INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT is conceived, written and produced by young philanthropist and recently awarded European Citizen of the Year (2013) Dr. Milen Vrabevski. He is as well, a non-professional musician. For the project Part II “My Kind O’ Lovin'”, Millen enlisted some serious cats: Joseph Williams (Toto), Simon Phillips (Toto, Jeff Beck) and John Lawton (Asia, ex- Uriah Heep).

“My Kind O’ Lovin” delivers a colorful, multifarious and formidable listening experience with hints of melodic rock and early prog, featuring the fabulous Simon Phillips (Toto, Jeff Beck, The Who, Mike Oldfield, Protocol II etc.) on drums & percussion – brilliantly bringing out the chemistry of this unpredictable format of vintage vocals from John Lawton (ex- Uriah Heep) and Joseph Williams (Toto).

The album will present you a veritable flood of emotions coming across in a very melodic way featuring guitar licks and spacious orchestrated flourishes. The true magnitude of the super-group is yet to be felt in the strong melodies with acoustic patterns and impressive vocals of undiminished power.
Lyrically, “My Kind O’ Lovin” carries a positive message. Vrabevski translates his own experience and vision about everyday life topics in an easy manner, focusing on essential values – solid ground to step on to having a meaningful life.

INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT II - My Kind O' Lovin' (2014) inside

Says Milen; “The message of the album is what I, as an author, would prefer to raise my kids with. Frustration, constant criticism, and judging people leads to nowhere. Therefore, we present essential things about love, friendship, our own environment we should invest in, getting into substantial initiatives, knowing happiness through serving the others, not limiting our minds with prejudice while seeking togetherness, understanding our life is in our hands, finishing off with the principle that it’s good to wake up knowing what follows is a great day, in which fame does not matter, and ego’s domination is retrograde, and you enjoy to live for the others, doing things not because of the result, but because you love to be that way.”
He adds; “I allowed myself to play acoustic guitar in just the title song this time. Nothing else. The team was just too good for my level. Happy they liked the pieces”.

Recording sessions for drums (Simon Phillips) and vocals (Joseph Williams) took place at Simon Phillips’ Phantom Recordings studio. Vrabevski was provided full creative input by Simon Philips in developing the course of compositions and musical ideas.
Says Simon Phillips; “Working on this project with Milen Vrabevski was so much fun and I find his enthusiasm for music is so uplifting.” And Joseph Williams adds; “Milen was such a joy to work with .. Truly a warm and bright gentleman. It’s rare thing these days to work with such happy, enthusiastic talented people … I had a ball!!”.

INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT II - My Kind O' Lovin' (2014) booklet

As for John Lawton, who worked with Vrabevski on the project part I: “My Kind O’ Lovin’ was for me an absolute pleasure to sing, the melodies flowing out of Milen Vrabevski’s head seem to be endless. 
The album differs a lot from part I, not only in that there are guest artist’s in the caliber of Joseph Williams and Simon Phillips both of Toto fame but some searing guitar work from a little known Bulgarian axe man known only to me as Sverry. 
I spent 2 weeks laying down lead & backing vocals in Intelligent Music’s new studio in Sofia / Bulgaria and believe me it wasn’t hard work, not when the music is this good.”

Among the highlights, one of my favorites is “Get Into Real” – if there is a song from this side act that connects the dots with some of William’s Toto-related cuts, this is it, but with hints of early Asia nuances.
“Happiness” is so cool it deserves a trip around the world, because the fun rhythm – including Spanish guitar – could appeal everyone.
On the rocking side, “No One Can Deny It” and “Time To Move Along are great classic rockers with a mature yet still powerful John Lawton on the leads, and a solid, varied drumming by Phillips.

Last track “Conclusion” is the ice on the cake; a 6-minute summary of the composer’s key approaches throughout the album and presenting together Phillips-Lawton-Williams. It combines rocking moments with ethereal passages including beautiful keyboards and guitar arrangements, while the vocal harmonies arrangements reminds me of Asia.
This track alone worth the disc.

INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT II - My Kind O' Lovin' (2014) back

We highly recommend “My Kind O’ Lovin”. It’s very well composed, performed and produced, a real joy for the senses.
The idea of Milen Vrabevski for this project is to promote young musical talents in EU, which play here. Phillips / Lawton / Williams are impeccable of course, and the session musicians are top notch – just listen the various guitar solos and Hammond organ runs; second to none.
Great stuff


01 – My Kind Of Lovin’ (feat. John Lawton)
02 – Friends (feat. Joseph Williams)
03 – No One Can Deny It (feat. John Lawton)
04 – Get Into Real (feat. Joseph Williams)
05 – Simple Game (feat. John Lawton)
06 – Happiness (feat. Joseph Williams)
07 – Things We Can’t Do (feat. John Lawton)
08 – Time To Move Along (feat. John Lawton)
09 – Love Song (feat. John Lawton)
10 – People On Fire (feat. John Lawton)
11 – Step In Learnin’ (feat. Joseph Williams)
12 – Understand The Morning (feat. John Lawton)
13 – Conclusion (feat. John Lawton)

John Lawton – Vocals, Bass
Joseph Williams – Vocals
Simon Phillips – Drums, Percussion
Milen Vrabevski – Acoustic Guitar
Sverry – Lead Guitar
Plamen Chepanov, Ogi Veskov – Guitar
Nelkro Kolarov – Keyboards, Piano
Ivo Stefanov – Piano
Yassen Dimitrov – Hammond B3, Synths
and more



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