KRADLE – Standing On The Edge 1983-1986 [CD version +2] (2022) *only at 0dayrox*

KRADLE - Standing On The Edge 1983-1986 [CD version +2] (2022) *only at 0dayrox* full

Founded in the early Eighties, KRADLE was one of Vancouver, Canada, first metal bands. With a style influenced by the British sound of the genre, but which developed into what is known as American metal – read WASP, early Icon, Helix, Dokken – etc, – since 1982 Kradle rocked the local scene with hits ’n’ hooks, heavy melodic rhythms, virtuoso guitars, and a charismatic frontman adorned in leather and studs.
Torn from the same vest as their Sunset Strip brothers, KRADLE were known for their energetic shows. The band recorded several demos, and while received multiple record label offers – Enigma among them – mismanagement, bad decisions, and an untimely tragedy would inevitably seal KRADLE’s fate.
But now the recordings made by the band between 1983 / 1986 are about to be released under the title “Standing On The Edge“, the definitive Kradle collection – this CD version including 2 extra tracks.

Kradle recorded their first demo in 1983 including 3 rocking, hard n’ heavy songs: ‘Say no More’, ‘Visions of You’, ‘Lady of The Evening”. Other 4-track demo with new songs was taped next year, and then another 4-song EP in 1986 which landed at several record companies.
A new 3-track demo was recorded at the end of 1986, and while offers were interesting Kradle’s management wanted a USA-based label and advised the band to wait…

Kradle had the talent, the looks, and the sound craved by an eagerly awaiting audience. And after a stroke of luck and a chance opportunity, the band would find themselves presented with possibilities that could have elevated the band to the next level.
The band continued performing until in 1989 when, sadly, frontman Tod Anthony Larkin passed away. Kradle disbanded soon after.

“Standing On The Edge” compiles all the Kradle recordings spanning the group’s evolution over four different recording sessions 1983-86. The material has been remastered from original reels and best existing sources to get the best sound quality, which is fine.
While Kradle reunited again in 2000’s with a new vocalist and managed to release a CD with re-recorded versions of these ’80s songs, it was not the same magic without Larkin at the mic. The original versions on here are far superior, with that Eighties irreplaceable atmosphere.
Highly Recommended


1. Soul Stripper
2. Hunger For Love
3. Heavy Metal Victory
4. Livin’ For the Thrill
5. Alone Without You
6. Standing On The Edge
7. Hot To Rock
8. Lady Of The Evening
9. Say No More
10. Visions Of You
11. Loving You Bad
12. Love Hunter (CD only)
13. Nitestorm (CD only)

bass – Steve Courchaine
drums – Claude Erfon
guitars – Harry Degen
vocals – Tod Anthony Larkin (R.I.P. 1989)


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  1. Ray says:

    This is great. Thanks! BTW, no one calls Vancouver “Vancity”. Vancity is a nickname for the credit union there (Vancouver City Savings Credit Union).

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