with its tasteful harmonies.

Says Simon Phillips, “It’s really interesting to do a second project with Milen. In this new project ‘Touching The Divine’, musically the composition has developed”
Says Tim Pierce, “This project is great, because it’s very, very challenging and musical… and it’s got all of these layers and colors. Musically it’s very fun, because it travels a lot of different places.”
Says Joseph Williams, “It’s wonderful to explore working with Milen. The project has a beautiful message as well, accompanied with some terrific music and some great rock ‘n’ roll: the musicians in this project are top notch.”

INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT III - Touching The Divine - back

Intelligent Music Project III “Touching The Divine” is a great piece of music.
The album will present you a veritable flood of emotions coming across in a very melodic way featuring excellent performances from all involved.
Highly Recommended


1. Opening [Cool Inside] (feat. Joseph Williams)
2. Escape (feat. John Payne)
3. Sky (feat. Joseph Williams)
4. Stay up (feat. John Payne & Joseph Williams)
5. A Smile Away (feat. John Payne)
6. We Can (feat. John Payne)
7. Simply Feels Good (feat. Carl Sentance, John & Joe)
8. Dream (feat. Joseph Williams)
9. Coming Soon (feat. John Payne)
10. Life (feat. Joseph Williams)
11. Fate (feat. John Payne)
12. Roots (feat. Joseph Williams)
13. My World (feat. John Payne)
14. Mind Projection (feat. John Payne)

John Payne – lead & backing vocals
Joseph Williams – lead & backing vocals
Carl Sentance – backing vocals, lead part on track 7
Tim Pierce – guitars
Simon Phillips – drums and percussion
Nathan East – bass
Plamen Chepanov, Ogi Veskov – Guitar
Nelkro Kolarov – Keyboards, Piano
Ivo Stefanov – Piano



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